New Moon Magic: Cleansing Rituals, New Job Spell and More!

New Moon Magic: Cleansing Rituals, A New Job Spell and More!

The New Moon is a magical time in many ways. Some old books advise against working magic on a New Moon, but we know better! The New Moon is a start of a new lunar cycle and brings in fresh energy and positive change. Learn more about New Moon magic, and try out some of our suggestions for cleansing rituals and new opportunity spells!

The Magic of a New Moon

Why is the New Moon magical? The New Moon is the start of a new lunar cycle. Therefore, the energy from the last 28 days (the last lunar cycle) is cleared and new FRESH energy is beginning to flow in. This is a time to take advantage of the New Moon’s magic in various ways. Cleansing rituals are one of our top things to do on the New Moon. Why not head into a new lunar cycle with a fresh aura and purified sacred space? In addition to cleansing rituals, manifest new opportunities starting your magic on the New Moon. New opportunities for jobs, friends, love, travel, etc.

You might be a lunar witch and be drawn to working mostly with the moon’s energy. If that’s the case, it’s beneficial to learn and align with the New Moon using the rituals below. In addition, check out our post on Lunar Witchcraft here.

New Moon Cleansing Bath Ritual

My favorite thing to do for a new lunar cycle is a cleansing New Moon bath ritual. There are so many ways to take a spiritual cleansing bath, and so many things to include. But if you’re unsure or want to try out something new, here’s our New Moon Cleansing Bath Ritual to try.

What You’ll Need:

  • A clean bathtub
  • Handful of flower petals
  • Himalayan Pink Salt (one tablespoon)
  • Lemon Juice (1/4 cup)
  • Relaxing music, candles, incense of your choice (optional)

How to Take a New Moon Cleansing Bath:

  1. Prepare the space. Cleanse the area by smudging or by sound (or whatever method you use to cleanse sacred space).
  2. Turn on relaxing music, light some candles, dim the lights and light incense, if you choose.
  3. Run the water at the temperature you like.
  4. Add the flower petals, salt and lemon juice. Allow it to steep in the tub as the water runs.
  5. When you’re ready, disrobe and hop in the tub.
  6. Relax, lean back, close your eyes and envision your aura as white light radiating from your body and all around you.
  7. Now, with your mind’s eye, see any negative energy residue in your aura as gray or black spots. Wash away those spots gently with the water. Take your time doing this.
  8. Next, you’ll want to pour the water over your head. You can either submerge yourself under the water OR use a cup and pour it completely over your head.
  9. As you do this, say, “with this water, I cleanse away all negativity. I invite peace and positivity to wash over and fill me.”
  10. Repeat this prayer at least three times and up to thirteen times. Let the words take on an existence of their own. Visualize yourself being washed clean from all negative influences.
  11. Once you feel you’ve been purified, emerge from the tub. Towel off from head to toe – don’t wipe! Pat yourself dry!
  12. Clean out your tub completely and go about your new lunar cycle!

A SIMPLE New Job Spell for the New Moon

The awesome refreshing magic brought in by a New Moon is great to use when you’re looking for a new job. Here’s our new moon ritual for a new job:

What You’ll Need:

  • White or silver candle
  • Candle holder (if needed)
  • Lighter/matches
  • Moonstone (one small piece is plenty!)
  • Knife or pin
  • Small bag or sachet

How to Cast the New Job Candle Spell:

  1. Cleanse your space per your preference (smudging, sweeping, etc.)
  2. Cleanse your supplies: the candle, moonstone, any candle holders, knife or pin.
  3. Cast a circle (OPTIONAL) and/or pray protection from your guides/ancestors/gods.
  4. Hold the candle up to your mouth and speak your intention to it (i.e. “may this candle’s flame, wax and wick act as a conduit to bring me a new job, bringing freedom and prosperity freely. So mote it be.”)
  5. Next, take your knife or pin and careful write/carve your intention into the candle wax from bottom to top. This draws something towards you. You can write a specific job OR write the qualities you’re looking for in a new job. Symbols and runes are also great to include!
  6. Light the candle and place it in its holder, if it needs one.
  7. Next take the moonstone and hold it in your hands. Close your eyes and envision the moonstone as a piece of the Moon itself. Say, “may this New Moon’s energy flow through this stone freely and bring me a new job for the highest good. So mote it be.”
  8. Place the moonstone directly beside the candle to allow their energy to fuel each other.
  9. Once the candle is burned down completely, gather the remaining wax and the moonstone. Put it in a small bag or in your wallet/purse and carry it on you until your new job manifests.

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More New Moon Magic to Try!

There are so many enchanting things to try on the New Moon! Here’s MORE ideas:

Something else to try: if you want to manifest an intention by the Full Moon, start your ritual and put out your intentions on the New Moon. Feed your ritual/spell with more energy each day over the New and Waxing Moon until the Full Moon OR until your intention manifests!

New Moon Magic: Cleansing Bath Rituals, New Job Candle Spell and More Ideas!

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