Claircognizance Meaning and How to Boost Psychic Ability

Claircognizance Meaning: To Know Things & Hone Psychic Abilities

A random thought about the future warns you not to go a certain direction. A key. A car accident. The dream that shows you true clarity into a complex and distant situation. Do certain people have the psychic ability of knowing things? Does everyone have this ability? Here we deep dive into claircognizance meaning, in what forms it manifests, and how to hone your own claircognizant psychic abilities. This will be part 1 in our 6 Clair Series.

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Claircognizance Meaning: Clear Knowing

You ever hear of that grandma who just knows things before they happen? Or as they are happening? The Claircognizance meaning is clear knowing. Clair = clear. And cognizance = mind/knowing. Claircognizance is a type of psychic ability. There are 6 Clair abilities and many subsets within those 6 “Clairs“, as we call them. They are clairvoyance (clear seeing), claircognizance (clear knowing), clairsentience (clear feeling), clairsalience (clear smelling), clairaudience (clear hearing), and clairgustance (clear tasting). As you’ll notice, the five senses are represented here (touch, taste, smell, see, and hear), and, in addition, the act of knowledge or thought. Of which this post is focused on. Stay tuned for future posts on each of the other Clairs.

Claircognizance Meaning and Different Ways to “Know Things” through Thoughts & Dreams

What’s interesting to me is that when we dive into the different types of Clair abilities, there is no one specific way to experience them. How I might know things might be a different way from how you know things. For example, when I receive claircognizant flashes, a thought literally pops into my head about a person, place, situation, or thing. Sometimes I get a visual with it, like a movie screen, and sometimes I don’t. In this way, when we receive clear-knowing flashes of the future/past/present that come through visually, we are dancing on a liminal line somewhere between claircognizance and clairvoyance (clear-seeing). Another common claircognizance way of knowing things is through dreams and visions. But again, this dances the line between claircognizance and clairvoyance.

Often, the “knowing” comes out of nowhere and is a strong belief or impulse to the individual receiving it. It is also described as being intuition and “following your gut”. For example, you think about your mother seemingly out of nowhere only to have her call you a second later. Or you dream of a lover from high school only to find out they passed away the next day.

Claircognizance meaning also creeps up to the line of prophetic abilities, as well. As it gives some the ability to see into the future. The future isn’t the only thing that claircognizants know about, however. They can also know things about the present moment or even have clarity about events and people from the past. The clear-knowing may be in regards to relationships, situations, and places that are personal to the claircognizant. And sometimes it can even be about places, people, and events on a global scale.

Where does this claircognizance come from? Are we born with the ability to know things?

These are common questions asked when it comes to the ability of claircognizance and its meaning. And they are also difficult to answer. There are different theories on how claircognizance develops and where it comes from. Some folks believe that everyone is born with this ability, it’s just that many of us lose it over time. Things like being taught not to believe in the supernatural, societal brainwashing/control using the media, poor diet, and a focus on work can all deaden psychic abilities. This deadening of our claircognizance might occur at a young age, quickly, or slowly over a period of many years. Do you recall a time when you were a child when something supernatural happened to you, and then someone else didn’t believe you? This is a small example of how our abilities can be suppressed.

And yet others believe that only certain people are born with claircognizance or the other psychic clairs. And that these abilities never truly go away…it’s just that some people learn how to suppress them and push them deep down. Ignore them until they seem to go away. Who would receive these “gifts” over others? Some people clair abilities like claircognizance run in certain bloodlines and likely originated with an ancient individual with great power.

Is Claircognizance Passed Down Through Families?

The idea is that everyone once had their own abilities to contribute to their tribes/villages, one specific gift being that of the village “shaman”, also called priest or priestess, wise man or woman, cunning man, witch, sorceress, volva, hellerune, etc. It’s not that being a person with gifts makes us any better than a person without, it just makes us different. Just as a village and community needs a person with spiritual connection, it also needs individuals who are warriors, mothers, carpenters, weavers, etc.

And so the theory continues that if you were given this “gift” of clear-knowing, you likely inherited it from one of your parents. And on down the line tracing all the way back to a powerful shaman/witch, etc. I liken this to inherent natural talents passed down through families like singing (y’all know there’s some folks who are just naturally good at singing…it wasn’t necessarily taught!), people with green thumbs (those gardeners who seem to grow things wherever they walk with little effort), healers, and many others.

When you’re in-tune with the Earth and Universe…

It could also be that claircognizance is developed through the connection and communion with the spiritual AND natural world. Which means, if you are on a spiritual path that is centered on connecting to the Earth and the Universe, you may be able to cultivate this ability. Personally, the more I tune into the natural world around me and to my higher self the more claircognizant “flashes” I seem to receive. My personal belief is that claircognizance comes from the Universe, or from God or Spirit, whatever you want to call it. And the more we tune into our spiritual selves, the closer we become to Spirit. Moreover, the more we know things.

How to Develop or Hone Your Claircognizant Abilities

If you’ve had flashes of knowing things and feel you are claircognizant, it doesn’t matter where this ability came from. What matters is that you have it and now you can work on honing it. Amplifying it. And using it for the greatest good. But how do you do that? Here are a few ways to boost your psychic abilities:

1. Meditation and Grounding Techniques

So, here’s the deal. I know meditation isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But you don’t have to meditate in the traditional sense. Meditation can also be a simple fifteen minutes of clearing your mind, tuning into your surroundings, and allowing whatever energy to flow towards you. It’s about being mindful and in the present moment. In addition, try different kinds of soothing music, nature sounds, drumming, etc. to see if these sounds help shift your mental state. Also, give grounding rituals a try. Grounding balances out our energy and brings us into alignment with the earth below us. It also releases us of negative energy and free radicals that build up in our systems.

2. The Claircognizant MUST Go Outside

This is an obvious way to hone your claircognizant abilities, but it works. Get outside. Tune into the earth, elements, and wildlife around you. If you’re not in-tune with the Earth and Mother Nature, your abilities will not grow. We are gifted with claircognizance from Spirit, which is present and more potent in the natural earth. So go outside and experience those energies, align yourself with the planet, and tune into your higher self.

3. Honor Your Intuitive Thoughts…ALWAYS

If claircognizance means clear-knowing, this also means that you must listen to those flashes of transcendent knowledge. Have you ever had a moment where your “gut” was telling you something but you didn’t listen? You rationalized that thought away and then later realized you SHOULD have listened in the first place? Trust those initial feelings. Here’s a story of mine.

When I was working as a nurse in the hospital, I was ordered to give one of my patients a specific pain medication. She was already on other kinds of pain meds, so when this medication was ordered by the doctor and then filled by the pharmacist, the patient insisted she needed it. That she took it regularly at home. Yet I still had doubts as to whether or not the patient could tolerate the med safely. There was an initial reaction within me that said, DON’T GIVE IT TO HER. It’s too much! But I rationalized those thoughts/clear-knowing away with things like, well the doctor would know. Or the patient knows her own body, etc.

So, what happened? I gave her the medication and went on a break some time after. When I returned, my charge nurse told me that they had to give her the antidote because her respirations were dropping. The medication was too much for her. She was saved that day by the grace of the Universe and because of diligent nurses. But that one mistake I made could have killed her. I NEVER made that mistake again and I’m grateful she was saved. I never would have been able to live with myself if she hadn’t. And yes, this was documented and the family/patient made aware, etc. for those wondering. ALWAYS follow your claircognizant flashes! Always honor those intuitive thoughts and gut instincts.

4. Dream Work

I’ve noticed something about the claircognizants that I’ve met…they frequently are big time dreamers. So if you’ve noticed that you have claircognizant abilities and you also have dreams of a prophetic or lucid nature, consider diving deeper into dream work. What I mean is this – study and practice lucid dreaming and astral projection techniques. Keep a dream journal or grimoire of your activities and studies. Then develop a dream encyclopedia of your own based on your personal dreams and dreamscapes. I don’t know what it is exactly, but the more you dream, the more you’ll know. The more you’ll understand your claircognizance meaning in life.

5. Third Eye and Crown Chakras

If the claircognizance meaning is clear-knowing, then we should focus our spiritual efforts on our third eye and crown chakras. The two chakras found in our head. The third eye chakra is located between your brows and towards the bottom middle of your forehead. And the crown chakra is at the top of your head. Your third eye allows you to see the spiritual and otherworldly realms, and your crown allows you to connect in all ways with Spirit/Source/Universe. If these two chakras are open and functioning properly, you’ll have an easier time honing your claircognizant abilities. The information will be free flowing. Meditations, focusing on holistic health, Reiki, energetic healings, etc. are all ways to open these chakras.

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