Full Moon FOOD Guide: Moon-themed Foods for Your Next Sabbat

Full Moon FOOD Guide: Moon-themed Food For Your Next Esbat or Ritual

Every eclipse or full moon party has one thing in common: FOOD and DRINK. If you’re planning a magical lunar get together with friends, family or coven, you’ll need a moon-themed menu to nourish and inspire your guests! Here’s our Full Moon FOOD Guide including Cookies, cakes, moon milk, moon-themed foods, foods and herbs linked to the moon, and more.

The Full Moon FOOD Guide: Moon-shaped Foods

So when I think of Full Moon food, I think of any food that is crescent, circular or sphere-shaped. The first thing that comes to mind is croissant rolls. These are SO versatile! Dunk them in soups or stews OR offer as a side item to nearly any meal. And they look and sound like “crescent” moon. Do your foods have to look like the Full Moon? I think any moon-shaped foods will do the trick.

Crescent Moon Spell Cookies

Another popular Full Moon food is crescent moon cookies or what some call moon spell cookies. You’ve probably seen them on Pinterest or on your witchy FaceBook group. Have you baked them yet? Are you worried you won’t be able to make that pretty crescent-shape? Pick up a crescent-moon cookie cutter on Amazon (super cheap) and purchase pre-made sugar cookie dough. So if you’re not a baker, no problem! This is the easiest way to make crescent moon cookies.

Russian Tea Cakes = Moon Balls

How about those Russian tea cakes, also called snowballs, Grandma used to make at Christmas-time? Don’t they sort of look like miniature moons or planets? What about also taking the regular round sugar cookie and painting chocolate over each to show the different phases of the moon? You can do SO much with cookies and cakes to turn them into memorable full moon food!

Moon cakes are a traditional dessert in China to celebrate the annual Lunar festival. They are similar to sugar cookies and sometimes incorporate ingredients like nuts and fruit jams. Look up a recipe and give this traditional moon dessert a try!

Cut Veggies and Foods into a Moon Shape

Enough with the baked goods, what about regular foods that are moon shaped? Honestly, i had a hard time thinking of any, until i realized you can pretty much cut any vegetable or fruit into crescent or at least half-moon type shapes. BOOM. Zucchini, bananas, squash, even potatoes can be sliced and cut in half to resemble a half moon. Mix in whole pieces to have waxing/waning and full moon slices.

Full Moon Food and Milk ideas here!

Full Moon Food: Moon Milk for Full Moon Esbat Parties and Ritual

A big tea trend in the past few years is something call moon milk. It’s a frothy milky herbal tea based on Ayurvedic (Indian) medicine. There are literally hundreds of moon milk recipes out there, particularly circulating on Pinterest. And you can choose the moon milk with ingredients that might support your magical intentions for the next Full Moon.

Magical Blue Moon Milk (My Personal Recipe)

This tea recipe is one that I’ve used many times, particularly powerful on a full BLUE moon. The blue color of the tea (made possible by the amazing butterfly pea flowers) is a nod to the “blue” moon symbolism, and the ingredients used support feminine health: body, mind and soul. Which also links us to the Moon and oceans. I’ve found it also aids in cleansing one’s aura of negative vibrations. Drink it separate from your other full moon food choices, as it is filling.


  • Butterfly pea flower – 1 tsp
  • Jasmine flower – 1/2 tsp
  • Almond milk – 8 ounces+
  • Honey for sweetening (optional)

How to Make Blue Moon Milk:

  1. Heat the herbs and milk over the stove until warm, but don’t let it simmer.
  2. Strain out herbs.
  3. Use a milk frother to froth the moon milk OR use a whisk to create a slight froth on top (optional).
  4. Add a teaspoon of local raw honey for sweetening (also optional).
  5. Before drinking, offer a sip to the moon as an offering of gratitude, draw a moon in the air over the tea, then drink slowly. Visualize taking in the very moon beams into your body and soul.

More Moon Milk Options

Any herbal tea can be made into moon milk by substituting the herbs in the recipe above. Consider red hibiscus, which will tint the moon milk a beautiful dark pinkish to reddish shade. Perfect to ignite passion in yourself or partner. Add rosebuds for an extra oomph of loving vibes. Full Moon is a great time to manifest a new love or strengthen love with another and hibiscus-rose moon milk is the potion to drink!

If you don’t already know, Full Moon is a time to manifest your dreams and goals. It’s a time to cast your most powerful spells and rituals. Why not do a little money-drawing magic by making matcha powder moon milk? Matcha is a beautiful green color and is in alignment with strong money energies.

Foods & Herbs Connected to the Moon

Every plant is linked to a planet or heavenly body. Here you’ll find a list of foods that are magically linked to the moon:

  • Cabbage: make a full moon stew or honor your Irish ancestors with a sausage/pork and cabbage dish
  • Coconut: add coconut to your cookies and cakes to increase the full moon energy
  • Cakes: especially round cakes with candles (the origin of birthday cake is in an ancient moon cake tradition!)
  • Cheese: round, white cheeses like brie and goat cheese
  • Crabs and crawfish: since crabs are linked to the Zodiac sign of Cancer, and Cancer is ruled by the moon. In addition, many Mediterranean places link the crab to the Moon.
  • Croissants: horned-shaped / lunar-shaped bread
  • Cucumber: are linked to the Water element and are great to cut into full and crescent moon shapes!
  • Gourds: hello Fall Full Moon parties
  • Grapes: fresh, dried (raisins), wine and champaigne
  • Moon cakes: a traditional Chinese moon festival cake in honor of Lady Chang’O, the beautiful woman in the moon
  • Moon Water: when made properly, this moon-blessed water can be added to teas, soups, sauces, etc.
  • Passion fruit
  • Peas
  • Peaches
  • Pears
  • Pumpkins: YES our favorite Autumn gourd is linked to the Moon. Break out the pumpkin pie, soup, and pumpkin spice
  • Lemon
  • Lettuce
  • Papaya
  • Potato: how many wonderful full moon food dishes can you make with potatoes? Baked potatoes, roasted red potatoes for the Blood Moon, mashed, fried, potato cakes, etc.
  • Turnips

And edible herbs ruled by the Moon:

  • Aloe: juice is great in cocktails!
  • Camellia: hello black tea
  • Chickweed: edible and bountiful in many backyards. Throw it into stews, sauces, and salads
  • Passion Flower: flowers and leaves steeped as a tea are very relaxing and uplifting at the same time
  • Jasmine: get the jasmine tea variety

Get Creative With Your Full Moon Food!

Any food or beverage that reminds you of the moon or moon phases, incorporate it into your next full moon gathering or personal ritual. When we partake of magical food on an Esbat it makes that Full Moon that much more special. And when putting your intentions into the full moon food, you’re making magic.

I’ve seen people recreate old school moon pies. I’ve also seen bottles of wine named for the moon with moon phase labels. Make a charcuterie board with moon shaped veggies and fruits, and don’t forget the Swiss cheese.

Don’t forget to consult your magical herb and tea books to find herbs and flowers connected to the moon and incorporate those. Get creative and have a happy Full Moon!

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Full Moon Food Menu Ideas

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