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For the past six years, Otherworldly Oracle’s mission is to bring magick and spirituality to the masses. We don’t discriminate based on gender, identity, lifestyle, sexual orientation, religion, or political views. We strictly focus on topics of old world witchcraft and paganism, mythology and folklore, as well as astrology and metaphysics. You won’t find political views, dogmatic religion, or discriminatory posts on this website. Ever. Witchcraft at Otherworldly Oracle is empowering for ALL.

There is no magical or supernatural topic off the board. You will find a HUGE archive of information on Divination including on the Runes, Tarot, Oracle, omens and signs, and angel numbers. Witchcraft posts explore spells and rituals for drawing love, prosperity, and abundance into our lives while also providing protection spells and increasing one’s own power rituals. Binding, return to sender spells, and banishments included. We also DO NOT discriminate against or push magical morals. We leave your magick up to YOU.

We live seasonally at the Otherworldly Oracle and encourage our readers to do the same. When you live in tune with the earth and the elements, your life will come into alignment naturally. Check out our entire archive on the seasons and sabbats including the major pagan holidays and sabbat recipes. You’ll also find moon phase magic, sun magic, and astrological posts on planetary retrogrades, zodiac signs, moon signs, and the houses.

You will meet a horde of spirits and learn how to work with them safely here at Otherworldly Oracle. Fairies, gods and goddesses, and ancestors are just a part of our spiritual team and part of yours. Therefore, we offer our readers hundreds of articles on various pantheons, ancestor work, and the elementals. Don’t forget about your local genius loci and your household spirits.

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Swamps, Marshes, and Bogs: Magick for the Swamp Witch (Liminal Series) Otherworldly Oracle Official

Be ye a Swamp Witch? Or perhaps a Marsh Magi? In this Liminal Episode, we explore the Bayou and all it has to offer us magically. Why is the swamp a powerful place to practice witchcraft? Let's talk about the wildlife like gators and snakes, swamp magical properties and rituals, the difference between the swamp and the marsh, swamp water uses, and much more!Grab your Swamp Witch BOS Page on our Patreon.Visit Allorah's website for numerology, Tarot, or soul origin profiles.You'll also find Custom Grimoires, Ancestral Starter Grimoires, and other magical goodies at the Otherworldly Market.
  1. Swamps, Marshes, and Bogs: Magick for the Swamp Witch (Liminal Series)
  2. Kelpies: Mystical Celtic Water Horse Legends and Sightings (Fairy Series)
  3. Ainë: Celtic Goddess of Love (Deity Series)
  4. The Witch's Grimoire: A History and How to Make YOUR Book of Shadows (Tools Series)
  5. Isobel Gowdie: The Devil's Mistress (Famous Witches)