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Someone Tried to Hex Me & Failed (For Bella Donna Members Only)

Curses and hexes are a widely debated topic in the magical community, and up until about six months ago I didn’t know what to believe myself. Here’s my TRUE story of how someone tried to hex me and what I did about it. For Bella Donna Members Only.

Strange, Threatening Emails

One of the risk factors for being cursed is if you’re a witch who has ties with other witches (be they friends or acquaintances). Well, I’ve been a witch in the online witch community for 10 years or more (a witch even longer), so I’ve gained some friends and acquaintances over the years. I’ve also dealt with people who don’t like me or troll me, but six months ago I got my first real threatening email.

The first email was written by a woman who called herself the Queen of England (I kid you not) and gave herself authority over all witches. It was a long email but to put it in a nutshell – she told me I had to stop writing online or else I’d have her and the “King” to answer to. She claimed I was spreading misinformation and that I should run everything by her before publishing it online (or I’d pay the price). Well, I typically ignore these emails but this one got my goat. I emailed her back and said I would never stop writing and I dared her to try to stop me. She threatened me again. And I replied and said I’d report her for harassment if she continued to contact me.

A curse's real power comes from the victim's fear. Don't be fearful. You are powerful.
FEAR is what empowers a curse or hex. Don’t be afraid. You are powerful.

Signs of Bad Juju

Following this woman’s crazy emails, strange things happened within a 2 day span of time. A plant I’ve had in the yard forever died randomly with no explanation. I began finding broken glass in the front yard. I accidentally killed a lizard that was sitting inside my living room window (seemingly peering in at me). I had a string of bad luck (car problems, etc.). I began wondering if I was just being paranoid. So I ignored the signs.

The Letter

The next day, after more random weird things happening, I received a letter in my mailbox from someone overseas. The person seemed desperate and wanted me to do an inappropriate spell for him/her. Immediately, I feared for my privacy and my family’s safety. How did this person find my physical address? He must have put in the time to research my full name and location and then hone in on my physical address. The thoughts starting running through my head – what if he comes here? What if someone else finds out where I am and shows up at the house? I have a family to protect! Maybe I should stop writing about the occult and paganism online.

Then it hit me.

This is exactly what this person wanted – for me to stop writing online. Ah, well, not today. Not ever. It dawned on me that my ancestors had been sending me signs over the past few days that this woman was trying to curse me. Unfortunately for her, my connection with my ancestors gives me power and strength to defeat my enemies. Plus years of practicing the craft helps, too.

Black candles drive away negative energy and curses.

How I counteracted the attempted curse

Immediately I began cleansing my home with the smoke from a rosemary smudge bundle. I opened the windows to let the negative energy escape. I also smudged myself. This was the first step. Then I sealed off my home and property with protective symbols written in olive oil and laying down red brick dust (which I made myself from an old red brick in my yard).

Next, I set to work uncrossing myself. Doing a FULL uncrossing ritual in the bathtub. If you don’t know what an uncrossing bath is, there are plenty of sources on Google to walk you through it, but here’s how I did mine:

  1. Drew a hot bath and added 3 POWERFUL loose leaf herbs with purification and exorcism properties: Rosemary, rue, and basil (let them float loosely in the tub). Also lit a white candle.
  2. Bathed for 15+ minutes, pouring the water over my head and letting it drip down over my face and body.
  3. During my bath, I repeated (with conviction) Psalm 37: 1-2: “Fret not thyself because of evildoers, neither be thou envious against the workers of iniquity. For they shall soon be cut down like the grass, and wither as the green herb.”
  4. When getting out of the bath, I dried myself from top to bottom (to push negative energy away from me and into the earth). I also FULLY cleaned the herbs out of the tub and cleaned the tub itself, then went about my day!

Then I made a witch bottle.

In my panic to rid myself of this woman’s attempted curses, I consulted a witch friend who reminded me this is exactly what a witch bottle was for! DUH! I’d read about witch bottles for years and knew how to make it, just never had the need before. So, that’s what I did as the last part to counteract this woman’s attempted hex. I made a traditional witch’s bottle (with personal effects and all), burned a black candle on top to seal it, then buried it. If you’ve ever made a traditional witch’s bottle, you’ll know why I say magic sometimes isn’t pretty – sometimes it’s downright nasty.

Sometimes we need to protect ourselves.

Following this intense experience, there were no more emails, no more letters, no more bad luck. BUT I believe if I’d let the fear in, the woman’s attempt to hex me would have taken hold. Fear fuels curses. So if you feel you’ve been hexed or cursed, there’s no need to fear. Remember you have the power to defeat your enemies, particularly with the help of your ancestors. Do what you need to do to counteract the bad juju and then LET IT GO. Also, sometimes we get comfortable and forget the need to cleanse and protect ourselves and our homes. Don’t forget this – it’s important for all witches.

A True Story: Someone Tried to HEX Me...And FAILED. For Bella Donna Members ONLY.


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