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Flower Magic: 10 Ways to Use Flowers In Your Craft + 2 Flower Spells

The sunflower that brings a smile to your face. A rose that reminds you that you are loved. The scent of lilies bringing back memories of your grandmother. Flowers have potent magic – they are beautiful but also evoke emotion and nostalgia in nearly every person on the planet. Who doesn’t enjoy receiving flowers as a gift for birthdays, milestones and more? Did you know you can harness the essence of flowers and use it to power your rituals and spells? Here’s how to incorporate flower magic in your craft plus try our TWO simple flower spells.

Flower Magic: 10 Ways to Use Flowers in Your Craft

Just like with color magic, your perception and emotions attached to each flower will vary from the next person’s. While I may think of romantic love when I receive tulips, you might think of that time you went to the hospital and someone brought you tulips. Don’t shy away from defining your own unique flower magic. Keep a record of flowers that you use in your magic and what they mean to you. Not what others say they mean. And remember, there are dozens of ways to use flowers magic in your craft. But here are ten to get you started.

1. Flower Essential Oils

Flower essential oils are an easy and modern way to incorporate flower magic into your daily practice. Have a bottle of lavender oil? Diffuse it to clear the air of your space and bring peaceful vibes. Jasmine oil can be added to a carrier oil like jojoba oil and then rubbed on your wrists as a love-drawing perfume. Get creative with flower essential oils in your flower magic!

2. Magical Flower Crowns

When Spring and Summer are in full bloom, so are the flowers and so are you! Gather fresh flowers from your garden, a field, or even from the store, and learn how to weave them into something magnificent like a magical flower crown. This is a perfect way to celebrate the Beltane or Midsummer sabbats and attract fairies at the same time!

3. Flower Magic Baths

Add flower petals and buds to your ritual bath. On the Full Moon, add a handful of rose petals, lavender buds, or chamomile to the bath. Cleanse away negative vibes and bring in peace and beauty by working flower magic into your ritual bathing routine.

An easy way to work flower magic is by drinking herbal teas with flowers

4. Flower Magic With Tea

Enjoy a cup of hot tea? Flowers are often the main component in herbal teas including chamomile, hibiscus, rose, lavender, calendula, butterfly pea, and jasmine. Try crafting your own loose leaf tea blends using some of your favorite edible flowers. Each flower has its own magical properties, so align your flowers with your intentions and then drink up!

5. Flower Sprays

Flower magic is so versatile. It can be used directly on your person OR around the house and sacred space. One of my favorite ways to use flowers in my craft is by making flower infusions then adding that infusion to a spray bottle. Next, take that spray bottle and spritz your home: furniture, curtains, altar, carpets and more! An infusion of rosebuds and lavender brings peace and harmony to the home. An infusion of basil and chamomile brings money!

6. Flower Bouquets

While it seems simple, just having flowers around is an easy way to incorporate their magic into your craft. In the Spring and Summer, I enjoy keeping a fresh flower bouquet on my altars and on my dining room table. The cheery color of flowers, their scent, and their energy liven up the home and bring smiles to faces.

7. Flower Spells in the Kitchen

Did you know there are edible flowers that you can cook with? Here are a few ideas. In the Southeast U.S., Spanish needles grow abundantly. The flower heads have a peppery-taste and can be thrown into a salad for a magical treat. In addition hibiscus, honeysuckle, pansies, sunflowers and violets can all be added to salads, soups, stews, meat dishes, and desserts of all kinds. Align your culinary flowers with your intentions for extra power. I.E. sunflower petals added to a chicken dish in the Fall brings prosperity.

By adding rose petals to honey and rum, you can create a magical flower elixir.
Rose elixir by otherworldly oracle

8. Flower Infused Magical Oils

One of my favorite magical supplies to make is herbal infused oil. Flowers can be added to oils in addition to herbs for specific magical purposes. For example, to make a money oil for money magic, infuse basil, chamomile (flower), and mint into jojoba oil. Set in a dark, cool space for one lunar cycle, then strain out the herbs and flowers. Anoint money, wallets, candles, and more for powerful money magic.

9. Flower Spell Wreath

Similar to making fresh flower crowns to wear on your head, make a flower spell wreath for your front door. While you weave or adhere each flower to your magical wreath, visualize your intentions manifesting in reality. For Spring, make a flower spell wreath of white, pink, and yellow flowers to invite in good vibrations and fresh Spring energy.

10. Magic Circles with Flowers

Are you able to perform rituals outdoors OR in a space with a hard floor? Mark out your magic circle using flower petals or flower buds. I’ve even seen small vases or bottles of flowers marking the four points of a magic circle. Using flowers in this way brings a special lively energy to a Spring or Summer circle.

2 Simple Flower Spells

Here are two simple flower spells to add to your Spring, Summer or Fall magic this year!

Spread Your Intentions Flower Spell #1

What You’ll Need: one flower of your choice (with multiple petals)

What to Do: think clearly of your intention. Hold the flower in between your palms and close your eyes. Visualize your intention manifesting in real life. See yourself in your desired situation. Feel the energy of this thought pour from your mind, down into your arms and hands, and into the flower. Next, open your eyes and pluck each petal, one-by-one, from the flower stating your intention out loud. Drop each petal onto the ground. Continue until all petals are plucked and all flower petals are spread on the ground. State your intention one last time and say, “as these petals grace the ground, so too shall my desires come around. So be it.”

Floating Dreams Flower Spell #2

What You’ll Need: a large glass bowl filled halfway with water, three floating candles, a lighter/matches, a small handful of flower petals (align the flower magic properties with your intention. Lotus flower is a great option for this spell.)

What to Do: gather your supplies. Think clearly of your intentions. Cleanse your supplies by your preferred method. Fill the bowl halfway with water. Place the floating candles in the water. Light each candle and state, “by the power of three times three, may fire and flowers fuel my spell (state your intentions here), so mote it be.” Then carefully sprinkle the flower petals around the candles, watching as the petals and candles float atop the water. Let your gaze soften and simply enjoy the moment. Allow the candles to burn down and save the remnants in a small bag. Keep the bag in an appropriate place until your dreams manifest.

Flower Magic: 10 Ways to Use Flowers in Witchcraft + 2 Easy Flower Spells!

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