Garden Witch: Garden Magic, Fairies, Spells and More

There’s something otherworldly about an untamed, overgrown garden over the fence, isn’t there? Do you have fond memories of your mother or grandmother working in the garden, plucking fresh tomatoes off the vine? Grow your own magical garden and become a garden witch who uses garden magic and spells to manifest. Here’s how. Why is Gardening Important? Gardening is considered a hobby in modern times, though once it was a necessity for food, medicine, and spiritual practice. No matter the size of apartment, condo, or home, and no matter if you have a lot of land or a balcony, you can start a garden if you haven’t already. The garden is a magical place, pulsing with pure earth energy, a liminal place between earth and sky. When we tend to our garden, we tend to our souls. We also provide food and shelter for local wildlife like birds, insects, amphibians and more. 1. The Garden Witch’s Magical Herb Garden One of the most magical things you can do is grow herbs. Not only will you have herbs for cooking, but you’ll have herbs for medicine and magic. You don’t need a ton of land, and you don’t need any fancy gardening equipment. All you need are a few pots, dirt, and seeds. If you don’t have land, put the herb garden in a sunny window or balcony. Some herbs can even be grown indoors! Best Herbs for the New Garden Witch The best herbs to grow in your magical herb garden include: basil, rosemary, thyme, oregano, chamomile, mint, lemon balm, dill, parsley, cilantro, tarragon, echinacea, sage, and lavender. Rosemary and mint are easy to grow. Rosemary can be used for nearly any magical intention: love, money, healing, uncrossing, dreaming, purification, and more! An essential in the garden witch’s herb garden, it even keeps pests away from nearby plants. Mint is easy to grow in sun and shade, but be sure to keep it in a separate pot as it will take off the garden. Connect With the Garden’s Energy Once the herb garden is established, the garden witch spends time sitting in it. Let the garden’s energy soothe your nerves and promote healing in your body and soul. Gardening is a grounding practice that keeps us rooted to Mother Earth. The garden witch grows herbs for food, magic and medicine. Experiment and use your herbs in teas, meals, spell bags, pagan offerings, natural cleaners, candle dressings, smudge bundles, soaps, bouquets, sprays, wreaths, oils, herbal bath mixtures, and more! 2. Easy Garden Witch Spells First, to harness the magical energy of a plant, the garden witch sets her intentions with the sowing of seeds. This is the beginning of easy garden magic. As you plant your seeds, imbue your intention into the seeds themselves when you hold them in your hand, cover them with soil, and water them. The best time to try this method of garden magic is on a New Moon. New Moon is great for new ventures, opportunities, and fresh starts. It’s also a great time to sow seeds (physically and metaphorically)! Your Seedling is Your Intention – Care for it! When the seeds sprout, take good care of the seedlings. Water them as needed, give them sunlight, and feed them natural fertilizer and nutrients. Throughout the growing process, each time the garden witch cares for the seedlings, she treats them like a friend. Aligning your care for the seedlings with the care of your intention will help your garden spell manifest. For example, if I planted a sunflower seed to magically manifest a job opportunity, every time I care for my sunflower seedling I’ll follow up on my applications, update my resume, or look for more jobs online, etc. Time and effort must be put into your magical intentions for them to manifest, just like caring for a plant helps it grow. 3. The Garden Witch & Fairies One amazing thing about having your own garden is the presence of nature spirits. Once you put in the time and care of plants and provide a natural space for wildlife, the nature spirits will visit and maybe even move in. They recognize the garden witch’s dedication to nature, and honor it by helping plants grow and keeping a balance of pests and beneficial creatures. They will bless your home too. Starting a Miniature Fairy Garden Start a miniature fairy garden to welcome the nature spirits. There are dozens of fairy garden miniatures for sale at hobby stores like Hobby Lobby and Michael’s. Add gnome doors to the bases of trees. Add high-pitched, light chimes to please the nature spirits. Witch balls and wind spinners are a fun touch. By setting up a special place for the fairies, you are inviting them to your sacred space. Leave treats for them on the Summer and Winter Solstice. Traditionally, fairies enjoy sweet things like cake, cookies, and cream. They also like beer, mead, and wine. Wing-ed Things You might notice the winged creatures visiting your garden – bees, butterflies, dragonflies, moths, ladybugs, and more. You are helping to feed and house wildlife, and this is pleasing to fairies. One of the fairies might even visit you in the form of a butterfly or dragonfly! You will be able to determine the fairies from insects by their flight pattern and behavior. Fairies are much quicker than dragonflies and butterflies and they tend to bounce around in the air daintily. 4. Your Garden as Sacred Space Another wonderful benefit of having your own garden is that its your sacred space. What is sacred space? It is a place where the garden witch grounds and centers herself and connects easily with Spirit. If you do rituals for the sabbats and esbats, turn your garden into a place for ritual by adding a natural altar (an old tree trunk or large stone). By adding a green man plaque or goddess statue, you dedicate your garden space to Mother Earth and the gods. Add a firepit … Continue reading Garden Witch: Garden Magic, Fairies, Spells and More