Green Calcite Meaning & Properties: The WITCH'S HEART Stone

Green Calcite Meaning & Properties: The WITCH’S HEART Stone

Since the first time I held this stone in my hand, I knew it was special. It has a soothing, loving energy that permeates everything it touches. We call it the WITCH’S HEART stone for a few reasons of which we will explore here together. Learn Green Calcite meaning and its metaphysical and healing properties. Plus how to use it in your spiritual practice and daily life. I promise, you’ll thank me.

First, What IS Green Calcite?

Green calcite is quickly becoming one of the more popular crystals on the metaphysical market these days. And with good reason. This semiprecious stone is typically a light to emerald green shade and comes in raw or polished form. It was one of the first crystals I ever worked with in my practice and will forever be one of my favorites. Green calcite is mostly found in Romania, Mexico and parts of South America and is made up mostly of calcium carbonates. Which aligns perfectly with its emotional heart-healing abilities, since calcium is a necessary electrolyte for cardiac function and physical heart health.

Green calcite is a beautiful light green shade similar to seaglass.

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Components of Green Calcite and Their POWERFUL Spiritual Properties

Green calcite has a hardness of 3 and is made up mostly of calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate is a substance found in limestone, eggshells, seashells, pearls and in human bones. Which links green calcite to sea life, birds, and even to human beings. Calcium carbonate is hexagonal in form. When we explore the spiritual meaning of the hexagon, it means a potential for life. Seed of opportunity and creation. In numerology, the 6 sides of calcium carbonate (and therefore green calcite) means perfection and completion. In its essence, green calcite’s properties in the physical point to its metaphysical properties and a sacred polarity: birth and death. Beginning and end.

Industrially, calcite is used as a material in cement, which points to its protective and grounding qualities. It’s also, according to Gem Select, used in metal, glass and rubber materials. All materials used in constructing buildings, tools, windows, doors, and tires. Important objects in societal structure. Essentially, the green calcite meaning found in its physical applications solidifies its metaphysical and healing applications. Not to mention, because it’s used in construction, is a powerful crystal to boost creativity and motivation to “build”.

Green Calcite HEALING Properties

We believe everything that comes from the earth has healing properties. This means there are green calcite healing properties, when used properly, cleansed and charged. By no means is crystal healing a replacement or substitution for proper medical care. But when used in conjunction with medicine, it can be quite effective. If you’re unsure how to use crystals as healing aids, contact a qualified healer in your area. We recommend a shaman or reiki master.

  • Promotes cardiovascular health including arteries, veins, and the heart itself
  • Balances emotions and therefore promotes overall emotional and mental health
  • Relieves some skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema
  • Soothes nerves and aids in relieving anxiety
  • Aids in destressing and decompressing
  • Promotes increased strength in the bones and muscles
  • Relieves joint pain and arthritis
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Reduces fever
  • Takes the sting out of burns
  • Calms neurological symptoms like tics and neurosis
  • Helps intestinal diseases like Crohn’s and Colitis
  • Growth in small children or those with small stature
  • Relieves symptoms of anger-related disorders and disease

Green Calcite Meaning and METAPHYSICAL Properties

Green calcite is a powerful stone to use in your spiritual and magical practice. As we’ve said before, we call it the witch’s heart stone for a reason: it’s undeniable connection to the heart chakra. But green calcite has many metaphysical properties including:

  • Soothes a broken heart
  • Aligns and clears the heart chakra of negative energy and attachments
  • Aids in emotional balance, particularly in romantic relationships
  • Draws in money and brings prosperity to the home
  • Green calcite’s made up of calcium carbonate and little to no iron means it’s a great stone to use when working with faeries, specifically flower and garden fairies
  • A great gardening stone, aids in plant growth
  • Linked to sea life and looks like seaglass = use when working with mermaid and sea goddess energies
  • Draws prosperity into a business
  • Aids in recalling past lives
  • Aids in healing past life traumas and phobias
  • Opens third eye
  • Helps dissolve old beliefs and stagnant habits holding you back from a higher potential
  • Green calcite’s meaning relating to the heart also encourages peace among arguing friends
  • A great fertility stone
  • Also a wonderful crystal to have around for familiar spirits, particularly of the animal kind
  • Powerful healing stone for healers: Reiki practitioners, therapists, acupuncturists, etc.

Remember too that GREEN is the color of abundance and other things:

I like to always consider the color of the stone that I’m working with as part of its inherent magick. With green calcite, you’ll find much of it has a light green or light emerald color, almost like seaglass. Therefore the color green’s magical properties also apply to green calcite including prosperity, all matters of the heart, spiritual growth, gardening, working with the earth element, money, faery magic and more. And in a lighter green shade, also promotes peace and healing and connects us to Spring and renewal.

How to Use The Green Calcite Meaning in Your Spiritual Practice

How you choose to use green calcite is up to you. Everyone’s spiritual practice will be different from the next person’s because we are all individuals. The great thing about this stone is it has a plethora of spiritual, metaphysical and medicinal qualities to harness. And there’s truly no limit as to how you can use it. My favorite way to use this stone is simply holding it when I need to feel a connection to Mother Earth or need emotional balance. But here’s a few more ideas:

  • Enchant jewelry and use as an amulet or talisman for protection and to promote love and prosperity
  • Add to spell jars and witch bottles, particularly potent in money jars
  • Add to spell bags for dream work, past life regression, money, growth, etc.
  • Place around the tub during ritual baths
  • Encircle your candles in candle rituals and spells
  • Hold or wear during meditations
  • Hold, wear, or place on the body during chakra alignments
  • Place on altars dedicated to earth deities and ocean spirits
  • Place over problem areas on body to aid in healing
  • Use along with Reiki in healing rituals, specifically over the heart chakra
  • Green calcite wands can be waved over a person or place for any of the listed metaphysical properties/intentions
  • Some runes and other divination tools are made from green calcite, which increases their power in matters of love
  • As offering/gift to the fae folk, ancestors, and earth goddesses
  • As offering to mermaids and sea spirits
  • Placed under the pillow to soothe one to sleep and induce dreams of the fae and mermaids
  • Worn to ward negative energy and promote chakra alignment
  • Set in fairy gardens to promote fairy presence
  • Placed around the bedroom to balance emotional energies between lovers

Green Calcite Daily Uses

This is one of my favorite stones to use on a daily basis and just to have around. How do you use this stone in your daily rituals and routines? Place pieces of it around the home, particularly in places that connect us to our family members like the bedroom, dining and living rooms. Place in the garden, as it is referred to as the “gardener’s friend” in Judy Hall’s Crystal Encyclopedia. I’ve actually buried 4 piees of it at the four corners of my garden to promote plant growth, and I swear my garden was bursting that Summer! Wear green calcite to aid in earth connection and seeing the beauty all around you in nature. This is especially helpful if you often find yourself feeling disconnected from Mother Earth and from yourself.

Why We Call it the WITCH’S HEART Stone

You know how sometimes you’re drawn to something but you don’t know why? And you find out later there was an intuitive reason and it turned out to be just the thing you needed in that moment? I’ll tell you a story about green calcite, the meaning and power of the witch’s heart stone.

When I was going through a rough patch with my partner, we decided to go and get Reiki attuned together. As something we could do together and something we were both interested in. While taking the Reiki class, I noticed a large, shiny light green stone on my Reiki master’s shelf. My eyes kept being drawn to it and each time we had a break, I walked over to it. I couldn’t help feeling drawn to this pretty green crystal.

After class had ended and I was attuned, our teacher told us we could have anything in her store. Of course I chose that pretty, soothing green stone. And later found out it was green calcite and how HEALING it is for the heart and emotions. It also helps a romantic relationship in many ways including allowing each person to open their minds and hearts to one another. And to see through negative patterns, allowing the relationship to grow and blossom. The fact is my heart was in a state of disarray at that time and the green calcite knew I needed it. We needed it.

How to Care for this Beautiful Crystal

According to the gem care experts at Gem Select, any form of calcite requires gentle handling and care. Green calcite can be scratched easily, as it’s hardness is on target with softer stones like amber and chrysocolla. Do not bleach or use any chemicals to clean calcite, as it is sensitive to acids. It’s best to keep your green calcite by itself and away from other crystals so it doesn’t get scratched. If you have green calcite jewelry, clean it with a soft cloth and mild soapy water as needed.

As for spiritually cleansing your green calcite, I prefer to run my stones through the smoke of an herb bundle (used to be called smudge bundles). I also will place my stones in a selenite bowl, because selenite in and of itself has a purifying energy and cleanses anything near it. We don’t recommend soaking your green calcite in water or leaving it in a bowl of salt. You can bury it in soil or earth as a safe cleansing method, as well.

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