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3 Simple Self Love Spells for When You Need a Boost of Confidence

For hundreds of years we’ve been taught to take care of everyone else around us. To care for our neighbors. Finally in modern times we’ve realized we’ve forgotten to care for ourselves. You know that old saying, if you can’t love yourself you can’t truly love others? It’s so true and we’ve been neglecting ourselves for too long. As witches, we know how important it is to feel powerful, beautiful, and strong. So here are three simple self love spells for when you need a boost of confidence!

Rise and Shine, Queenie! Self Love Spell

What You’ll Need for this SIMPLE Self Love Spell:

  • a mirror


  1. Upon waking in the morning, after your feet have hit the floor, look in the first mirror you come to.
  2. It doesn’t matter how you look, if your hair is frizzy or you’re wearing old make-up. Smile at yourself for at least 5 seconds and see yourself made up and looking like a queen/king.
  3. Then say out loud, “I am beautiful. I love me. And I deserve an abundance of joy and peace. I am royalty.”
  4. Say three times every day for at least three days.

Doesn’t sound like much of a self love spell, but I promise you positive affirmations and visualization together pack a BIG punch! The mind is a powerful thing. When you tell yourself you love yourself and that you’re beautiful, truly mean it. It might be difficult at first, but you’ll find after a while that you start believing it.

Self love spells don't have to be difficult.

Worship My Body Self Love Spell

What You’ll Need for this Self Love Spell:

  • bubble bath
  • rose petals
  • glass of champagne/wine
  • clean bathtub
  • robe
  • candles


  1. Draw a hot bath with bubbles. Set your glass of wine or champaigne where you can reach it while bathing.
  2. Add rose petals to your bubble bath. Turn down the lights. Light a couple candles.
  3. The point of this self love spell is to make your bath feel like a romantic moment – but the romance is focused solely on YOURSELF.
  4. Once in the tub, using shampoo, wash your hair. Take your time doing this. Massage your scalp and say, “I worship my mind. For I am powerful and intelligent. I make good decisions for myself.”
  5. Rinse and then move on to washing your face. Say, “I worship my face. I am beautiful and radiate beauty to the world.”
  6. Wash your neck and say, “I worship my throat. I am strong enough to always speak my truth.”
  7. Wash your shoulders, arms, and when you get to your chest say, “I worship my heart. It feeds my body with nourishment and radiates love. I love myself.”
  8. Move down your body, washing every part and saying, “I worship _____. It does ________ for me.”
  9. Relax in the tub as long as you’d like. Sip your drink and bask in the glory that is YOU!
  10. Emerge a self-loved being, feeling and knowing you are a god/goddess!
Un-tangled Self Love Spell involves brushing intentions in and removing tangles of struggles.

Listen to our podcast on Self Care:

Un-tangled Self Love Spell

What You’ll Need for this Self Love Spell:

  • a brush
  • a mirror


  1. On a day when your hair needs to be brushed, take a brush and go sit in front of a mirror.
  2. Take the brush and start at the crown of your head. Brush outwards with a long, gentle stroke.
  3. While doing this, visualize your struggles and worries, your insecurities as tangles in your hair. The brush is removing these worries and struggles, un-tangling your life with each stroke.
  4. Continue to do this, brushing and visualizing your insecurities becoming un-tangled and your beauty growing with each stroke.
  5. Take at least ten minutes to brush your entire head of hair, even if your hair is short. If you finish before ten minutes, start over and repeat the process.
  6. At the end, look in the mirror and envision your hair as white light, beaming with the love of the gods.

A Word on Self Love Spells

You see, self love spells don’t have to be elaborate or difficult. They are often simple because let’s face it – caring for others in our lives is difficult enough! When we actually have time to care for ourselves, it should be relaxing and empowering. Feel free to tweak these self love spells as you see fit. No circle needs to be cast for these self love spells, nor do you need to ground your energy following the spells. One final word – you are loved!

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