Magical Herbs to attract love - the ultimate list for love magic is here!!!

Herbs to Attract Love: Lavender, Rose, Rue & More

Herbs have been used for thousands of years for medicinal and magical purposes. From Egypt to North America, and everywhere in between, every ancient culture had their own local magical herbs to attract love. Our ancestors bathed in herbal baths, used the herbs in perfumes and in meals to cast love magic. If you want to attract the right person in your life, consider using these must-have magical herbs for love. Grow them in your garden or order them online, either way – they will work to bring the man or woman of your dreams to you!

First, A Note on Love Spells

You’ll hear a lot of folks tell you not to cast any spells for love. That it’s messing with another person’s free will. And yes, that is true. But there are other safer ways to cast love spells that won’t mess with someone’s head AND will bring you a better person than you might have conjured up yourself.

What’s the best kind of love spell? The kind that is cast with an intention of drawing the best person into your life. Ask the Universe and your guides to bring that special person to you, instead of casting a spell directly on someone you think you love. The hard cold truth of the matter is, if you have to cast a spell on this person in order to gain their love…they are not for you. And they aren’t worth YOUR love. Okay. Onto the love spell herbs!

Our Favorite Herbs for Love Spells

Some folks don’t believe in casting spells for love whatsoever. And if that’s part of your morals or values, that’s absolutely fine. If you’re concerned about messing with another person’s will, but still want to draw love to you, consider casting a spell to “attract the right lover” instead. Or consider focusing on self love and self care as a form of potent love magick. Whatever you decide, here are out favorite herbs to attract love to you.

1. Rose

Roses have been used for centuries as gifts between lovers. Red is the modern color of passion and love, but light pink works too. Add rose petals and hips to herbal spell bags, poppets, and mixtures. Dry rosehips out and string them onto a necklace. Then wear the necklace daily until the love of your life arrives. Make a rosewater to spray on your front door to attract love. Make rose herb-infused magical oil to wear on your wrists and neck. Drinking rosepetal and rosehip tea aligns your heart chakra and attracts love, as does wearing rose essential oil. The rose is one of the quintessential herbs to attract love.

2. Lavender

Over the centuries, lavender has been a must-have magical herb to attract love. In ancient Rome, prostitutes used it to draw men to them by scent and magic. Because lavender induces a calm vibe, the love you attract with lavender will be a peaceful and romantic one. Wear lavender essential oil, burn a lavender candle on the altar, and add it to your hot baths at night. The scent is intoxicating and will enchant those around you.

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3. Jasmine

Jasmine is one of those magical herbs for love that is often overlooked. It is just as powerful as rose and lavender in love magic. Jasmine is related to the Hindu deity Vishnu, the water element (also for love), and the moon. These three magical properties give it the oomph factor for attracting love. Jasmine’s aroma is fragrant and memorable, so use it liberally when you’re out and about. Sprinkle it around or dress a red candle with jasmine buds and burn it to attract love. 

4. Hibiscus

One of my absolute favorite love herbs is hibiscus. Drink red hibiscus tea to induce passion and lust and to attract a partner. For years, Egyptian women were forbidden to drink hibiscus tea because of its strong lust-inducing powers. In Hawaii, hibiscus flowers are woven into leis (floral necklaces) and crowns. Wear a hibiscus flower behind the right ear to say you are “single” and behind the left ear to say you are unavailable. Decorate a magical love cake with hibiscus flowers to attract love. 

5. Rosemary

An all-purpose Mediterranean herb, rosemary is easily grown in the garden or in a pot. Make a rosemary oil to massage into the hair during a shower. This is a powerful form of love magic. Keep a rosemary sprig on your person (in your purse or pocket), as it is one of the ancient Roman herbs to attract love, nearly anywhere you go! Add rosemary sprigs to a smudge bundle to cleanse your space in preparation for a love ritual.

6. Chamomile

Drink chamomile tea to relax and heal but also to attract love into your life. Chamomile is safe to use in an herbal love bath and in salves and oils for the skin. Stuff chamomile into a bag or sachet and place in your pillowcase to dream of your true love. Offer it to love gods and goddesses in a petition to draw the right person to you. 

7. Cinnamon

Who doesn’t love cinnamon? Another all-purpose root that is used frequently along with other herbs to attract love in incenses, spell bags, and witch bottles. Because of its direct link to the love goddesses Venus and Aphrodite, add it to any love magic ritual and watch the energies increase. Drink it in an infusion under a full moon to send the call out for an affectionate lover.

8. Peppermint

We hear peppermint and we think sleep and energize. But peppermint is used in love magic, too. Rub fresh peppermint leaves on your wrists and neck to attract love at work or at play. Add it to your meals and beverages to make yourself more attractive to the intended sex. Order a mint mojito instead of a screwdriver while clubbing…you will be surprised how many men or women approach you! Pop a peppermint in your mouth before and during any date for good breath and to get a kiss.

9. Vanilla

One of the most popular magical herbs to attract love is vanilla bean. It smells and tastes delicious and has powerful love magic properties. Infuse a canister of sugar with vanilla by placing whole vanilla beans inside. Use the vanilla sugar to sweeten love teas and infusions. Vanilla body sprays attract love and lustful thoughts. Dress love candles in vanilla oil for an extra kick. Vanilla is another magical herb for love associated with the water and the planet Venus. 

10. Rue

Known as the “holy herb” or the Mother of Herbs, Rue has many magical properties including love. Add rue to incense or bags to clear the matters of the heart to allow yourself to love once more. Sniff the fresh rue herb to help clear your head and think clearly when it comes to love. Rue is a healer of a broken heart, particularly if the person who broke your heart also manipulated you in some way. It increases strength and is a road-opener for self-love, which is the most important of all. Be careful when using, as some people have a topical allergy to rue and develop a rash when in contact with the plant. Rue is associated with Diana and Aradia, both empowering goddesses for the weakened heart.

11. Yarrow

Yarrow grows wild in many places including North America, Europe, and Asia. This wild weed is topped with bunches of tiny white flowers. It is another of the best magical herbs to attract love and is known as “Seven Year’s Love” and “Lady’s Mantle”. Put the flower buds in a glass vial and string it on a necklace. Wear it to entice the love of another. Legend says it will also attract the right kind of friends into your life, and may even have a long distance contact calling you that day! Hang a wreath with yarrow on the front door to ensure a marriage of at least seven years (beware the 7 year itch!) Ruled by the planet Venus and element Water.

12. Lemon Verbena

This herb, ruled by the Air element, aids in communication between two people. When added to love magic rituals, it increases potency. Add it to a bath and cleanse away negative energy which prevents you from finding a lasting love. Carry lemon verbena in your pocket or locket to attract the love of another. Drink it in a tea or infusion, and use it to flavor poultry dishes for love. Its lemony scent and flavor purifies and excites the senses. 

13. Apple

Apple isn’t necessarily an herb, but it is a plant and fruit related to love. Bake your love an apple pie. Eating apples cleanses the aura and increases your vitality, making you more attractive to the right people. Apples are an aphrodisiac and have been used for centuries in love magick. Dry out apple slices and hang them from string to make a garland. Then decorate your altar to attract love. Add apple peel to love potions, oils, and sprays. 

Other Magical Herbs for Love

The truth is even though certain herbs and plants have been used in love magic for centuries doesn’t mean there aren’t other herbs and plants that can attract love. If you feel thyme has a strong love property, then use thyme in your magical cooking and love rituals! If you feel basil is the best herb to attract love, then by all means, use it! There are dozens more herbs for love not listed here. Do your research and make sure you use the herb in the appropriate way. Don’t consume herbs that aren’t edible, don’t use rash-inducing herbs topically, etc. MAY TRUE LOVE BE YOURS!!!

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