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BEST Aura Cleansing Bath Products, Sprays, and DIY Recipes

Why is it important to cleanse your aura with an aura cleansing bath? Your aura is the energetic body surrounding your physical body, and just like your physical body, needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. Taking an aura cleansing bath will not only freshen your physical body, but will also remove energetic debris built up in your aura.

Where does this energetic debris come from? Throughout the day, we come in contact with many different people, some who are uplifting. Some who are neutral. Others who are negative soul suckers. Our auras absorb different energies – both good and bad. To get rid of the unwanted energetic buildup, an aura cleansing bath is a MUST. I recommend at least once a week, if you can. If you can’t take a bath, try an aura cleansing spray or tea.

BEST Aura Cleansing Bath Products

1. Florida Water

Hoodoo has a long tradition of adding certain waters and oils to cleansing baths. These hoodoo cleansing baths are used for multiple purposes, namely in a ritual to “uncross” someone. Uncrossing means to break a curse or a jinx that’s been put on a person either by another person or by themselves. This is comparable to an aura cleansing in many ways. I recommend taking an aura cleansing bath with Florida Water soap by Murray and Lanman. But, you can also add a few drops of Florida Water cologne into the bath to achieve the same effects (or to an herbal cleansing spray).

2. Aura Cleansing Shower Tablets

If you can’t take an aura cleansing bath because you don’t have a bathtub, taking an aura cleansing shower is just as effective. Try adding aromatherapy tablets to your shower and let the energetic dirt and funk melt off of you. And say bye-bye down the drain. Not only are these tablets cleansing to one’s aura, they smell amazing and are super relaxing!

3. Herbal Bath Blend Epsom & Sea Salts

Salt is a purifier and a protector. This is why it’s used to mark ritual circles. Don’t forget salt is great when used in aura cleansing baths too! Know how your grandma used to pour epsom salts into the tub before a long soak? Now it’s your turn. The herbal bath soak blend with epsom and sea salt also has lavender oil, another cleansing ingredient. Let the dead skin slough off your body while the negative vibes are cleansed from your aura. 

4. Apple Cider Vinegar Bath

Why is apple cider vinegar useful in an aura cleansing bath? Vinegar has been used for centuries to physically clean house. Its spiritual cleansing nature mirrors its physical one. This miracle liquid is made from distilled apples. When we look at the apple’s magical properties, we see it’s sacred to the goddess. It holds inside of itself the power of the pentacle – the 5 essential elements to all of life (earth, air, fire, water, and spirit). When we add apple cider vinegar to an aura cleansing bath, we draw on the power of the elements and the divine feminine. One cup added to a bath will do the trick! Not to mention, apple cider vinegar has a detoxifying effect on the pores.

5. Bath Tea Bags

If you plan to create your own DIY aura cleansing bath blends, you’ll need some sort of bath tea bags. These can be made of affordable muslin. Or they can be disposable filter material. I recommend buying the muslin cotton bags as they are washable and reusable. These are great for creating your own herbal bath blends. They double as spell bags, aromatherapy sachets, air fresheners, etc. And they keep the herbs and petals from collecting in your drain/pipes.

6. Eucalyptus Bubble Bath

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice bubble bath from time to time? Make your aura cleansing bath ritual fun and relaxing by adding a bubble bath product that functions as an aura cleanser too. You can purchase eucalyptus bubble bath online (Amazon). This puts a spiritual spin on the old school bubble bath mix. Eucalyptus essential oil is a key ingredient. We know eucalyptus aids in relieving congestion (think Vix vapo-rub), and we also know eucalyptus has a metaphysical quality of healing and cleansing. Perfect combination for your next aura cleansing bath or shower.

Can’t Take An Aura Cleansing Bath? Try this!

If you don’t have a bathtub to soak in, an aura cleansing shower works wonders too! Simply place herbs and salts into your bath tea bag and then hang from the shower head so that the flowing water runs through the bag itself. The entire shower will fill with the aroma and power of the aura cleansing ingredients inside the bag, not to mention the water passing through it will then rain down on you and your aura! Or, as mentioned before, use aromatherapy shower tablets. 

Some essential oils can be used in aura cleansing baths with caution!

My Favorite Aura Cleansing Sprays

For a quickie aura cleansing routine – keep aura cleansing sprays in your purse, car, or desk at work. These work well to rid your aura of negative energy build-up quickly without having to go home to take a bath. They are very portable! Try out some of my favorite aura cleansing sprays below.

1. Cleansing Sage Spray

Try making your own sage spray by infusing culinary sage into water. Then straining, adding vodka (as a preservative), and bottling. Spritz or spray around the house or over yourself to cleanse away energetic funk. Learn how to make it in detail here

2. Spiritual Smudge Spray

If you enjoy supporting small business owners, you might enjoy The Witchy Mommy’s version of aura cleansing spray called Spiritual Smudge Spray. This spray not only has white sage, but also rue and cedarwood. The magical properties include cleansing, healing and protection. AND its made by a truly talented witch’s hands. 

3. Mama Wunderbear’s Smudge Spray

Clear the air and your aura with Mama Wunderbear’s white sage smudge spray. Are you sensing a pattern here with the white sage? I thought so. This aura cleansing spray is a bit different – the creator includes basil, blessed moon water, and negativity absorbing crystals like tourmaline and citrine. The smell is divine and the effect is immediate. Try it out!

DIY Aura Cleansing Bath Recipes

1. Blueberry Tea Bath (Hack)

This is actually less of a recipe than it is a grocery store HACK. But I thought I’d share it with you all as it is an easy and effective aura cleansing bath. Find Celestial Seasoning’s blueberry tea bags at your local grocery store. Run yourself a super hot bath and let two-four blueberry tea bags soak in the water for at least five minutes. Take out the tea bags (or leave them in, the choice is yours) and bathe in a blueberry aura cleansing bath! Sounds crazy, but it works wonders. Run the shower afterwards to clean off the blue on your body and in the tub and don’t use a white towel!

2. Rose and Lavender Bath

An aura cleansing bath recipe I use often is simply this:  get your bath tea bag ready and stuff it with lavender buds and rose petals/buds. Steep in a hot bath and hop in! Lavender is cleansing and relaxing, while rose works wonders for self love and attractiveness. Both herbs are purifiers in one sense or another. Simple yet powerful.

Aura Cleansing Bath Products & Sprays


  1. Margaret

    July 24, 2021 at 5:06 pm

    I have a lot of rosemary and lavender, and they make a delightful combo for a bath! They smell wonderful together, and have a lot of uses. I tried it yesterday.

  2. Sara C

    January 8, 2020 at 10:49 pm

    Thank you for putting the part about the shower at the end! Sadly, I live in a very small studio with only a stand up shower. I will be trying the lavender and rose petal tea bag method on the upcoming Wolf Moon!

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