Making witch's black salt is simple and rewarding. All you need is: salt, ashes (or charcoal), a mortar & pestle, YOUR intention and energy!

Let’s make some magick!

You don't have to use sea salt, you can change it up and use kosher, pink or table salt if it's what you have!

add your salt to your mortar


Visualize your intentions while adding your choice of salt to your mortar. 

Next: Add your ashes


I like saving my herb-bundle ashes to make my witch's black salt, but you can also use charcoal or cast iron shavings. Continue visualizing your intentions.

Mix it up!


Now gently mix together your ashes and your salt in a clockwise fashion.

So many magical uses!

Witcb's black salt is powerful for protection spells, including candle spells, to lay out a magical circle, and to ward a property from evil.