Full Hunters Moon Meaning and Rituals

Full Hunters Moon in October: Its Meaning and Powerful Rituals

The last harvest is here. The portal to Samhain is open. And the Full Hunters Moon is staring down at us from its mystical, starry abode. The energy during this time is palpable and hard to contain. But for pagans, witches, and spiritual folk, it’s also a powerful night to perform rituals for boosting psychic abilities, communing with the ancestors, bringing love and abundance into your life, and much more. Learn all about the Full Hunters Moon in October, its magical meaning, and try one of our potent Full Moon rituals below.

First, What is the Full Hunter’s Moon?

Where did the name Full Hunter’s Moon come from? Is this an ancient name for the Full Moon or something more modern? The truth is, the Full Hunter’s Moon is the name for the Full Moon that follows the Harvest Moon (which is the Full Moon that occurs closest to the Autumn Equinox). Which means that the Full Hunter’s Moon frequently occurs in the month of October, but it can sometimes occur in November depending on the lunar cycles that year. This year, in 2023, the Full Hunter’s Moon will occur on October 28th in the Northern Hemisphere. Which makes it awfully close to Samhain/Halloween on October 31st…adding to its power.

The Full Hunter’s Moon is a name that was given to this particular Full Moon because of the ancient practice of hunting at this time. Particularly when it comes to the indigenous peoples of North America and their practices of hunting game before the cold Winter came. In truth, we know that the name was used as early as 1710 but likely dates back even earlier. But even though it might not have been called the “Hunter’s Moon” by the Natives many centuries before, the practice of hunting on this Full Moon most definitely has.

The Full Hunter’s Moon Energy

As you can imagine, any Full Moon close to Samhain, Halloween, and Alfablot, will be a powerful time. The energy will indeed be strong and pull at the hearts and minds of many. We know the Full Moon pulls at the ocean’s tides, and believe it or not, it pulls at us as well. Why? Because we are made up of at least sixty percent water and we are born from the water! Naturally we will feel the Full Moon’s potency every time it comes. And the Full Hunter’s Moon vibrations will be even stronger since it coincides with the season of the ancestors and the nights when the spirits are most active.

What happens on a Full Hunter’s Moon? What can magical people expect of that night?

It should go without saying that if you are a magical individual and also work in the community, to be prepared for the emotions to run high. And things might be a little chaotic. Most nurses and police officers know Full Moon nights tend to be the busiest and craziest each month. And the Full Hunter’s Moon closest to Samhain? Sometimes it’s even crazier than the others. If you can schedule your shifts around the Full Hunter’s Moon, I recommend it!

On a Full Hunter’s Moon, not only are human beings pulled in different directions because of the strong lunar energy, but so are the animals, ocean tides, and even the spirits. A long time ago, we talked in detail about how the Full Moon affects paranormal activity. About how the Full Moon brings the waters closer to us which in turn brings the spirit world closer to ours. Water is a vehicle for spirits, ancestors, gods, and the like. So it makes sense how the Full Hunters Moon would increase spirit activity…particularly being during a time when the “veil” is already thin.

Are you a witch or magical practitioner? Here’s what to expect…

Magical folks, pagans, witches, etc. can expect to feel this energy in different ways. You might have vivid dreams of your ancestors and familiars and be unable to get a good night sleep. Spirits might visit you in broad daylight, sending you omens and signs in repetitive patterns that you can’t ignore or deny. You might hear your ancestor’s voice calling your name at random times. Or you’ll hear strange, far-off music. I’ve noticed on the Full Hunter’s Moon that animal, insect, and bird signs are especially amplified. For instance, you’re driving down a residential road with neighborhoods, schools, and cars everywhere. Suddenly, a huge coyote runs down the street right next to your car (I tell this story, because this actually happened to me!)

My advice: expect the unexpected. And also expect that any rituals you perform or spells cast will either be super powerful or potentially go awry. In addition, divination of any kind will open channels freely between you and the spirit world. So choose your divination method, style, and space wisely. I recommend cleansing your space before and after, as well as your tools if used. Then providing an offering to any spirits in gratitude for their presence and wisdom. Discernment is a big factor here too – you may meet trickster spirits during this season and on this night, in particular.

Full Hunter’s Moon Magical Correspondences

So, if you plan to perform ritual, cast spells, or engage in a little fortune telling this Full Hunter’s Moon, you might consider crafting your own ritual and spells yourself. And use magical items, tools, and energies in alignment with the Full Moon in October. Including:

Red roseCandleTarotMoonstoneWolfBlack
LotusMoon WaterWitch’s RunesBloodstoneStagOrange
PassionfruitOilsTea leaf readingRed jasperCatWhite

3 Powerful Full Hunter’s Moon Rituals

Now it’s time to decide what you want to manifest on the Full Hunters Moon. Do you need protection from evil spirits, illness, and bad luck? Maybe you want to draw love to you. Or perhaps you’re looking to enhance your psychic abilities and be able to connect with the spirit world in some way. Here we provide you with three formidable rituals.

Full Moon Ritual for Protection: SHIELDING

Every warrior has their weapon to attack and their shield to defend. When you become a magical practitioner, whatever you may call yourself, you automatically become a warrior in the spirit world. YES I said it. You are called to defend yourself and those who can’t protect themselves. SO if you haven’t been shielding yourself spiritually lately, here’s how to do it. And this will be extraordinary if done on the Full Hunters Moon.

What You’ll Need:

  • Candle
  • Lighter/matches
  • Witch’s Black Salt
  • Oil (I like using magical oils infused with moon-related herbs, but you can use any oil you feel is best for protection)

What to do:

  1. Gather your supplies. Cleanse your space and yourself as you see fit.
  2. Turn on music, light incense, and provide offering if you feel it’s necessary.
  3. Coat your candle in oil and visualize/state your intentions – that you are erecting an impenetrable shield around yourself in all directions so that only the energy you want may penetrate your shield.
  4. Place the candle in the holder and light it. All the while stating/chanting/visualizing your intention.
  5. Encircle your candle with a circle of witch’s black salt. Then state the circle of salt will act as a shield around your spell, and that the candle itself represents you.
  6. Allow the candle to burn all the way down. Let it cool off.
  7. Gather the remnants and keep them in a pouch or bag in your home or in your purse/on your person until the next Full Moon.

Hunter’s Moon Dart Spell for Manifestation

I’m the kind of witch who likes to use things that I have on-hand and sometimes these things are unorthodox. But that’s what makes magick fun, right? When I think of the Full Hunter’s Moon, I want to do something that represents attacking or hunting my goals/intentions. What’s a dialed down version of arrows? Darts!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A dart board and darts
  • Post it notes
  • Pen/marker
  • Firesafe bowl/cauldron

What to do:

  1. Write down your intentions/goals for the next moon cycle. Write one on each post it note, as few or as many as you’d like (or as many as you have darts)
  2. Next, post these intentions to your dart board.
  3. Step back and focus on each goal/intention by stating them out loud. You can visualize what this goal/intention would look like when it manifests while stating your intentions.
  4. Now hunt your goals by throwing the darts at the dart board at each intention until allof your goals have been “caught”.
  5. Take your post it notes (and the remnants) down and burn them in your firesafe bowl/cauldron.

This entire ritual is symbolic of the Hunt. You are hunting your goals (posting them to the board), catching them (with darts), then “cooking” them (burning them) magically in order to manifest your desires in real life. This is best done on the Full Hunter’s Moon for obvious reasons.

A Ritual to Commune with the Ancestors

This ritual is simple yet effective. It’s one that I’ve used to contact ancient ancestors of whom most have forgotten. And recent ancestors too. It’s especially powerful on a Full Moon in the season of Samhain.

What you’ll need:

  • Candles
  • Cup or bowl
  • Water as an offering
  • Tarot or oracle cards
  • Incense

What to do:

  1. Gather your supplies. Cleanse your space and yourself as you see fit.
  2. Turn on music, light incense and candles, and lift up the water as offering to the ancestors. Say, “may this water quench your thirst and provide energy to this ritual so that we may commune with ease.”
  3. Next, shuffle your oracle/tarot cards and state your intentions, “may these cards act as a channel of communication between me and my elevated ancestors. I ask that an ancestor come through today who wishes to connect and of whom has my best interests at heart.”
  4. Proceed to cut the deck three times then lay 3 cards out on a flat surface.
  5. Put your hand over the first card and say, “who am I speaking to?” Then flip the card over and read it.
  6. Go to the second and say, “what is your message?” Then read the answer.
  7. Lastly, put your hand over the third card and say, “how can we work together for the greater good of our bloodline?”
  8. Record your answers, thank your ancestor for his/her presence, release your ancestor, and sit in the energy for as long as you feel necessary.
  9. Cleanse your space following this interaction if you so choose.

MORE Magical Activities for the Hunters Moon

Since the Full Hunter’s Moon occurs close to Samhain, we are already feeling the spirits at work. And most of us are obsessed with “spooky season”. So why not celebrate the season in your Full Moon activities? Here are more ideas for magical activities that night:

  • Ancestor work (of any kind)
  • Ritual baths for love, protection, empowerment
  • Mirror scrying (make sure you lock your mirror after use)
  • Water scrying (in a natural body of water is best…even a puddle or pond works wonders)
  • Ambulomancy: go outside and see what you can see. Listen to the sounds. Determine a message.
  • Feasting: cook a Full Moon feast inspired by the flavors of Samhain
  • Augury: Autumn is a great time to watch the birds and their flight patterns since many are already migrating for Winter. Then learn to divine a message.
  • Cemetery walk: what better way to honor the ancestors and celebrate spooky season than with a walk through a cemetery on the Full Hunter’s Moon? Be sure to go during the day or have permission to tour at night
  • Antique stores: one of my favorite activities to do on a Full Moon is to go to antique stores to “feel out” the energies there. You never know what you’ll find or who you’ll meet
  • Foraging: since Samhain is the last harvest, and the Hunter’s Moon is close to it, consider going wild foraging for magical items and/or harvesting anything leftover in your garden
  • Prepare for November’s Full Beaver Moon here
Full Hunters Moon Meaning and Rituals

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