Clairgustance: Tasting Phantom Flowers, Foods, and Smoke

Have you ever tasted something that wasn’t actually there? As in, you had no food in your mouth or anything that might cause a taste and yet you’re experiencing flavor or scent? Medical conditions aside and ruled out, you might be experiencing something called clairgustance. Or “clear tasting” which is a type of psychic ability that some folks have. In this post, we explore what clairgustance means and the different ways you might experience it. And see how spirit communicates with us through our senses.

First, What is Clairgustance? The Basics on Psychic Tasting

There are different kinds of psychic abilities, of which you’ll hear most referred to with a “clair” in front of the term. There are 5 main clairs including clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairsentience (clear feeling), clairsalience (clear smelling), claircognizance (clear knowing), and clairgustance (clear tasting). Like the term clairvoyant, which means “clear seeing”, clairgustance means “clear tasting”. And it refers to the otherworldly ability of tasting things that aren’t necessarily there.

There are different ways in which clairgustance works and why the individual experiences it. Some say you might taste things that aren’t there when you’ve touched something that’s giving you a psychic message through this particular sense. This is a form of psychometry and clairgustance mixed together. Another instance of clairgustance is if you are in the presence of a spirit and you sense the spirit through your tastebuds.

Who or what is sending the psychic individual these messages through their tastebuds and mouth? The true source of this experience could be a myriad of things. But put simply we could say Spirit is sending the message and using your mouth/tongue/tastebuds in which to do it. Spirit is Source Energy, which could be “God” or a demi-god, an ancestor, a spirit guide, an angel, elemental, or even a spirit of the dead.

In addition, it could be just a general “taste” that you get in the midst of a strong form of energy. For example, tasting gunpowder on a Civil War battlefield (with no identifiable physical reason to taste it). We might attribute this experience to residual energy OR a potential spirit trying to get our attention.

Also keep in mind that our mouths and noses are connected, and therefore we often taste what we smell and vice versa. In this way, I feel clairsalience (clear-smelling) and clairgustance frequently go together…even if we don’t realize it.

POTENT Psychic Tastes and Aromas You Might Experience with Clairgustance

Now that we understand what clairgustance is, what are some common tastes and aromas one might experience through this psychic sense? Let’s dive in.

1. Tasting Flowers, Lavender, Roses

A common phantom aroma or clairgustance experience involves the taste of flowers. Psychics describe this phenomenon as a “floral perfume”, laundry detergent, or shampoo type smell. You might smell lavender, roses, lilies, or jasmine in the air…seemingly out of nowhere. It is often strong to the point where you look for the source, and then it quickly dissipates. And you realize it was Spirit. My experience with floral aromas and tastes usually connects me to maternal ancestors like my great grandmother.

Clairgustant moments might make you feel like you’re tasting flowers.

2. Tasting Foods that Arent There: Pancakes, Bacon, Etc.

As a teenager, I lived in a haunted home. We experienced multiple paranormal phenomena over the years there. There was one that I particularly recall and of which involved my sense of taste. Or clairgustance. Over a period of a day or two, I kept smelling and tasting pancakes and maple syrup. To the point that I searched and searched for a source…maybe a candle, perfume, something in the cupboard, anything!…but couldn’t locate one. Then something told me it wasn’t of this world. That it was a spirit trying to communicate with me. And likely one that once lived in the house before me.

You might have had this experience or tasted other foodstuffs like bacon, candy, sweets, etc. Typically, it’s a very strong and recognizable flavor that comes through. And perhaps when it comes to passed loved ones or ancestors, you’ll be sent tastes of comforting and even nostalgic foods.

Some clairgustants even claim they can “taste” a food before they eat it. As in, you’re driving down the road and someone asks what you want to eat, and you automatically taste the savory, salty flavors of your favorite cheeseburger. I’ve had some people say this ability is synesthesia, but I disagree. That is a crossover of senses. This is more of a prophetic sense of taste!

Beltane Food

3. Tasting Cigarettes, Smoke, Cigar, or Sulfur from Spirits

I believe that sometimes our psychic senses warn us of danger and negative energy. When researching clairgustance online, there isn’t a lot of information on the exact aromas and flavors. But quite a few folks talk about tasting smoke, cigarettes, cigars, and sometimes even sulfur.

The taste of smoke when it comes to cigarettes or cigars is a distinct taste. And frequently reminds the individual of a passed loved one or ancestor who smoked while alive. As for the taste of sulfur though, this is often linked to a negative “evil” spirit. But in other cases may be some sort of residual energy. For instance, “smelling” or “tasting” gunpowder could be indicative of a battle fought where you are standing.

4. Intense Metallic and Plastic Tastes

What happens if you taste things like metal or plastic? Does this mean something spiritually or physically? First of all, metallic tastes often remind us of what it would be like to suck on a penny. Or could even remind us of the taste of blood. And, in all honesty, Spirit could be sending you one or both of these signals as a message. Ask for confirmation that this metallic taste is from Spirit and what exactly it means. You can seek clarification in your dreams or meditation.

If you’re getting this sense of taste often, please check with your healthcare provider to make sure you’re not having a vitamin deficiency causing this symptom. And even sometimes viruses can cause strange tastes in your mouth (i.e. I got Covid when it was first spread in 2020 and coffee ended up smelling and tasting like electrical wiring to me for 8 months!)

“Olfactory Hallucinations” vs. Clairgustance

If you look up “tasting things that aren’t there” online, you’ll have a plethora of medical websites come up and say this is an “olfactory hallucination”. And, while that might be correct some of the time, it doesn’t explain it all of the time. I truly believe everyone has psychic abilities, it’s just that most of us have suppressed them from disbelief and disconnection.

So, how can you tell if you’re having an olfactory hallucination vs. a moment of clairgustance? I would say to first seek advice from a healthcare provider. Olfactory hallucinations can be caused by things like viruses and sinus problems. But beyond that, if you’re a healthy individual, and these scents and tastes come and go and seem to change, you’re likely experiencing clairgustance. Not a scent hallucination.

For instance, if you’re constantly smelling burnt skin or rotten meat, and you just had a respiratory illness, you are likely having an “olfactory hallucination” caused by the virus. BUT, if you just smelled your granny’s perfume in your car out of nowhere, and then the next day you tasted her herbal tea…that’s likely clairgustance.

How to Clarify What You’re Tasting from Spirit

Instead of going about life aimlessly wondering things, why not just ask the Universe for answers? If you’re curious why you’re tasting phantom things, there are ways to seek clarification and receive it!

1. Through Prayer

You don’t have to be a certain religion (or any religion at all) to pray. And you don’t have to pray to a particular god or any god at all, for that matter. Prayer can be a whisper and conversation between you, your higher self, and the Universe. Or energy, in general. Put your hand over your heart and simply ask for clarification on the tastes you’ve been receiving. The first answer that pops into your mind or heart is the answer.

2. Dreamwork May Clarify on Clairgustance

If you’re a dreamer like me, answers come to you easily in your dreams. Through our dreams, we are spiritually awake. Spirits send us messages when we are asleep because we are at our most open. So ask Spirit to tell you what the message is when you start receiving phantom tastes and aromas and aren’t sure why. The answer will come. Be sure to write it down!

3. Meditating for Answers

Similar to praying and asking why you’re getting these clairgustant moments, seek the answers in meditation. Meditating doesn’t have to be drawn out, silent, and elaborate. It can be as simple as taking ten minutes to quiet your mind and body. And just listen and be open to receiving the answer.

What if you’re tasting rotten meat or something disturbing or disgusting?

Maybe you’ve found yourself here because you’re trying to understand why you’re tasting something nasty. Lately you’ve been tasting rotten meat, trash, or something else that’s grossing you out. First, you’re going to be okay. Second, please check with your doctor to make sure your health is stable. This could be a sign of a vitamin deficiency, dehydration, or even a virus. Lastly, if you’ve checked all of those boxes, consider doing a cleansing ritual on yourself and your space. This could be a build-up of negative energy or an unwanted spirit in your presence that needs to be removed.

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