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  • Black Tourmaline Magical Properties: The GUARDIAN Crystal

    Black Tourmaline Magical Properties: The GUARDIAN Crystal

    There are certain crystals that really do seem to make a difference in a person’s life. For many witches and spiritual folks, black tourmaline is that stone for many reasons. Fed up with constantly absorbing negative energy in your work place? Or perhaps you’re too affected by things you see on the computer or TV.…

  • How to Use Oracle Cards: How to Read and Care for Oracle

    How to Use Oracle Cards: How to Read and Care for Oracle

    I remember the first time I opened my first deck of oracle cards. I remember being flooded with excitement but also feeling rather confused. The artwork stood out to me – it was Brian Froud’s Faery Oracle – the cards were graced by the presence of beautiful wood nymphs, gnarly gnomes, and creepy goblins. I…

  • What is the Wendigo? Terrifying Legends and Sightings

    What is the Wendigo? Terrifying Legends and Sightings

    No other monster on American soil quite fascinates and terrifies like the Wendigo. But what is a wendigo, exactly? A monster that roams the woods of North America? An evil spirit or something else entirely? Honestly, while researching for this post, I found myself apprehensive to study and write about this entity. THAT is how…

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The Witch's Grimoire: A History and How to Make YOUR Book of Shadows (Tools Series) Otherworldly Oracle Official

What if you could have a living book that held all of your most precious spells and secrets? Well, you can! The witch’s grimoire isn’t just any old book made of paper and words, it’s a living, breathing entity. A friend to the witch. A familiar spirit. In this magical episode, we scour the pages of history in search of the most powerful grimoires, learn the importance of magical record keeping, and how to craft our own enchanted tome. So grab your cuppa, your pen and paper, and settle in.Be part of the BHP Patreon Fam! Us on Social Media! YOUR custom couture grimoire at the Otherworldly Market. And grab a Tarot and numerology reading at Allorah's website.As discussed in the episode, the HathiTrust Archive can be accessed to view over 1400 early American cookbooks here.Find The Art of the Grimoire by Owen Davies here.If you haven’t had a chance yet, rate and review our podcast on your favorite podcast app. Every good review helps us become more visible to other oracles, witches, and magical creatures just like you!
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