Relieve Anxiety in 13 Powerful Witchy Ways

In a chaotic world and with our busy schedules, many of us struggle with anxiety now and then. Some of us even struggle with it every day. Anxiety is, simply put, worrying about things that could happen in the future but haven’t happened yet. The first practice to help relieve your anxiety is reminding yourself of that simple fact. But when you need more relief, turn to your witchcraft! Here’s how to relieve anxiety in 11 effective witchcraft practices. 1. Goddess Chants & Prayers In one of the most stressful times of my life, sometimes the only thing I could do was chant and pray. The great thing about chants and prayers is that they are portable…you can literally take them everywhere and they don’t require a thing! Just your thought and emotion. So, whether you’re anxious at work, during travel, or at home, chanting and praying to the Goddess/ancestors/Universe (however you see the divine) will help you relieve anxiety quickly and effectively. One of my Anxiety-Be-Gone Goddess Prayers: By the power of three times threeGoddess relieve my anxietyWorry and fret are beneath meGoddess heal and free me Repeat this chant over and over in your head or out loud until you feel your anxiety relieved or lifted. Believe it will work and it will. 2. Nature Sounds We are inundated with noise and energy all day long, which makes sense why many of us experience so much mental stress and anxiety. Our minds and bodies need a break from all the commotion, particularly we witches. Instead of listening to hip hop or electronic music to drown out your worries, try nature sounds like ocean waves, a crackling fireside, babbling brooks, etc. Find free nature sound playlists on Spotify, YouTube and other music apps. This has worked to relieve my anxiety time and time again. Witches need nature in order to heal. When you can’t be in nature, listen to its soothing sounds! 3. Herbal & Ritual Baths Are you experiencing extra bouts of anxiety lately? When’s the last time you took time for yourself and took a nice, relaxing bath? When my anxiety’s at its worst, one of the best things I do at home is to hop in a hot, herbal bath. My family gives me fifteen to twenty minutes of peace, and I turn on relaxing Celtic music, run a hot bath, and add salts and herbs to it. I slow my breathing and let my worries melt away into the bath water. I don’t know anyone whose anxiety isn’t relieved (at least a little) by a soothing ritual bath. 4. Aromatherapy Just as the sounds of nature heal witches, so too do mother nature’s aromas. Aromatherapy is for everyone but is especially effective for anxious witches. We are connected to nature and therefore using nature in its many forms elevates our moods, relieves stress, and re-aligns us with source. Diffuse your essential oils, or roll them on your skin AFTER diluting with a carrier oil 15:1! Try these aromas to relieve anxiety: lavender, eucalyptus, valerian, jasmine, chamomile, frankincense and rose. 5. Meditation & Chakra Tune-Ups Relieve (and Prevent) Anxiety Witches understand energy and work with energy when we cast spells, craft charms, cook magical meals, and more. We are naturally nurturing individuals and sometimes this gift becomes a burden when we don’t care for OURSELVES. This means our energy can be depleted which can cause a burst of anxiety! Guided Meditations by the Honest Guys – My Favorite! Take time to feed your OWN energy with guided meditations and chakra tune-ups. Some of my favorite guided meditations are by The Honest Guys on YouTube. Even if you can only do 15 minutes of meditation a week, do it! 6. Nature Walks Are Proven to Relieve Anxiety and Depression! You’ve heard it once, you’re going to hear it again. Anxiety is relieved by nature. Studies show that spending time in nature has relieved anxiety AND lifted depression. It lowers blood pressure, for goddess sake! But I work all day, you might be thinking. Yes, you and millions of others around the world. And they’re all anxious too. Why? Because they’re missing a connection with Mother Nature. As witches, we know how important it is to connect and ground, SO USE THAT KNOWLEDGE. Get outside. On your lunch break you go for a ten minute walk. Replace TV time in the evening with a walk around the neighborhood. 7. Anxiety Relief Candle Spells There was a big trend of conversation in the witchy YouTube community a few years ago about “witches who don’t witch” during the most troublesome times in their lives. Some of us are told not to cast spells or practice our craft when we are emotional. This is a false belief and concept. When you’re at your worst and just need relief, turn to your witchcraft! Dress, bless and light a blue candle to relieve your anxiety. Add a goddess anxiety relief chant and BOOM. Witchcraft to de-stress! 8. Magical Maintenance Many witches don’t realize how important it is to maintain your magical routines. When I say magical maintenance, I’m specifically talking about cleansings, protection rituals, banishings and blessings. Are you plagued with anxiety? Does your home seem to be in constant strife and stress? Let me ask you this – when is the last time you did a full home cleansing and blessing? Are you performing a personal cleansing and blessing on yourself at least once a month? Negative Energy Builds Up and Causes Anxiety! You’re allowing negative energy to invade your home and cling to your own personal aura. CLEANSE, BLESS, PROTECT. Make it a monthly habit. On the New Moon – cleanse your house and yourself. On the Full Moon, re-set your protective magical wards and bless yourself and your home. If you feel particularly plagued by anxiety, you need to do an uncrossing bath, full house cleansing, protective ritual and a blessings ritual. 9. 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