Freya Prayers to honor the norse goddess

Freya Prayers: Poems and Songs for the Norse Goddess of Love

Are you a devotee of Freya? Perhaps you’re looking for simple ways to honor and invoke her. You’ve made the altar, provided offerings, and researched her. And now you want your own rotisserie of Freya prayers. Read on and feel free to save these prayers for your own use. Or modify them as you see fit.

First, Who is Freya? Norse Goddess of Love and War

If you’ve found yourself here and aren’t quite sure who Freya is…though you seem drawn to her, let me introduce you. Freya is a Norse Goddess of many things including love, war, magic, shapeshifting, trance, fertility, and death. She is a prominent goddess in Norse paganism and is believed (by some) to be the same goddess as Frigg. Freya rules over a land in the afterlife called Folkvangr and is said to receive a portion of the fallen warriors before even Odin has his pick.

Freya taught Odin how to work a special form of magic called seidr. She is frequently connected to love and fertility. Yet on the opposite side of the spectrum she is a fierce warrior and presides over death. She embodies sacred polarity, as do so many of the other gods and goddesses of ancient times. What I’ve always found captivating about Freya is her ability to be “liminal” and dance between realms and between the gods. She is said to be of the Vanir (a race of divine Elves) yet becomes part of the Aesir (the sky gods ruled by Odin).

From the Prose Edda, we read:

“Her hall Sessrúmnir (“Seat-roomy”) is great and fair. When she goes forth, she drives her cats and sits in a chariot; she is most conformable to man’s prayers, and from her name comes the name of honor, Frú, by which noblewomen are called. Songs of love are well-pleasing to her; it is good to call on her for furtherance in love.”

I would have to say, we can gather Freya loves her cats and enjoys hearing love songs. So figure this into your poetry and prayers to her. I wouldn’t pay much mind to the “most comfortable to man’s prayers” part. Often there are mistranslations with the Eddas and I believe this actually means something else. If you find yourself drawn to working with and honoring this powerful goddess, read on to learn how to craft your own Freya prayers.

Writing Your Own Freya Prayers

First, let’s address the issue of pagans believing they can’t “pray”. That it’s solely a Christian or Abrahamic practice. Prayer is for anyone and everyone. And doesn’t know any religious boundaries. So throw your old misconception of prayers out the window. Second, every spirit and deity enjoys speaking to you and hearing your voice in return. Freya included.

Secondly, how does one craft their own personal Freya prayers? Easily! The first method is to simply speak from the heart. As if you’re talking to a close, personal friend, sister, or mother. Freya enjoys hearing from her devotees and doesn’t require any elaborate rituals in which to do so. At least, not in my experience.

Lastly, consider pre-writing your prayers for Freya. Sure, this takes extra time and thought. And you may not feel as if you’re a poet or a good writer, but that’s not what matters. It’s the energy you put behind it. That energy, in and of itself, is an offering to the goddess Freya. And pleases her immensely. The time you spend writing is time spent with the goddess. It doesn’t have to rhyme, though rhyming helps US memorize. It just has to be from the heart.

Using Epithets in Prayers to Freya

Research and use Freya’s epithets, which are names and words used to describe a deity. Many gods had multiple nicknames and adjectives our ancestors used to describe them. But were also used to honor and call on them. The Norse gods, in particular, had hundreds of epithets. Freya has at least a dozen, that I know of.

For example, one of her epithets is Gefn, which translates to Giver. Because Freya is multifaceted, cueing into a certain epithet and using that with intention in your prayers will invoke that specific aspect of her. For example, if you’re asking for prosperity, using her epithet Gefn makes sense doesn’t it? Or if you need strength or ferocity in a dire situation, calling on Freya with her epithet Mardöll (which means sea-shaker), could bring the desired results.

Our Freya Prayers for Empowerment and Dedication

I like to recite this Freya prayer any time I’m feeling in need of empowerment and comfort. But I’ve also said it at night and when I’m connecting to her through meditation. It honors her warrior side and also dedicates oneself to seeing her in the afterlife.

Oh Freya, Beautiful Woman on the Battlefield
I give unto you my life, my voice, my shield

That I may know your sacred divinity
And one day reside in Folkvangr
With you for infinity

A Prayer of Invocation and Initiation

If you’re just starting out on a path of devotion to the goddess Freya, you might be inclined to recite an invocation of initiation. Like our prayer below:

Freya, Wise Goddess of Seidr
I call unto you, initiate me
I stand at the base of Yggdrasil the World Tree
Waiting and meditating on eternity
Freya, Goddess of All That Is
Initiate Me

Freya Prayer Simply to Honor Her

Sometimes it’s nice to “worship” a goddess with words of honor and humility. Don’t you like to be told you’re beautiful and doing a good job from time to time? The gods are no different! Try this Freya prayer out:

Oh Freya, Lady of Beauty, Death, and Fertility
Lover of Witches and Cats
Hear my prayers and accept my songs
She Who Shines Over the Sea
May your power live on for an eternity

Calling on Freya for Love and Strength

Freya, Goddess of the Vanir
Warrior Queen of the Aesir
I call on you in my time of great need
Lend me your infinite strength
And forever I will follow your lead

Ways to Use Freya Prayers in Practice

Reciting the prayers to Freya out loud is an obvious way to pray. You might also say these prayers in your head, if there are people around or just to keep your words between you and the goddess. But there are other ways to harness the power of prayer. Consider the following:

  • Paint Freya prayers on altar cloths and table runners
  • Embroider or sew her poetry into your clothing and travel bags for protection
  • Write out Freya’s prayers, fold up the paper, and put it in your pocket, bottom of your shoe, or anywhere on your person as an amulet of power
  • Print out your favorite poems and prayers to Freya, frame them, and place around your home, on her altar, etc.
  • Make up your own chants and songs using her prayers as inspiration and recite during ritual, meditation, anywhere
  • Teach these sacred words to your children and/or apprentices and keep the tradition going
  • Start a collection of Freya prayers as a form of art. Continue to add to the collection until you have a full-fledged book to publish, self-publish, or pass on to others!
Freya Prayers for Strength

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