The TRUTH About Soul Groups, Soul Mates and Twin Flames

If you’re one of the millions of people who believe in reincarnation, maybe you’ve wondered about the people in your life. Did your family members live past lives alongside you? Have you met your soul mate in this life? One of the most popular reincarnation topics online is meeting soul mates and twin flames. In this article, we take an in-depth look at soul groups, soul mates and twin flames. You’ll learn how to identify your soul group, and we’ll examine common characteristics of soul mates and twin flames.

What is a Soul Group?

When a soul reincarnates it chooses to reincarnate with souls from its same “soul group”. What is a soul group, exactly? A soul group is the pod of souls (if you will) in which a soul is first created, and the group of souls to which that soul merges with upon death. Quite often these souls are also the souls that you live many lives with on the physical plane.

Part of the Whole

Think of it like this: you are a drop of water. When the drop of water drips into a glass of water, it merges with other droplets. A part adding to the whole. Upon death, your soul leaves its body and travels back to the place of creation or what I like to call the womb of the universe. Death is a reversed birth. Once returned to the womb, your soul is reunited with other souls in your soul group. This is a time of utter peace and harmony, of a sense of wholeness and oneness with the universe.

Reincarnating With Your Soul Group

Before reincarnating into another life here on Earth, consultation with the other souls in your soul group occurs. They give advice and support, and perhaps one or more of them will decide to come to Earth with you. To reincarnate as your family member, friend, lover or even as an enemy. Why an enemy? Your enemies teach you your greatest lessons in life. Keep in mind, not all of your soul group will be on earth or in the universal womb at the same time as you.

A soul group is a group of souls your soul was created with.

How to Know Your Soul Group

Who’s part of your soul group? Here are some ways to tell:

  • someone of whom who you feel a deep emotional and spiritual bond (a bond that’s difficult to put into words)
  • someone of whom you feel you’ve known for a long time
  • an individual who “gets” you and doesn’t judge you
  • someone with whom you feel comfortable on every level
  • someone who finishes your sentences
  • who’s in tune with your whereabouts and knows if there is danger heading your way
  • this person knows you better than you know yourself
  • someone who can be away from you for months or years, and then when you see them again it’s like a day hasn’t gone by
  • who thinks the same things as you at the same time
  • someone whose vibrations match your own
  • someone with whom you’ve shared similar dreams on the same night
A soul mate is one of many souls from your soul group you've had relationships with in one or more incarnations.
A soul mate can be a lover but often are friends and family members too.

What is a Soul Mate, Exactly?

In addition to having a soul group, you also have soul mates. Yes, I said soul mates…as in plural. What exactly is a soul mate? A soul mate is a soul from your soul group you’ve had intimate relationships with in multiple incarnations. This means in this life or a past life (or lives), you and another soul from your soul group have incarnated together and had an intense relationship of some kind on this earthly plane. This could be a romantic relationship, family relationship, or platonic relationship…but it was close nevertheless. Mate can mean someone you “mate” with, but it can also mean friend.

How to know your soul mate:

  • emotions and memories are more intense than others
  • the moment you see this person you know you love them (love at first sight or clicking with a friend)
  • you feel like you’ve known this person before, even though you might have just met
  • you can talk with this person for hours on end without getting bored or running out of things to discuss
  • the feeling like you’re old friends when you’ve just met
  • when you’re alone with this person, nothing else in the world matters
  • you connect on a deep level
Soul mates can be friends, lovers, family members and even enemies!
Soul mates are more often friends and family members than lovers.

Will I Meet My Soul Mate?

It’s a very romantic notion to think everyone has a perfect soul out there for them, just waiting to be found. The truth is – you’ve probably already met your soul mate and soul mates (more than one). One of your soul mates may be your best friend. Another could have been your grandfather. And yet another an ex-lover. Don’t box yourself into the notion of finding that “one perfect soul” for you – there’s more than one soul mate for you. And you might already know him or her. Also, romantic love isn’t the only kind of love on earth. Don’t live your life searching for that one perfect love, because you’ll miss out on the other love experiences.

What is a Twin Flame?

Another concept in the soul group category is the Twin Flame. What is a Twin Flame? A Twin Flame is said to be the counterpart of your soul – a twin soul that was created with you (and a part of your soul group). This soul is the yin to your yang, the male to your female (or vice versa). The idea of having a Twin Flame is something that resonates deeply with many people. It explains the feeling that something is missing…that some piece of you is gone. These feelings are explained away because you are experiencing a longing for your other half. HOWEVER, many souls do NOT have a twin flame. So you must remember – you are WHOLE in and of yourself. You don’t need anyone to be whole and powerful!

The Difference Between Soul Mates and Twin Flames

Twin flames and soul mates get confused often. So what is the difference between soul mates and twin flames? Soul mates are the other souls in your soul group with which you’ve had previous or current intimate relationships with. Twin flames are twin souls with whom you rarely incarnate with. But all are part of your soul group.

Will you meet your Twin Flame?

You might never meet your Twin Flame in this life, as they say it’s not often that you and your Twin Flame incarnate at the same time. In fact, many people believe that Twin Flames switch back and forth. One of you incarnates while the other stays in the spiritual world to help guide you from the other side. So technically the concept of a Twin Flame could tie into the concept of Spirit Guides.

How Will I Know If I’ve Met My Twin Flame?

Again, it’s hard to say whether everyone has a twin flame or only some people. But know this – with or without a twin flame, you are WHOLE. You don’t NEED a twin flame or other person to make you a loved being full of universal, godly light. That being said, some folks may be blessed to incarnate with and meet their twin flame in their current incarnation. Sometimes you might end up spending your entire life with your twin flame, but more often than not, your twin flame will only be in your life for a shorter period of time. Here’s how to tell if you’ve met your twin flame:

  • a feeling of knowing this person in many lives before
  • “clicking” when you first meet the person
  • becoming best friends with ease
  • feeling like you have a close relationship with this person at the beginning of the relationship (you develop a bond that seems to have already been there all along)
  • sometimes the friendship may advance to a romantic relationship. If this happens…
  • you’ll both fall intensely in love
  • want to spend every moment with this person
  • the two of you have so much in common yet tend to argue over little things
  • a romantic relationship between twin flames often happen in younger years and end dramatically OR traumatically

Once the relationship has ended, here are further signs:

  • there will be many life experiences that correlate between you and your twin flame (i.e. you both have a parent with addiction problems, you’re born around the same time, you marry separately yet around the same time, your children are born around the same time, etc. etc. It’s almost like your twin flame is living your life in a different body)
  • you choose a career in the same or similar field to your twin flame (unknowingly)
  • same zodiac sign or zodiac polar opposites (i.e. Sagittarius and Gemini or Sagittarius and Sagittarius)
  • during meditation, particularly cord cutting rituals, you’ll notice a bright blue naval cord made of water that extends from you to your twin flame’s naval
  • dreams of your twin flame come in waves but when they happen, they are intense – you may be walking into one another’s dreams
  • past life regressions or readings link you to this person in another life ALSO in an intense relationship of some kind (marriage, best friends, etc.)
  • the meaning of your surname or given names are similar or correlate (i.e. you’re both named for archangels or saints; both have noble or warrior names, etc.)
  • the numbers 4, 8, and 44 will come up as a sign of twin flame connection
  • when your twin flame is thinking about you, you’ll receive signs via songs, animals, etc.
Want to know what a soul group is? Also, the difference between soul mates and twin flames and if you'll meet them.


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