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4 Summer Solstice Rituals for Renewal, Abundance, and Love

The sun reigns over the sky and pours down its life-giving rays upon the earth. Every year, we celebrate the sun on the Summer Solstice, whether intentionally or not. This year, why not honor the sun and the season of Summer mindfully and manifest something with ease? Read on to learn more about the power of the Summer Solstice and choose between three of our potent Summer Solstice rituals for ascension, abundance, or love.

First, What is the Summer Solstice?

The sun is at the center of our SOUL-ar system. See what I did there? Every season on earth is based on our rotation around the sun and the tilt of the earth’s axis as it rotates. The Summer Solstice occurs annually around June 21st in the Northern Hemisphere and around December 21st in the Southern Hemisphere. Essentially, it is the longest day of the year and the shortest night. You might also hear it referred to as Litha or Midsummer.

Ancient societies relied on the sun to warm their bodies and grow their food. So, it’s no wonder the Summer Solstice was celebrated in so many places all over the world. The Druids recognized the Solstice, as did the Norse. So did the Slavic people, Aztecs, other Native American peoples, and the Ancient Romans. I would venture to say it was probably the biggest party day of the year for many.

Why is this ancient sabbat so powerful, even today?

As an advancing society, we’ve gotten away from living seasonally and in tune with Mother Earth and the skies. But, I think, if we pay more attention to how our bodies, emotions, and lives ebb and flow, we’d notice a pattern between ourselves and the earth. Whether we know it or not, we still flow with the seasons. We feel the pull of the moon on our bodies and minds, ad we feel the sun’s warmth in the Summer. And we feel the Sun’s withdrawal in the Winter. When the sun is at its peak power on the Summer Solstice, many of us feel at our peak power. So why not harness that energy and manifest something amazing in your life? Tap into those energies.

The themes of the Summer Solstice include Fertility, Life, Renewal, Enlightenment, Primality, Passion, Abundance, Creativity, Lust, and Love. The dominant elements are FIRE and WATER. But you could also say the element of Earth is important in the Summer through the growth of plants, flowers, and trees in the garden and forests. Consider these elements and themes when you decide upon your own Summer Solstice rituals. If any of these intentions are your own, feel free to modify our rituals below to meet your needs. Or take inspiration from them to craft your own.

Summer Solstice Magical Correspondences to Consider

In case you’d like to come up with your own ritual for Litha OR need to substitute ingredients, here are some of the magical correspondences for the Summer Solstice:

  • Elements: Fire and Water
  • Herbs: chamomile, sunflower, rose, rosemary, lavender, calendula, daisy, angelica, basil, bay, coriander, cumin, curry, damiana, dill, fennel, dragon’s blood, cactus, carnation, chili pepper, flax, frankincense, garlic, ginger, gineseng
  • Stones: obsidian, sunstone, citrine, clear quartz, rose quartz, carnelian, ruby, pyrite, labradorite, amethyst, moss agate, orange calcite, yellow calcite, tiger’s eye, bloodstone
  • Foods: mead, wine, honey, bread, orange, tomato, peach, watermelon, fresh greens, salmon, seafood (all kinds), squash, potatoes, peppers, hot sauce, blackberries, cherries, blueberries, raspberries, olives, cucumbers, passion fruit, pineapple, banana, coconut, chocolate, avocado, foods cooked over an open fire
  • Animals: deer, fish, bear, horse, birds, raccoon, squirrel, spider, snake, lizard, owl, bee, butterfly, moth, dragonfly, seagull, turtle, alligator, lion, dolphin
  • Gods and Goddesses: Sulis, Lugh, Brigid, Belenos, Ra, Montu, Adonis, Grannus, Helios, Freyr, Aine, Macha, Amaterasu, Mawu, Aphrodite, Saule, Sekhmet

Ritual #1: A Summer Solstice Symbolic Shower for Renewal

Since the sun has been renewed and at its fullest of potency, a great Summer Solstice ritual to perform is our outdoors ritual for renewal. What is renewal, exactly? Renewal means to shake off the old and step into the new. It signifies your energy and lifeforce being replenished. An innate rebirth, of sorts.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A pitcher of sun water (learn how to make sun water here)
  • White swimsuit or clothing (something you don’t mind getting wet)
  • Uplifting music
  • Large white, yellow, or gold candle

Here’s what to do:

  1. This Summer Solstice ritual is best performed at sunrise on the Solstice.
  2. Gather your supplies/ingredients and head outside wearing your white swimsuit or clothing. Turn on music and place it somewhere your technology won’t get wet.
  3. Face the sun as it rises. Lay down and wait for the sun’s rays to touch you.
  4. As the sun rises, stand up, twirl three times sun-wise (clockwise). If you feel called to do so, you can spin up to 13 times in odd numbers.
  5. After the last spin, light your candle and say, “Rejoice and rise, Oh Glorious Sun! You have woke me from my slumber and renewed my soul!” Place the candle between you and the sun but a few feet away so the flame isn’t extinguished with the water.
  6. Close your eyes and pour the sun water over your head, then say, “by sunlight, flame, and water, I am renewed and reborn hereafter.”
  7. Following the ritual, I like to dance, sway, and sometimes do sun salutations to keep that energy flowing.

Ritual #2: Summer Solstice Circle Ritual for Abundance

Everybody’s talking about prosperity and abundance. Living an abundant life. And most people don’t realize, money is energy. Abundance is energy. The law of attraction is real. And there’s enough money and energy for everyone to live an abundant life! Before performing this Summer Solstice ritual for abundance, I invite you to examine your beliefs about money and prosperity. If you have negative beliefs or traumas around these concepts, meditate and address those shadows first. Only when you’re truly open to receiving will you receive.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 6 sunflower heads (or more depending on how big you want to draw your circle around you)
  • Carnations (about three bouquets): to empower this ritual
  • Chili peppers (6 whole peppers or about a cup of powdered): for breaking blockages related to money and warding negative energy during ritual
  • A space (inside or outside) large enough to create a circle about 6 feet in diameter
  • A pinch of salt: for purification and prosperity
  • A clear glass or crystal bowl filled with water: to allow the energy to flow to the circle
  • Device to play music: I specifically recommend playing a song called “Abundance” by Beautiful Choir on repeat

Here’s what to do:

  1. In preparation for this Summer Solstice ritual, take a bath to cleanse your aura and ready yourself.
  2. Gather your supplies and cleanse your space with smoke or however you see fit.
  3. Place your bowl of water and pinch of salt where you believe the center of your circle will be.
  4. Stand facing the sun (wherever it is in the sky) and build your circle by first laying the sunflower heads evenly in a circle about six feet in diameter. Move in a sun-wise (clockwise) direction.
  5. Next, repeat the same pattern with the carnations then the chili peppers.
  6. Now, sit in the middle of the circle and say, “I welcome and honor the Sun at the Summer Solstice, the day of the Sun’s full glory and power. Nothing negative shall enter this circle, only positive energy shall shower me. I call on the spirit of the sunflower to bless me with abundance of joy.” Touch a sunflower near you and feel the power pulsing through it. Then “I call on the spirit of the carnation to empower my life and this ritual with beauty and love.” Touch the carnation and feel it’s power. “I call on the spirit of the chili pepper to break the blockages in my mind and heart pertaining to money and allow abundant prosperity to flow to me.”
  7. Last, take the pinch of salt and add it to the water. Say, “by sea and earth, I purify my life.”
  8. Hold the bowl in the air and say, “May this Summer Solstice bring abundant health, money, love, and joy into my life. Abundance is energy. Abundance it flows to me.” You can chant along with the song at this point and sit in circle, visualizing all of the abundance flowing through the circle, through the water, and shining down on you like the sun.
  9. When you’re done, release the energy by thanking each spirit (sunflower, carnation, chili pepper, water, salt, and sun). Then take up the ingredients by going counter-clockwise.

Ritual #3: Summer Solstice Tree Spell for LOVE

We all need love in our lives. Not only to give but to receive. If you feel you could use more love in your life, the HEALTHY kind of love, try our Summer Solstice bath ritual.

What You’ll Need:

  • A location with a cherry, apple, elm, or willow tree
  • A piece of paper and red pen
  • Twine or ribbon
  • An infusion of rose, rosemary, and lavender in Full moonwater

What to Do:

  1. First, make your infusion of rose, rosemary, and lavender by setting a pot of moon water on the stove. Let it come to a simmer and add your herbs. Remove from heat and let the herbs infuse for 6 minutes. Strain the herbs and set your infusion in a bowl to the side.
  2. Next, take your piece of paper and dip it into your infusion. Remove it and let it fully dry.
  3. Once your paper is completely dry, write exactly what you’re looking for in a partner or friend on it. Then roll it towards you and seal it by tying your twine/ribbon around it.
  4. On the Summer Solstice, take your love petition to the tree of your choosing and bury it at the roots. Then place your hand on the tree’s trunk and say, “I invoke a love/friendship pure and true and stable. As your branches grow, your roots deepen, and your blooms blossom, bring me my love when you are able.”
  5. Leave an offering of a piece of your hair, turn around, and go about your day. Love will come your way in the right time.

Ritual #4: Giving Thanks to the Land for Abundance

Some witches believe what you give you get back to you times three. I am one of those witches. In saying that, in my experience, one of the most potent rituals at the Summer Solstice is to give back to the Earth. To give something to show your gratitude to the land on which you live.

This is as simple as going into the wild, a forest or meadow, and leaving a biodegradable offering. Ideas include bird feed, seeds, flowers, eggs, and grains. Bread is not typically a good idea as it throws off many birds’ stomachs including ducks (I know! We used to feed the ducks bread all the time back in the day.) It’s no longer advised. By simply giving to the land, you are invoking the power of 3 times 3 and will receive blessings in return.

More Ideas for Summer Solstice Rituals:

Any ritual you feel inspired or drawn to do on Litha is appropriate and called for. Here’s a few more ideas that might tickle your fancy:

  • A ritual bath at sunrise or sunset
  • Candle spells for abundance, vitality, beauty, health, love, etc.
  • Climbing a hill and reaching for the Sun
  • Cleansing yourself of negative energy by swimming in the ocean, a river, or lake
  • Ceremonial fire magick via a bonfire
  • Scrying in fire, smoke, water, or in a mirror
  • Planting a tree associated with the sun like an orange tree
  • Refreshing your altar to make way for the Summer season, manifestation, and prosperity
  • Walking in a local forest, park, or gardens with intentions of connecting with the sun gods, elementals, etc.
  • Harvesting herbs from your garden to make herb bundles, flower crowns, besoms, wreaths, bouquets, and to press in your grimoire
  • Plan and make a large Litha feast with fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, and sweet desserts
  • Build a vision board for the things you want to achieve this Summer (don’t forget to include the sun to brighten your outlook)
Summer Solstice Rituals for Abundance, Renewal and Love

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