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Ritual Baths: Your ESSENTIAL Guide to Spell and Spiritual Bathing

Water is cleansing, healing and relaxing. Are you someone who loves taking a long bath to soothe away worries and stress? Magical baths are becoming more and more popular in modern spirituality for good reason! Whatever your reason for taking ritual baths, we have the ESSENTIAL guide to spell and spiritual bathing for you here including how-tos, ritual bath recipes, and more.

First, What is a Ritual Bath?

A ritual bath is a bath taken with a spiritual purpose. Maybe you want to cleanse your aura, heal your heart, or draw money into your life. Ritual baths are effective for these intentions and so much more! Since ancient times, people bathed to clean their bodies but also to purify their spirits. Water is cleansing, healing, renewing, and refreshing. And when we add things to the water, we boost its magical effects. Water acts as a conduit for spirit and therefore enhances our connection to the universe.

Herbs and Flowers in Ritual Baths

When you look up spell baths or spiritual baths online, you’ll notice lots of people adding things to their bath water. Herbs and flowers are a favorite. Make sure whatever herb or flower you add to your bath don’t irritate the skin. Do your research first. Here are some favorite herbs and flowers to add to your ritual baths:

  • Rose petals
  • Chamomile
  • Rosemary
  • Peppermint
  • Lavender
  • Oats
  • Dandelion
  • Jasmine

There are dozens of herbs and plants that can be added to your spiritual baths to enhance the experience, rejuvenate the skin, and cleanse the aura. Don’t forget to look up the herbs’ magical properties to match your intention. For example, to draw love into your life add rose petals. For monetary success, add mint. Etc.

How do I add flowers and herbs to my bath?

There’s a few different ways to add flowers and herbs to your ritual baths. One way is to throw the herbs and flowers directly into the tub. But, to be honest, this makes for a messy clean-up and sometimes takes away from the experience of the ritual itself. An easier way is to put the herbs and flowers in a muslin bag or teabag and let the herbs steep in the tub…like a big cup of tea! And yet another way to make an herbal ritual bath is by brewing an infusion on the stove first, then adding the strained concoction to your hot bath.

Ritual bathing includes using magical ingredients like flowers and herbs.
Flowers and herbs can be added to the bath to amplify the magical effects.

Crystals and Stones in Spiritual Baths

In addition to adding herbs and flowers to your spell baths, crystals and stones can also lend their magical energy. HOWEVER, just like with herbs, do your research before bathing with crystals. Some crystals and stones dissolve in water and some even have toxic materials that will come off into the water and then onto your skin! It might be safer to set the crystals around the top of the tub instead of in the water with you. The crystals I like to place around the tub include rose quartz, clear quartz, amethyst, and agate.

Taking a Spiritual Bath at the Right Time: Moon Phases, Etc.

You can take a ritual bath any time you need to; however, when you align your intentions with the moon’s phases, ritual baths become SO much more powerful. When powerful cleansing or uncrossing is needed, take a bath on the Waning or New Moon. When you want to attract love or money into your life, bathe on the Full Moon. When you are growing a new business, take a ritual bath on the Waxing Moon. In addition to moon bathing, you can also time your ritual baths with sabbats and certain magical times of the day.

Other Ritual Bath Items and Practices

Truly your ritual bath is special because of the thought and effort you put into it! There are so many ways to take a spiritual or spell bath, including dimming the lights and lighting a few candles. Play relaxing music or nature sounds that match your intentions. Salts can be added to the bath for extra purifying effects – epsom salts are popular. Infusing moon water, sun water, or holy water into your bath amplifies the magick, too. Milk and dried fruits are also magical ingredients. Some use essential oils in their spiritual baths, though I prefer to leave oils out. There’s too many stipulations on what oils are dangerous or not dangerous and in what amounts, etc.

A milk bath with orange slices can amplify your energy and cleanse your aura.

Ritual Bath Recipe #1: Spiritual Bath for Money

Here’s one of our favorite recipes for a spiritual bath for money. Money’s not going to pour out of the faucet, but if you do it right, you may see more $$$ in your pocket very soon! Time this ritual bath on the Waxing or Full Moon.

Spiritual Bath for Money Ingredients:

  • A clean bathtub
  • A quiet atmosphere
  • A green candle
  • Handful of mint leaves
  • Moss agate (4 pieces)


  1. Run a hot bath.
  2. Light your green candle and set it near the bathtub.
  3. Turn down the lights and get into a relaxed state of mind.
  4. Add a handful of mint leaves to the tub.
  5. Place your moss agate pieces in the north, east, south and west positions around the tub.
  6. Get into the tub and visualize the mint leaves as dollar bills. The moss agate pieces are glowing bright green like money.
  7. Visualize yourself bathing in a tub of free cash. If you wash yourself, wash from your feet and up to your head – this draws money towards you instead of washing it away.
  8. When you’re finished bathing, stand up out of the water and let yourself drip-dry. This allows the magical effects of the spiritual bath for money to seep into your skin and aura.
  9. Thank the universe/the gods and snuff out the candle.
  10. Gather the mint leaves and moss agate in a small bag/sachet. Carry this with you in your purse or wallet.

Ritual Bath Recipe #2: Spiritual Bath for Love

While love spells are a controversial topic, a bath that draws love into one’s life seems to be effective and free of messing with another’s will. Here’s our favorite spiritual bath for love recipe to be done on a Full Moon:

Spiritual Bath for Love Ingredients:

  • A clean bathtub
  • Cup of full moon water (water charged by Full Moon-light: learn how to make it here)
  • Himalayan pink salt – 2 tablespoons
  • Rose petals – a handful
  • Lavender – a handful
  • Pink or red candle
  • Rose quartz (4 pieces)


  1. Run a hot bath.
  2. Light your pink/red candle and set it near the bathtub.
  3. Turn down the lights and get into a relaxed state of mind.
  4. Add a handful of lavender, a handful of rose petals, the pink salt and the cup of moon water to your ritual bath.
  5. Place your rose quartz pieces in the north, east, south and west positions around the tub.
  6. Get into the tub and visualize the roses and lavender as small hearts floating all around you. The rose quartz pieces are glowing bright pink with loving vibrations from the universe.
  7. Visualize yourself bathing in a tub of pure romantic love. If you wash yourself, wash from your feet and up to your head – this draws love towards you instead of washing it away.
  8. When you’re finished bathing, stand up out of the water and let yourself drip-dry. This allows the magical effects of the spiritual bath for love to seep into your skin and aura.
  9. Thank the universe/the gods and snuff out the candle.
  10. Gather the rose petals, lavender, and rose quartz in a small bag/sachet. Hang on your bedroom door.

Washing and Drying: Tips and Tricks

Everyone has their own personal way of doing things, but here are some tips and tricks when it comes to how you wash and dry yourself during and after a ritual bath. If you want to attract something into your life, wash yourself from foot to head (upwards) to draw things to you. If you want to rid yourself of something, wash from head to foot (downwards). If you’re doing a cleansing/uncrossing type of ritual bath, dry yourself from head to foot and FULLY clean out the bathtub. If you’re performing a money or love drawing bath or attracting something to you, let yourself drip-dry instead of towel-drying off.

Ocean and River Ritual Bathing

Don’t forget – if you have the ability to bathe in the ocean or river, this is just as powerful if not MORESO than a homemade ritual bath. What better way to cleanse oneself than with the energy of the ocean or river?

Read More About Cleansing Techniques:

A spiritual bath for money or love is easy to do and super relaxing.
A ritual bath in the ocean is SO powerful!


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  7. Megan

    January 9, 2020 at 7:37 pm

    This has nothing to do with ritual bathes but I have a question. I don’t know if its a coincidence or if its a negative presence. So I have lived in the same house since I was 6 months old and there has always been unexplainable events. Theres been a lot of objects randomly falling off shelves and loud hitting noises coming from my walls. Once I was in my mothers room and it was just me in there but the door slammed shut. It wasn’t like the door was slowing shutting but the door actually slammed shut quickly. One of my old friends said that ever since the first time I came to her house there has been weird things happening. For example, they started to hear noises and her little brother slept walked and unlocked the door and went out into the street. Me and her aren’t friends anymore but she told me ever since we stopped being friends the noises have stopped. In the past 2 weeks I have been getting sick a lot. It started off with food poisoning then 2 days after I got over it then got a cold. I then started to cough up blood and get a bunch of random nose bleeds. I don’t know if its a coincidence or if somethings happening. I can just be sitting and talking to friends and then randomly my nose starts bleeding.

    1. admin

      January 10, 2020 at 6:09 pm

      Megan – you say this isn’t about ritual baths but the first thing I’ll recommend to you is a ritual cleansing bath. Add salts and herbs that have purifying qualities like rosemary and lavender. Pour it over the top of your head and visualize white light from god/the divine/universe filling you and cleansing of you of negativity. If anything, you may have a spirit attached to you that you need to be rid of.

    2. Tracy

      January 22, 2020 at 3:35 am

      If you are having nose bleeds, go to the doctor that could indicate a health problem, random nose bleeds and coughing up blood are not common and should be checked out. As far as the things falling off shelves and noises sounds like a paranormal issue, I am a witch and a paranormal investigator. Food poisoning is common as well as getting a cold but the other issues need to be checked out, before doing any type of ritual bath.

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  11. Sue

    August 3, 2019 at 9:25 pm

    I use salt after doing a cleansing in my home with sage after I sage using sea salt it’s very healing for me even in the shower.

    1. admin

      August 4, 2019 at 2:37 pm

      Great idea, Sue!

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