Crystal Magick for Beginners: Crystal Colors, Uses, and Common Crystals

I’d venture to say many beginners are drawn to metaphysics and magic because of a pretty crystal they saw somewhere online. Crystals and stones have been used for thousands of years for magical and medicinal purposes, and a huge influx of people are finding them useful again in modern times. Here’s our article on crystal magick for beginners, including basic crystal colors, uses, and common crystals and stones.

Crystal Magick: Crystal Colors

You can go out and buy a bazillion crystals and stones and do your best to remember each and every name and its magical properties, OR you can learn a few common crystals and stones and go by the color of the rest! Crystals of certain colors will carry certain properties that differentiate them from other crystals. Also, keep in mind that each chakra (energy-point) in our bodies has a color that corresponds to crystals of the same color. Here’s a general guide to crystal colors and their magical properties:

Crystal Colors & Magical Properties

Pinkself-love, friendship, healing, romance
Redpassion, lust, strength, revenge, perseverance, ancestors
Purpleintuition, dreams, magic
Bluecommunication, inspiration, water, healing
Greenmoney, love, earth, grounding, abundance
Orangesexuality, fertility, emotional healing, balance
Yellowsun, energy, opportunity, success, empowerment
Blackgrounding, divination, protection
Clearclarity, divine communication, angels, breaking barriers
Browngrounding, animal magick, ancestor work, protection, growth
Whiteconnection with the divine, angels, crown chakra, clairvoyance, purity
Crystal Magick: Going off of crystal colors is an easy way to learn and use crystals.
If you don’t know the name of your crystals, you can always go off crystal colors!

Cleansing Your Crystals

One of the most important steps to take when you purchase a crystal or stone is to cleanse it BEFORE use. Crystals and stones have the tendency to absorb energies around them, which means if someone of strong energy already held your crystal, their energy may be on it. Crystals pick up energies in the environment and from its original mining/manufacturing process. Cleanse the crystal energetically of residue by smoke-cleansing it (with sage/cedar/etc smoke), burying it in soil/sand/salt, or running it under water (be careful with this method as some stones are soluble). My favorite method is smoke-cleansing. It’s quick, simple, and doesn’t have any effect on the physicality of the crystal itself.

Charging Your Crystals

Maybe you’ve heard someone say “you have to cleanse and charge your crystals”. Both cleansing and charging are important. What does it mean to charge a crystal? Charging is when you fill the crystal with natural, positive energy (you can look at it like charging a battery). Natural energy can come from a variety of sources but usually involves moonlight, sunlight, reiki or the individual’s own personal energy. I’ve found the easiest and best way to charge a crystal is to cleanse it first then hold it in your dominant hand. Visualize a white light starting at the crown of your head, flowing down through your arm and into the crystal. Also think about what intentions you have for this crystal (bloodstone for healing, rose quartz for love, etc.) Hold this visualization for at least a few minutes.

Tips on where to get crystals for cheap for crystal magick.
You can get large crystal towers at HomeGoods for cheaper than metaphysical shops!

How to Use Crystals for Magick

Maybe you have a couple crystals and now you’re looking at them sitting in on your nightstand. Or you’re holding it in the palm of your hand thinking, “what now?” Well, if you’re holding it, congratulations! You’ve taken the first steps towards learning crystal magick.

The First Step

The first thing you should do with crystals is hold them. Don’t expect anything to happen, let the crystal’s energy do its job. You might not feel anything at first and think I’m pulling your chain, but trust me…after a few times of practicing this, you’ll start to feel the crystal’s vibrations. Depending on the person and the crystal, you might feel vibrating, jolts of energy (like lightning bolts), radiating warmth or coolness, and/or tingling. Record any physical sensations and your thoughts/emotions while holding the crystal. Certain crystals will effect you differently than others. For example, I can’t hold hematite anywhere on my body…it grounds me so much that I fall asleep! Pay attention to these things.

Second: Incorporate into Daily Life

Okay, now that you’ve felt up your stones, what’s next? Now you’re going to incorporate crystal magick into your daily life. But how? Crystals are versatile and can be used in every room/place for various purposes. Here are just a few basic crystal uses you should try:

  • Put a small green stone in your purse to draw in money
  • Place black tourmaline next to computers and TVs to absorb negative energy
  • Rose quartz and selenite are great in bedrooms for self-love, romantic love, and to draw in white light and angelic protection
  • Take a bath and place blue stones around the tub to relieve anxiety and soothe nerves
  • Amethyst beside the bed or under your pillow brings prophetic dreams
  • Tiger’s Eye placed in the entrance of a home protects against intruders
  • Jade in the bedroom keeps love alive
  • Use a selenite wand to cleanse your space and/or tools before use
  • Bloodstone used as a massager on the face increases beauty and youthfulness
  • Keep an obsidian palm stone by your bed to ward off nightmares
  • Meditate with the color of crystals that correspond to your chakras
  • Give pretty crystals to your gods and/or ancestors as offerings
  • Place small pieces of crystals in spell bottles, jars, and bags

Crystals for Divination and Ritual

If you enjoy divination (i.e. tarot, runes, pendulum, etc.), add crystals to your readings. You don’t have to hold them or do anything fancy with them, just simply have them nearby while doing a tarot reading, rune casting, etc. Some of our favorite crystals for divination include amethyst, clear quartz, obsidian, lepidolite, and lapis lazuli. You can also blend crystal magick with moon rituals, cleansing rituals, candle magick and more.

Crystals can be charged in moonlight, sunlight, and with divine energy.
Put your crystals in a windowsill on a Full Moon to charge them.

Common, Affordable Crystals

Let’s be honest – crystals aren’t always cheap. Crystal magick can be extremely expensive, if you let it. Sometimes these metaphysical shops and online sellers downright rip us off. Don’t go and blow a whole paycheck on crystals. You truly only need a few and many of the common, most powerful crystals are affordable if you look in the right place. Here’s some of the common (and best) crystals and their magical properties:

  • Tiger’s Eye: great for grounding and protection
  • Amethyst: intuition, dreams
  • Rose Quartz: romance, self-love, friendship
  • Sodalite: communication, relieve anxiety
  • Clear Quartz: clarity, divine connection
  • Obsidian: grounding, protection, divination
  • Lapis Lazuli: intuition, ancient ancestors, past lives
  • Bloodstone: money, abundance, health
  • Citrine: energy, career success, vitality, health, self confidence
  • Selenite: connecting with your guides and angels, protection, enlightenment, crown chakra alignment
  • Turquoise: strength, protection, beauty, love

How to NOT Blow Your Budget on Crystal Magick

While the large crystal wands, towers, and palm stones are drool-worthy, they provide the same amount of power as a stone of a smaller size. So, instead of purchasing a large crystal tower for $60, go for a small dime-sized stone for $5. Pick one crystal of each color to correspond with color magick and your chakras. Sometimes stores even sell a “chakra crystal” set with small crystals for each chakra color. These are often quite affordable – hint: don’t pay more than $20 for a small stone set. If you MUST attain a large crystal tower or geode, check out HomeGoods (I’ve gotten more than one large crystal there for affordable prices)!

More Ways to Save Money on Crystals

If you have any magical friends, ask them to do a magical trade. You give them something of yours they may want or need and you ask them for a crystal or stone they’re no longer using for your crystal magick. Something else to consider – the stones at the beach and in nature are just as powerful as the shiny, sparkly ones from the store. I’ve also found souvenir shops and hobby shops with the stones and crystals for much cheaper than in metaphysical stores!

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