LILITH Altar Decor: BLOOD Red Mini Goblets (Vintage Set of 3)


Listing is for set of THREE Blood Red Vampire MINI Goblets. PERFECT for Lilith altar decor, as offering cups, and chalices for Sabbatic rituals and Dark Moon rites. These glasses are so goth witch! Vintage which means pre-owned and loved since the 1970s. The color is a deep red, brand is AVON collection is 1876 Cape Cod.

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GORGEOUS Set of 3 VINTAGE Avon 1970s BLOOD RED vampire mini goblets. These little chalices would be perfect as Lilith altar decor, Hecate’s feast, as offering cups, and for any Sabbatic ritual or Dark Moon rite. MINI means they are smaller than a normal sized chalice or cup, dimensions are 4 1/2″ tall by 2″ diameter. Color is a deep blood red, similar to my nails in the photo. They are in great condition for being approx. 50 years old! NOTE: These are VINTAGE which means they have been loved and used gently since the 1970s. Brand is Avon, 1876 Cape Cod Collection. Set of 3.

If you’re unsure what to include as Lilith altar decor, set one of these blood red mini goblets with an offering of wine next to a red or black candle and incense. Simple as that. (Note, this listing is for the set of 3 mini goblets only). Grab a set of Lilith grimoire pages for download here.

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