Cedar Smudge Bundle ~ Smoke Cleansing Bundle ~ PURIFY


Listing is for ONE Cedar Smudge Bundle / Smoke Cleansing Stick / Purification / Fumigation. Organically sourced and wrapped with love. POTENT in removing negative energy and inviting good spirits to one’s space. Also effective in banishing attachments of the aura. SMELLS AMAZING.

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Instead of buying white sage smudge bundles, invest in a Cedar Smudge Bundle! This aromatic smelling bundle of cedar tips was organically sourced and wrapped with love. You will burn one end of the cedar smudge bundle as you would a sage bundle, allowing the smoke to fill your space which in turn draws good spirits and drives off the bad. You’ll need a fireproof receptacle to catch the ashes (not included). Cedar smudge benefits are many including purification of one’s space and aura, invoking of good spirits and removal of the negative, soothing of nerves, and the aroma is used to relieve stress and anxiety. 

Warning: Always make sure you are practicing safe fire precautions (don’t leave anything burning not attended) and if you’re burning the bundle inside, open a few windows as the spirits need some place to escape.

PLEASE NOTE: We don’t call it “smudging” anymore, although I did title this item cedar “smudge” bundle because of how folks search for the products online. The truth is, the act of “smudging” is an indigenous practice and not open to everyone who is not part of that culture or heritage. We would prefer to call it smoke cleansing going forward and hope you will too.

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Weight 8 oz
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