Lavender Magical Properties & 8 Powerful Lavender Magical Uses

Lavender Magical Properties & 8 Powerful Lavender Magical Uses

Ahhh lavender. It’s one of those aromatic herbs that you either love or hate. But I believe most of us love it. The herb of beauty was known all over the ancient world and was once used as a form of currency. In today’s society, lavender is found in everything from lotions to tea. And it’s particularly a favorite in the magical community. In this article, we explore lavender magical properties and give you detailed ideas for lavender magical uses.

What is Lavender?

Lavender, Lavandula, are a species of flowering herbs in the mint family. It grows native in parts of Europe, Asia and Africa and was brought to the New World centuries ago. It now grows in gardens worldwide and is a favorite of herbalists. The plant itself is an annual or perennial that lives for a short period of time and can be a small herb or large bush. The flowers jut out above the plant in whorls and are typically purple, light purple, lilac, bluish or even blackish purple. Lavender is used in culinary pursuits, as well as aromatherapy, medicinal remedies and magical spells. The flowers are the favored part of the plant but the leaves may be used as well. They just have a different scent.

Lavender Lore and History

In ancient Rome, lavender was so loved that it was once used as currency. Roman soldiers bathed in it and used it to perfume their clothing. Prostitutes used lavender as a perfume to hide bad aromas and to attract customers. Therefore lavender is long associated with seduction and love. Ancient Egyptians were no strangers to the power of lavender – they used this aromatic herb in the mummification process. The name lavender actually comes from the latin word Lavare, meaning “to wash“. Therefore lending to the purifying qualities of the plant.

Lavender is mentioned in the Bible as spikenard and has been used as a means to ward off evil for thousands of years. During the Plague, people wore it on their person to protect from contracting the illness. “Lavenders” were washerwomen in Medieval times who washed clothes using lavender water and scented linens with it. I could go on and on about lavender’s history and folklore!

Lavender Magical Properties

Depending on the tradition and region, lavender magical properites will vary. Here we give you our understanding of it. But take what serves you and leave the rest as you see fit.

Planets: Neptune, Mercury
Energy: Feminine
Element: Water, Air
Gods/Goddesses: Selene, Hecate, Medea, Circe, Saturn, Mother Mary
Lavender Magical Properties: Beauty, Love, Purification, Peace, Healing, Sleep, Relieve Anxiety, Vitality, Protection, Seduction, Death Process (transitioning)

Medicinally, lavender tea eases nausea, relieves headache, enhances appetite and aids in falling and staying asleep.

Lavender Magical Uses

In addition to learning lavender’s amazing magical properties, it’s helpful to learn the various ways in which to use lavender in your magic. I always make sure to have a stock of lavender in my herb cabinet. This herb is extremely versatile in magick and is truly a staple for any witch or magical practitioner. I’m sure in addition to lavender’s magical uses here, you’ll come up with your own the longer you practice.

1. Lavender Candle Spells

There’s nothing as simple and as powerful as a candle spell. Use lavender in candle spells for love, beauty, healing, anxiety, and more. I’ve even found that candles scented with lavender are a boon. Dip your candle in a little bit of oil, then gently roll the candle in a pinch of lavender. Or lightly sprinkle a pinch of lavender over the top of a large candle. Loading the inside of candles with a bit of lavender is also effective.

2. Lavender Tea Magic

One of my favorite magical things in the kitchen is making tea with intention. Lavender is edible and medicinal and can be infused in hot water for various purposes. As it has an incredibly floral taste, I like to mix it with other herbs like rosemary or chamomile. But essentially you’re drinking lavender’s magical properties in a warm, soothing beverage. Drink it on a New Moon to cleanse your aura, on a Full Moon to increase beauty, or on a Waning Moon to release anxiety.

3. Lavender Oil for Magical Spells

Infuse a little lavender into a bottle of olive, jojoba or sunflower oil. Allow it to sit for 2 weeks in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Then strain the lavender and voila! Lavender oil for magical uses including: beauty, love, cleansing and more. I love using my lavender oil to rub on candles for healing, love and peace. In addition, anoint your goddess statue with a little lavender oil to consecrate and bless it. Bless your windows and doors with lavender oil to bring peace and harmony into the household.

4. Lavender Magical Uses As Cleansing Soap

Purchase or make lavender soap or body wash. Wash away negativity and invoke inner and outer beauty every time you bathe or shower. Lavender is a beautifully purifying herb used since ancient times to not only wash but perfume away any nasty aromas. It will do the same for magical practitioners in modern times. It’s particularly powerful on New and Waning Moons in cleansing rituals.

5. Lavender Simmer Pot and Spray

In the Spring and Summer, I love making simmer pots on the stove. It’s an easy way to cleanse your space and set a mood throughout your house. Put a small pot of water on the stove and add a pinch or two of lavender and rosemary. Sometimes I also add a lemon slice. Then let the water simmer gently and allow the herbs to diffuse throughout the kitchen and your house. It’s purifying, invokes peace, and smells divine! When you’re done with the simmer pot, strain out a bit of the herbs, put the remnants in a spray bottle and spritz around the rest of the house. It gently raises the vibes in your home!

6. Lavender Spell Bags

Another great lavender magical use is in spell bags. A simple way to make powerful magic is via spell bags. Spell bags are not just simple, they’re discreet and I find their power lasts about a month. And if you get decent results, you can refresh the contents and keep the spell going! Add lavender to your spell bags for health, glamour, love and much more. Adding lavender to a muslin bag or bath sachet and adding it to the bath keeps the lavender plant matter out of your tub.

7. Bake with Magical Lavender

I’m not going to lie. I’m not huge on baking. I am more of an intuitive kitchen cook than a scientific baker. HOWEVER, I also know that baking can be a magical process. (I do love baking bread and cookies). If you’re into baking and want to use edible flowers in your sweets, try lavender. Lavender adds a slight floral taste to any dessert BUT also can be used as decoration on cakes, cupcakes, etc. And don’t forget to add your intention to your magical baked creations.

8. Lavender Essential Oil Magical Uses

There’s no other essential oil that I love as much as lavender. My matron goddess enjoys lavender essential oil being diffused over her sacred space. Not to mention the lavender oil is super calming and great to diffuse in your bedroom to aid in a peaceful night sleep. Dab a bit of lavender essential oil on a leather bracelet to reap the benefits of its seductive ways. Or add lavender essential oil to the bath for various magical intentions.

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9. Stuffed in Dream Pillows

Perhaps the most effective way to use lavender for sleep is to stuff it in a dream pillow. If it’s by itself in the pillow, it will promote relaxation and rest. But coupled with mugwort and skullcap, lavender will aid in lucid dreaming, prophecy, and astral travel. Plus, having it near your head while falling asleep just smells amazing!

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  1. One warning with cooking with lavender: too much and it tastes like granny’s soap. Or your own soap. Other than that lavender is amazing in most everything. I have plenty of lavender, basil, rosemary, sage, lemon balm, tomatoes, raspberries, apples, plums, pears, lemons, and other plants… but i was wondering. What do chives do!?! I can’t find their magickal properties anywhere!

    Thank you

    1. Chives are not listed in Cunningham’s encyclopedia of herbs but from what I know they can be used to ward off disease and evil. Hope this helps!

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