DIY Witchcraft: 18+ Magick Tools You Can Make Instead of Buy

When we log on to FaceBook, Pinterest, Instagram and TikTok, we’re met with all kinds of glittery altars and magick tools. And we wonder – how can we attain these pretty magick tools and supplies? Many of us don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on an altar and magick tools. So here, I’ll show you my favorite methods of DIY witchcraft and you’ll see how easy and powerful making your own supplies can be. DIY Witchcraft: Homemade and Natural Magick Tools Natural magick tools come from many different places. It could be a branch you’ve found on the ground that you now use as a wand. Magick tools can be found at the beach, such as seashells, driftwood, and sea glass. They can also be grown in your own garden. While we tend to think store-bought items are more convenient, natural magical tools are just as convenient and MORE powerful because you took the time and effort to collect and make them! Here are 10 magick tools and supplies you can MAKE from natural and affordable sources instead of spending your entire paycheck buying them from a metaphysical store. 1. Wand To be honest, I’ve never once owned a wand. I never needed one! I’ve only ever used my hands and finger to direct energy. However, if you want a wand they are simple and cheap to make. The first thing you need is a straight, smooth stick somewhere between nine and twelve inches long. Then, you decorate it! Wrap it in ribbons, paint it, adorn it with seashells and feathers, etc. It shouldn’t cost you more than ten dollars to make your own wand! 2. Wheel of the Year Instead or purchasing an expensive Wheel of the Year tapestry to hang above the altar, why not draw and frame your own? Simple and fun DIY witchcraft! I literally took a bowl and traced around it on a large piece of paper to draw my Wheel of the Year. Then use a ruler to draw eight spokes. Label each spoke with its appropriate sabbat and date, etc. You can also color or paint your Wheel of the Year and add whatever details you’d like. Then frame it and hang it above your altar! 3. Grimoire A grimoire is a book that contains your spiritual journey: dreams, spells, tarot readings, omens and signs, incantations and much more. Craft your own by purchasing a 3-ring binder with sheet protectors. This is probably the most organized way of putting one together. There are many ways, though. Some witches like using leather journals, while others take a scrapbooking approach. But the point is – you don’t need to use someone else’s grimoire. You can make your own! 4. Staff Merlin carried a staff, so why shouldn’t you? A staff is one magick tool that isn’t required but definitely worth the effort. You can make your own staff just like you can make your own wand! You need a large, thick walking stick/branch found free in nature. Be sure to thank the tree from which it came. Then sand it, paint it, and decorate it (if you choose). BOOM handmade staff for ritual workings. 5. Cloak or Cape Some witches, druids, etc. prefer to attend ritual and cast magick while wearing a cloak or cape. This is an upheld custom by many magical traditions: a. to protect the crown chakra and b. to (originally) protect one’s identity. Instead of purchasing an expensive cloak or cape, make your own using secondhand fabric and a needle/thread (a sewing machine comes in handy for this kind of project, if you have one available). 6. Incense While stick and cone incense are fairly cheap, you can make your own loose leaf incense by growing your own herbs or foraging for wild herbs. All you’ll need in addition to the loose leaf incense is a charcoal disk, a pair of metal tongs, a bowl with salt, and a lighter. LIght the charcoal disk, set it in a fireproof bowl with salt, and sprinkle the loose leaf herbs on top. Be sure the herbs you’re burning are not toxic when inhaled! 7. Herb Oils, Sprays and Infusions If you grow your own herbs and/or forage for free plant material, you can also make your own oils, sprays and infusions easily. Instead of buying these magick supplies, you need a few pots and bottles and your own kitchen! Learn how to make herb oils here. Oils, sprays and infusions can be used to cleanse, anoint, and charge yourself and your magick tools! 8. Besom (Magical Broom) If you want to have a besom in your magick tool collection, it’s not hard to make one from natural materials. Yes, you can buy fancy ones online but why not make it yourself? You save money AND infuse your magick tool with your own energy. You’ll need: a large branch, brush (from a tree/bush to act as the bristles), and twine. You’ll also need scissors, glue, etc. Here’s how to make your own besom. 9. Runes Every witch wants magick tools that also serve as a means of divination. Runes are super easy to make and cheap, too! You’ll need either a set of 24 flat, round stones or 24 wood slices. Then draw, carve, or paint the 24 Elder Futhark runes onto your stones or wood slices. Cheap and possibly even free to make! Don’t forget there’s another form of divination called witch’s runes that are easy to make as well. These are as simple as drawing or painting symbols on seashells, stones or wood slices of all the same size. Then casting and reading the pattern of symbols to answer life’s pressing questions. 10. Red Brick Dust Red brick dust is also a cheap magick supply that is easy to make. Acquire a red brick or two from a junk yard, abandoned building, etc. Then hammer away at it until its broken down into small chunks. Following, you’ll want to use a … Continue reading DIY Witchcraft: 18+ Magick Tools You Can Make Instead of Buy