Citrine Crystal Meaning

Citrine Crystal Meaning and How to Use the SUCCESS Stone

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a crystal that brings joy and boosts energy while also calming our nerves all at the same time? Well, it exists. It’s called citrine. This yellow-orange crystal is popular among healers, Reiki practitioners, and witches alike. Find out the citrine crystal meaning here, as well as how to use the SUCCESS stone in your daily life and spiritual practice.

So, What is Citrine Crystal?

First, let’s talk about what a citrine crystal actually is. We know it’s a yellow to brown shaded crystal, but what kind and where does it come from? Citrine crystal is actually a type of quartz, one of the most abundant minerals in the earth’s crust. It’s also one of the most popular crystals on the market, but ironically most of the citrine we buy in the store isn’t true citrine. True citrine is rare. Manufactured citrine is typically amethyst or some other type of smoky quartz that’s been heat-treated to turn it yellow in color. Either way, the citrine crystal carries all of the properties of quartz crystals. When it’s a natural citrine, it contains a higher iron content which gives it its yellow to brown color.

Quartz itself is made of silica, which is an abundant mineral in the earth’s soil that’s used frequently today to make things like concrete, mortar, bricks, and even used to make glass and ceramics. Which means quartz is equivalent to abundance and strength. It’s the very foundation for things like roads, windows, bowls, and all manner of created structures. Therefore, we see how it’s also connected to creative energies and grounding energies. The biggest producer of citrine is Brazil, a beautiful, magical country in South America whose energy pulses through this crystal.

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The Make-up of Citrine Crystal and It’s Powerful Spiritual Properties

When it comes to real citrine, we must first touch on the fact that it contains iron. The iron is what gives it its shady yellow to brown hue. And what do we know about iron and magick? Iron has been used as a warding device for centuries. Ever wonder why they put wrought-iron fences around cemeteries? Or why fairies are said to be injured by iron? Folks might not realize it, but citrine has protective properties for this very reason. Iron is a powerful weapon against negative energy. And because its a type of quartz, and quartz is used in construction of all kinds, this crystal has strong creative vibes.

When broken down into its atomic form, citrine is tetrahedral in shape. A tetrahedron is a pyramid with a triangular 3-sided base. It has 4 faces, 6 edges, and 4 corners. So, even though it’s faces are all triangular, there’s 4 of them. So we can deduce it sacred numbers are 3 and 4. Three sides to each triangle, 4 triangles total. The number 3 has long been heralded as a powerful number, particularly by the ancient Celts. Their concept of land, sea, sky along with life, death, and rebirth is potent enough. But add on the number 4 and we see wholeness, universality, and the 4 cardinal direction points all represented in the citrine crystal meaning.

Citrine Crystal Meaning: Healing Properties

Like every other crystal we talk about on Otherworldly Oracle, the citrine crystal meaning when it comes to healing is many-fold. It truly depends on the person and how you vibe with the stone. Sometimes certain stones aren’t for certain people. So, if you find yourself not vibing with the citrine crystal, no worries. Give it away and find another crystal that syncs up with your energy better. According to Judy Hall’s Encyclopedia of Crystals, the lighter shades of citrine “govern the physical body and it’s functions, while the darker shades govern the spiritual aspects of life.” As for the citrine crystal meaning and its healing properties, here are just a few:

  • Relieves symptoms of depression
  • Soothes fears and phobias
  • Aids in combating Alzheimer’s
  • Citrine may help relieve itching
  • Helpful when detoxifying the body and mind (it absorbs the negative and turns it into positive energy)
  • Connected to and aids in relief of diseases of the digestive system, urinary system, circulatory and adrenal systems (basically any disease related to the trunk of the body)
  • Soothes frazzled nerves and anxiety
  • And prevents and smooths cellulite
This piece of citrine is a darker shade.

Citrine Crystal Meaning in MAGICK

The citrine crystal meaning in magick and spirituality is powerful! First, citrine is connected to the SUN and therefore your solar plexus. The name citrine derives from the French word citron or lemon. Therefore it’s a powerful purifier of the soul and sacred space. In fact, it’s so potent a cleanser that it self cleanses! You’ll never have to run citrine through smoke or water to purify it. And because it’s connected to the sun, it carries all the energy of our beloved star, like:

  • Boosts self esteem and confidence, particularly in your career path and life purpose
  • Shields from over-sensitivity to one’s environment
  • Aids in mental clarity and concentration in the workplace and classroom
  • To some, it’s called the Merchant Stone, as it draws abundance to one’s business and home
  • Transmutes negative energy and creates positive
  • Settles arguments and conflict in the household or business
  • Brings optimism to negative situations and mindsets
  • Citrine crystal boosts motivation, passion, and creativity

REMEMBER Yellow and Brown are POWERFUL Colors

Because citrine is yellow in color, it’s linked indefinitely to all of the magical properties of that color. Including communication, career success, confidence, mental clarity, knowledge, and joy. And if you’ve found a particularly rare piece of citrine with a brown shade, brown is indicative of grounding, earth energy, growth, animal instinct, nourishment and primality. Both of these colors are powerful and can be used in magick to represent these intentions in many ways…

How to Use Citrine in Your Magical Practice

An easy stone to work with in your magical practice, citrine is also extremely versatile. I’ve been using it in my witchcraft and spiritual practices for years. Basic intentions for citrine in spells are career success, abundance, health, vitality, self esteem and confidence, cleansing the body and mind, and mental clarity. Some ways to use citrine in your magick include:

  • Add citrine crystals to spell bottles and jars
  • Great in spell bags and pouches – carry in your pocket or purse to attract success and joy
  • Encircle candle spells to amplify your intentions and the overall energy in the spell
  • Wear a citrine crystal talisman to draw success into your life
  • Place in the windows of your business or workplace to draw money in
  • This crystal is particularly powerful for the zodiac signs Aries, Gemini, Leo and Libra
  • Hold in your hand during healing sessions and meditation to boost the healing process and align your solar plexus
  • Give citrine crystal as an offering to sun deities like Macha, Belenos, Helios, Ra, Sunna and Amaterasu
  • Make a gem elixir with citrine to help balance your body and mind, bring energy and vitality to your day, and boost confidence

And Daily Uses

We might not be casting spells or performing ritual every day, but we definitely engage in routine. So how do we use the powerful citrine crystal meaning in our everyday life? Your imagination is your only limit. For example, I place citrine crystals around the bathtub to imbue energy and vitality into my baths and showers. You can actually place the citrine pieces directly in the water as they aren’t soluble. Add citrine to your water bottle to make a gem elixir that will give you energy and cleanse your aura. Place citrine around the office to cleanse the air of negative vibes and naturally lift the mood. When it’s a cloudy day, and you need a little sunshine, simply holding a piece of this crystal will bring you happiness.

If you’re an empath or have clairsentient abilities, citrine is a powerful tool to use on a daily basis. Most people forget that it is a crystal that transmutes energy – meaning, it absorbs the negative and literally turns it into positive. Being an empath means you absorb other energies in your environment easily. So by wearing or carrying citrine on your person, you’re using the crystal as a shield. It will naturally take on some of that yucky energy that you might have, acting as a ward of sorts.

Why We Call it the SUCCESS Stone

You might be wondering why we call citrine the SUCCESS stone. Well, just like with all of our crystal blog posts, we have another good stone story for you. When I was starting in nursing school, I was unsure if it was the right path for me, uncertain if I’d made the right choice. It wasn’t because I didn’t want to be a nurse, it was because I was still young and didn’t have the self confidence I needed. So I sat in the auditorium and listened nervously to the Dean tell us how difficult nursing school was going to be. I said to the girl next to me, “I don’t think I can do this.”

That same week, my spirit guides told me in a dream to carry a piece of citrine on me when I’m at school. So I picked a small piece and carried it in my pocket with me every day for the entirety of my nursing school career. And truthfully? I felt as if it gave me the confidence that I needed to push through even the most difficult tests and hospital simulations. I ended up graduating from nursing school, still holding onto a piece of citrine crystal, realizing that all I needed was a little push. And the SUCCESS stone in my pocket helped me get there!

How to Connect With Your Citrine Crystal

An easy way to connect with citrine crystal and harness its sunny, energetic powers is to simply work with it daily. Try this daily ritual:

  1. Place a piece of citrine in your bathroom, by your mirror.
  2. When you wake in the morning, take a moment to breathe deeply a few times, stretch, and walk to the bathroom.
  3. Pick up your piece of citrine and hold it in your hand, allowing its energy to radiate and pulse in your palm for a minute or two.
  4. Now hold the citrine to your solar plexus (the middle spot below and between your ribs, above your belly button), close your eyes, and say, “citrine fill my solar plexus with your light today. Let the positive energy flow in and negative energy fly away.”
  5. Place it on your vanity again.
  6. Repeat the next morning. Do this for a week and notice if your energy increases. Be sure to record any experiences you have.

How to Properly Care for Citrine Crystals

Every crystal has its weaknesses and variations in harness, solubility, etc. As for citrine, should you need to clean it, it can be safely cleaned with warm, soapy water. But keep in mind, citrine can fracture in abrupt temperature changes, so don’t leave it outside in extreme cold or put it in the freezer or refrigerator. In addition, the color can fade if left in direct sunlight for too long. It’s best to keep your citrine crystals out of the light when you’re not using them. Citrine is great when worn as jewelry as it is relatively strong, according to the Gem Encyclopedia. And guess what? You don’t have to spiritually cleanse citrine, as it is a self-cleansing stone!

Citrine crystal meaning and properties

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