Enchant Your Life and Live Your Fairy Tale

13 Super Simple Ways to Enchant Your Life Like a Fairy Tale

When you’re old, do you want to look back at your life and realize you weren’t happy? That you spent your days working and being depressed because you never took the time to be happy? That you never took care of yourself? You’ve heard the phrase “romantize your life”, right? That’s what this post is about. It’s about learning how to weave simple routines into your daily life that romanticize it and make YOU happy, above all else. Learn how to enchant your life and live in your own self-made fairy tale.

What does it mean to romanticize or enchant your life?

In recent years, there’s been a trend on TikTok and other apps that tells us to romanticize our lives. Often it’s gone hand-in-hand with other aesthetic trends like cottagecore or academia. But it’s a strong enough concept to stand on its own. But what does it mean when we say romanticize or enchant your life? It means to make small choices every day to make your life feel more magical. And sometimes you can make larger decisions too. But let’s start small, shall we?

This concept of enchanting your life falls nicely into many categories and doesn’t discriminate between genders, identities, religions, etc. If you want to feel connected to the world, to yourself, and feel a sense of wonder about life that seems to have escaped you in the daily grind, time to find ways to enchant your life.

Everyone can live in their own fairy tale. It’s about shifting your perspective, first and foremost. If you see every day as just another day, nothing special about it, that’s what you’ll always get. But if you shift your perspective and see just how precious and magical life truly is, and realize we aren’t guaranteed even one day, you’ll start to notice the beauty all around you. And you’ll naturally start drawing those beautiful things to you. All right. Let’s get to it.

The garden can be a magical place…but all it takes is a few plants in a windowsill to enchant your life.

Simple Ways to Enchant Your Life and Live Your Own Fairy Tale

I’ve discovered in addition to shifting your perspective and being grateful for the world around us (and within), enchanting your life is about engaging your senses. Thinking of new ways to romanticize our homes and ourselves. Without further adieu, here are ten super simple ways to enchant your life and catapult you into your own fairy tale!

1. Fantasy Movie Soundtracks During Chores

One of my most favorite things to do to enchant my life is to listen to my favorite movie soundtracks while I’m doing basic everyday things. Have a crap ton of dishes to do? This calls for a round of Lord of the Rings soundtrack. Now the twenty plates in my sink have become the twenty rings of power. And the dishwasher is now the fires of Mordor.

Whatever your favorite movie or show is, particularly if its fantasy or fairy tale, consider playing that soundtrack when you’re cleaning, doing laundry, doing the dishes, and cooking. And see just how quickly the ambiance shifts and your MOOD shifts. Music is its own form of magic. And will quickly enchant your life. Other soundtrack recommendations: Practical Magic, The Neverending Story, Hocus Pocus, The Last of the Mohicans, Harry Potter, etc.

2. Walk the Neighborhood…on a Quest

I’ve heard a lot of people say they don’t have anything magical near their house…particularly if they live in the city or suburbs. Again, this is about a shift in perspective, not a big move. You can walk out your front door and go on a quest or a journey not just a small walk around the neighborhood. Tell yourself (and your kids or whoever you’re walking with) that you’re going on a magical quest and looking for the magic near your house. You’d be surprised what you’ll see.

Notice the clouds in the sky, are they forming any shapes or patterns? These messages are especially for you. Did a blue jay fly by and perch in a branch in front of you? All of these small moments are JUST for you. The Universe is sending you magic to notice and take to heart.

Dress your candles with magical oils.

3. Essential Oils Set the Atmosphere

If you already use essential oils, you know just how magical they make a room seem. If you’re not using essential oils, it’s simple. Start with a bottle of lavender and jasmine. Or whatever scent suits your fancy. Add a few drops to your mop water and allow the aroma shift your mopping experience into something magical. In addition, diffusing lavender oil at night right before bedtime turns your bedtime routine into an enchanting lullaby. If anything, the aromas will relax you and make you feel warm and fuzzy.

4. Read and Immerse Yourself in Local Legends and Lore

Something I’ve been incredibly obsessed with recently is a term I’ve coined…wander-witching. It’s about seeing the magic in the world around you by simply going out of your house and exploring. Like I said before, you don’t have to go far…your neighborhood works! But in addition to walking and exploring your area, research its history. Look up its folklore, urban legends, etc. online. In books at the library. You might even find a group dedicated to your area’s lore and mythology to join and learn from.

When you immerse yourself in your local land’s folklore, all of a sudden you’ll start to feel like you’re living a real life fairy tale. For example, where I live, I never noticed (and I’ve lived here 20 years) how rich our folklore is. We not only have your typical haunted tales of cemeteries, but we also have a rich pirate history. I’ve dived head-first into pirate lore and now when my husband takes us out fishing, I’m imagining I’m a pirate in search of mermaids. Sounds ridiculous, but it’s made my life (and my kids’ lives) that much more fun!

5. Lighting Shifts the Vibe from Boring to Fairy Tale

Enchant your life by simply changing the lighting in your room or home. Sure, lots of lit candles are beautiful and enchanting, but they can also be dangerous if you’re not watching them. Plus if you have small kids or pets, a room of candles becomes a nightmare. LOL. So, check this out, LED candles. And twinkly lights on strings. Seriously. I added LED tapers to my kitchen in different corners and when I walk into my kitchen at night, it feels super witchy, like I’ve walked into the kitchen of a romantic French chateau in the countryside. Totally different than my mundane kitchen of the past.

Lighting changes the entire atmosphere.

6. Use the Fancy Stuff…Don’t Save It

I have a friend who told me recently that she doesn’t save her good jewelry for “special occasions”, because every day is a special occasion. Every day is a gift. That hit me hard. Why keep that pair of earrings in your jewelry box in hopes you have a special occasion coming up? Wear them today to give yourself a boost of confidence and happiness. Same with makeup, shoes, and clothing. Why save it for some day that might not ever come? Use the fancy sh*t now! Every day is magical and special. Make yourself feel like you are too, because you are.

7. Moon Gazing, Star Gazing, and Stepping Outside

I know at the end of your day you’re probably exhausted. And all you want to do is sit around and do nothing. But instead of plopping yourself down in front of the TV or your phone, try this. Take a comfortable chair outside and look up at the sky. Gaze at the Moon, at the Stars, at the dark in silence. Or bring your partner. We need nature. Being behind screens all the time isn’t good for us, and truly makes us feel disconnected and disenchanted. Enchant your life by making more choices to go outside. And just be.

8. Make Your Cuppa a Mini Ritual

Your coffee is your daily potion, right? Or perhaps you’re a tea drinker. Either way, it’s the small luxuries in life that can truly make us feel blessed and magical. So instead of waking up late and throwing your coffee in a to-go cup, wake up fifteen to twenty minutes earlier and take your time making your cuppa. Then sit down and sip it while reading a book or fairy tale. It only takes ten minutes to change the way your morning feels. From mundane to magical.

Use a special crystal teaspoon to stir intentions into your cuppa. Choose your favorite magical teacup or mug. Add cinnamon or honey to your beverage and speak wishes over it. These little additions to your morning or afternoon cuppa can truly transport you from the physical realm to the fairy realm. And don’t take much time at all!

9. Cook a New Recipe and Shift the Vibes

Most of us end up dreading daily chores like dishes, laundry, and cooking. So this leaves us room to shift our perspective and the vibe. Thereby enchanting our lives. So instead of cooking in a bad mood, the same things over and over, switch it up. Put on that movie soundtrack or any music that you feel changes YOUR mood, open up a fairy tale or witchy cookbook, and make something new.

There are definitely recipes that are easy to make in these cookbooks for a weeknight OR save these special cookbooks for the weekends when you’re craving a fancier dish. I recommend the Witch’s Feast by Melissa Madara (these recipes will be more detailed so save them for the weekend or a holiday). Or simply use the cookbooks you have but make a note of your ingredients’ magical properties. This might take you some extra time to do but will enchant your life and enrich meal-making like never before.

10. Plants and Growing Your Own Herbs to Enchant Your Life

heEnchanting your life doesn’t have to be difficult. And growing herbs doesn’t have to be either. You don’t even need a full-fledged garden, which works out well for those who live in a rented space without the room. A sunny window or balcony is all you need. Or even a grow light! A few pots, seeds, soil, and water. Boom. You’re growing your own herbs to use in your cooking, teas, and any sort of spiritual practices you’d like. I recommend starting with rosemary, basil, or mint. A few of the easiest herbs to grow. Seriously, growing my own herbs makes me feel magical! And then when I add them to my meals? A dream!

11. Exploring Your Childhood Interests and Fantasies

My last recommendation to enchant your life is this – think about what you liked when you were a child. What were your interests? What foods did you like? Did you have a favorite book, movie, or show? What toys did you play with? Also consider any toys that you always wanted but couldn’t have. Now…go get that toy! Listen to your childhood music. Read your favorite books from childhood. Watch your favorite movies. And don’t let the idea that you’re “too old” for that get in the way!

As children, we have a wonder about the world. A curiosity. And everything in our worlds can be magical…so why not shift your perspective into how you viewed the world as a kid? A few of my examples include: listening to 80s movie soundtracks (The Neverending Story, Legend, The Dark Crystal, The Labyrinth), wearing a CareBears robe, watching my favorite 90s witchy movies like The Craft and Practical Magic, and playing old board games.

Tales of the Crystals 90s Vintage Game & How to Recreate It!

12. Read a Magical Book or Fairy Tale Instead of Scrolling

We are all guilty of scrolling the Reel feed on IG, FB, or TikTok, aren’t we? How much time do you typically spend mindlessly scrolling and flipping through videos that don’t provide any real value? I know I’m guilty of it. So, instead of saying you don’t have the time to enchant your life, realize that you do. And switch it up. Instead of doom scrolling for thirty minutes, pick up a magical fantasy novel or fairy tale and read for 15 to 30 minutes a day. You’ll be surprised how much better you feel overall and how much more magical your life feels!

My fairy tale and fantasy novel recommendations: The Chronicles of Narnia, The Lord of the Rings, the different series by Sarah J Maas (Crescent City and A Court of Thorns and Roses), The Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales, The Celtic Otherworld by John Matthews. Heck, even the old school Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes are a fun, magical read. Especially if you have kids that would like to share your time!

13. Wear the FUN Costumes!

I don’t know about you, but I have a few costumes in my closet and dressy things that I feel like I never get to wear. Recently, I decided to find reasons to wear it! Have a concert or show to go to? Pull out your costumes and dresses and go boldly in your fantasy gear! Seriously. Concerts and events of that nature are basically an excuse to dress up and no one will judge you (normally, LOL).

In addition, if you’re an adult and in a healthy relationship…there’s other times to wear costumes and get your fantasy nerd on (if you know what I mean)…in the bedroom, hint hint. Double purpose – you get to dress in costume and your partner gets to reap the rewards too!

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