Many witches want to know what rituals they can do on a daily basis. Here we provide the Kitchen Witch with daily rituals to incorporate into their witchcraft practice.

Let’s cook up some magick!

1. Daily Herb Studies.

Study herbs by picking one herb a week and studying a little about it once a day.

Brew Magical Teas


Put thought into the herbs you’re using, thank the water element while pouring the water, draw symbols over the tea kettle as it heats, etc..

Cook with Herbs


Select an herb or spice from the cabinet or a specific intention. For example, adding rosemary to any dish has a purifying, healing effect on those who eat it.

Grow Herbs


The herb garden becomes part of the kitchen witch’s daily rituals when the witch visits it every day.

5. The Kitchen Altar

Tending the kitchen altar will become part of a kitchen witch’s daily rituals when offerings are given to ancestors, household spirits and kitchen gods.

6. Light a Candle

The kitchen witch lights candles in the kitchen as a thankful gesture to the fire element (which gives us the ability to cook), as well as for the household spirits, kitchen guardians, and ancestors.