What is Lion's Gate Portal? Rituals for Manifestation

What is the Lion’s Gate Portal & AMAZING Rituals for Manifestation

August eighth is a powerful day. One that opens the door to new opportunities and new blessings. This day is known as the Lion’s Gate Portal, and in this post we’ll discover its potent spiritual meaning, the energy that it manifests, and spiritual symptoms we might experience during the day. We’ll also learn why the period leading up to and following August 8th is a life-changing time. And provide you with incantations, rituals, and charms to cast during this time for manifestation.

First, What is the Lion’s Gate Portal? Its POWERFUL Meaning

Our lives are intricately connected to the planet on which we live…Mother Earth. But have you ever felt “out of whack” during a Full Moon? Or felt super energized or “off” during solar flares? If you said yes to either of these questions, then you can admit that our bodies and minds are also connected to the planetary bodies. To the Heavens. Congratulations…this is your first step into the world of believing in astrology!

Most of us know about zodiac signs and Mercury Retrograde, but maybe you’re wondering what is the Lion’s Gate Portal? The official date for this Astrological event is August 8th in the Northern Hemisphere. During the latter part of July and into August, we are in Leo season. Which brings in that fiery, feline energy. We each see effects of this in our lives including physical energy, prowess, sexuality, and confidence.

Astral Alignment and Sirius’ Role in the Lion’s Gate Portal

So what actually happens on August 8th? The dog star Sirius (which is one of the brighest stars in our night sky) aligns with the Sun, Orion, and Earth, opening the “Lion’s Gate Portal”. When planets and stars align, major changes take place on Earth and in our lives. Sirius is a star that’s long been considered sacred and important, since ancient times. In ancient mythology, Sirius was frequently linked to powerful gods like Loki, Hecate, and Helios.

PLEASE NOTE: this alignment takes place on August 8th, but the few weeks leading up to it and the few weeks after echo its effects. This is similar to how a Full Moon might start affecting us a few days before and have after-effects in the days following.

Sirius is part of the Canis Major constellation, also known as the Great Dog constellation. And it is well known that when Sirius makes its triumphant rise to the night sky, the dog days of Summer have also risen. This is the hottest and sometimes driest part of the year. This is when things get intense, on many different levels. So the fact that Sirius aligns with Orion, the Sun, and Earth just amplifies the effects of this planetary alignment. Bringing with it some intense symptoms and events in our lives…

The Lion, aka Leo, guards the door to the Portal.

8-8, Infinity, and Opening to New Realms of Eternity

If you hadn’t noticed, the date for the Lion’s Gate Portal is August 8th…which is 8/8. Why does the date matter? In addition to being a planetary-star alignment with Sirius, the number 8 has significant spiritual meaning and power.

In numerology, the number 8 is the POWER number and ultimately links us to all that is. It represents INFINITY, which is the Universe within us and all around us. Energy that’s never created nor destroyed. It just is. So when two eights come together along with an astrological event like the Lion’s Gate Portal, major ethereal sparks might fly! And doors to other realms of existence could open for us spiritually. You might even begin to see parallels between your life and those around you with astounding signs.

Life-changing Lion’s Gate Portal Symptoms and Life Events

We keep talking about all this change and an intense time during the Lion’s Gate Portal season, but what actually happens? Here are some examples:

  1. The portal is exactly what it says…a portal. It’s a door. So it will open doors for change including with new career opportunities.
  2. New love interests
  3. New friendships might blossom
  4. A move from one house to another

Sometimes change is scary. Often it’s scary. And sometimes it might even be painful. For example, your long time boyfriend cheats on you and you find out. You’re heartbroken. Even distraught. But following the breakup, you realize…you need to spend time on yourself. And this change leads to self love, new friendships, and a totally new outlook on life!

Lion’s Gate Portal Ritual: A Cleansing Baptism to Open New Doors

This Lion’s Gate Portal Ritual is simple, as long as you can find a natural body of water to swim in. A lake, river, ocean, or spring works beautifully. A creek would work too, as long as its deep enough for you to submerge and swim back up. You’ll also need a black cloak or robe. What you choose to wear underneath is entirely up to you…and your level of privacy.

You’ll also need a washable orange or yellow marker.

Plan this ritual for August 8th, if possible, as this is the strongest point of the portal and the day of planetary-star alignment. Bathe at home, physically cleaning your body first. Then don your swimsuit and, looking in the mirror, draw a sun or star over your solar plexus with the marker. Don your black cloak or robe.

Travel to your sacred waters. Without looking behind you, disrobe and enter the pool. Feel the cleansing (and cooling) power of the water travel up your legs, hips, stomach, and then look down and watch as the water touches your solar plexus. Feel and see your solar plexus shining as bright as Sirius…as bright as the Sun. Take a minute or two to embrace this moment. This feeling. You are infinite. You are ever-bright as the Stars.

Now slowly make your way fully into the water until you are completely submerged. You may close your eyes and dip briefly. Then rise from the water head first. See yourself shining even brighter than before. Your entire body and being enveloped in Universal light. Say, “The Lion’s Gate Portal is open. I am made whole and anew. I am as bright as the Sun. And the Universe is within me.”

Sit by the pool for awhile, keeping your mind and soul focused on the present moment. Leave your screens to the side (no phone, etc.) and just be present. Let the ritual manifest within you. Let the Universe speak to you. The portal is open and your new opportunities and growth are standing in front of you.

A Burning Passion Ritual at the Lion’s Gate Portal

Leo Season and Lionn’s Gate Portal season is heavily dominated by one element – FIRE. We are in the Dog Days of Summer, and Sirius (the dog star) has led us into it. It is hot. And, being that Leo is a fire sign, we have a couple planetary systems bringing that eternal fire our way. So, if you’re not romping around in the water, are you playing with fire? Here’s a Lion’s Gate Portal ritual to bring the heat and ignite your life.

You’ll need:

  • A red candle
  • A key (that’s not in use)
  • Lighter/matches

What to do:

  1. At sunrise on August 8th, light your red candle and stare into its flames. Visualize the fire opening the door to new opportunities for passion and fervor. Be this for your life, career, or love.
  2. State your intentions out loud eight times. Then carefully run the key over the top of the flame (don’t burn yourself). This key opens the portal.
  3. Allow the candle to burn all the way down and save the remnants in a small red bag (any color will work) and carry on your person.
  4. Revel in the ignited passion you’ve just manifested.

Other Ways to Seize the Lion’s Gate Portal Season

When the portal is open, you’ll receive blessings and new opportunities for blessings. So be ready. There are many other ways to harness the powerful energy of the Leo season and planetary-star alignments. Here are a few ideas:

  • Cleansing rituals, particularly in natural bodies of water, but also shower and bathing rituals
  • Vision Boards that show exactly what “doors” you want to open in your life (use door imagery for extra oomph)
  • Work with Leo energy in general in your life, including learning to love yourself and building your confidence
  • Wearing bold colors to invoke vitality, health, and energy: i.e. reds, golds, yellows, and oranges
  • Embracing the spirit of the Lion or Lioness to “hunt down” what you want in life
  • Stargazing the day of the alignment…using a telescope further enhances this experience!
  • Studying Sirius while in the Heavens, including its mythology and scientific facts
  • Releasing old habits to make way for the new. For example, quitting smoking or drinking, letting old toxic people go, eating healthier, etc.
  • Wearing an amulet that embodies the Lion’s Gate Portal alignment (you can draw or paint on a small piece of paper, roll it up, then put in a glass vial pendant) Get creative with it!
  • Brushing, washing, drying, styling, braiding your hair with magical intentions of opening new opportunities (Leos are known to have gorgeous hair)

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