SPIRITS Grimoire Pages: (Set of 46) Pre-written, Printed, Antiqued


    Listing is for a beautiful, detailed set (46 pages total) of SPIRITS Grimoire Pages. These are already PRINTED and tea-stained for you to create an antique look. Would make an awesome addition to any old world grimoire or witch’s Book of Shadows. Detailed information on each page on the fae folk, animal spirits/familiars, ley lines and liminal spaces! North American standard letter size and 3 hole punched. Just add to your 3 ring binder grimoire or post bound grimoire!

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    THIS IS A PHYSICAL ITEM and will be shipped to you upon purchase. If you’re looking for a downloadable set, please see the rest of the shop page.

    Don’t have time to write in your grimoire every day? I got you. If you’d like to add to your grimoire, particularly a detailed set of printed pages on Spirits of various kinds, this set is for you. These are pre-written, antiqued (tea-stained) papers (46 in total) with authentic, magical information on the following types of spirits:

    • Fae Folk: including types of household and garden faeries, how to attract faeries, and how to ward off tricksters
    • Tree Spirits: Lore on the Elder Mother and Old Man Apple
    • Witch’s Familiars / Animal Spirits: including the Bee, Bat, Wolf, Cat, Moth and others
    • Liminal Spaces and Ley Lines: information on how to enter a liminal space safely, types of liminal spaces like cemeteries and beaches, as well as info on Ley Lines and Corpse Roads

    These are ALREADY PRINTED and tea-stained for an antique look. Some pages include illustrations and others do not. This set of grimoire pages would make a wonderful addition to an old world grimoire or Book of Shadows, especially if you require more information on spirits and places to work within the spirit world!

    This set is North American standard letter size 8 1/2″ by 11″ and are 3-hole punched (unless you prefer no holes, please put that in the notes!)

    The information on these Grimoire Pages comes directly from my personal grimoire AND from the OO website. It is authentic witchcraft material and unique to Otherworldly Oracle. Please do not re-distribute without our permission.

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