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Welcome Home to the Otherworldly Oracle

The Mission

To be a place where the paranormal, mystical, and pagan meet and meld fluidly. As a mystic, pagan, and supernatural enthusiast, I hope to make this website one where people can learn, inquire, and share their thoughts and experiences. Truly these three realms all make up a part of our world and should be studied like any other science.


If you are pagan or Wiccan, you will find a plethora of topics here on the Otherworldly Oracle. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced on your spiritual path, there’s a little something for everyone. If you’re new to the pagan path, find information on how to choose a god or goddess, how to set up an altar, how to connect with the four elements, how to connect with the ancestors, and more. If you’re advanced in your pagan path, you will find articles on folklore and mythology to further your knowledge on the gods and ancestors.

The Magical

Magic is a part of our daily lives, it’s just most of us don’t realize it. If you are looking for ways to spruce up your life in mystical light, the Otherworldly Oracle offers advice on new age concepts including meditation, reiki, alternative pain management, crystal healing, chakras, the law of attraction, reincarnation, lost civilizations, astrology, divination, and nature as a magical aide.

The Paranormal

When it comes to the supernatural world, the Otherworldly Oracle is your spot for information on ghosts, demons, and hauntings of all kinds and what to do about them. The founder of Otherworldly Oracle has been assisting people for ten years on how to get rid of ghosts and demons in their homes. The Oracle has done full house cleansings and is willing to instruct on technique.

Fairies, also called the wee folk and sidhe, are a favorite topic of supernatural connoisseurs, so if you want to find a fairy or attract one, the Otherworldly Oracle is your spot!