SIRIAN Starseeds Traits, Markings and Origins

Sirian Starseed: Traits, Origins & How to Embrace Your Starry Self

Have you always felt like you weren’t at home here on planet earth? Have you had an obsession with the stars and outer space since childhood? You might be a starseed! And if you’re here, you might even be thinking you’re a Sirian Starseed. Or someone whose soul once incarnated or resided within the Sirius Binary Star System’s dimensions. Here we list common Sirian traits, as well as detail the origins of Sirians. We also teach you how to embrace your starry origins at the end of the post.

First, What Does It Mean to be a Starseed?

Maybe you’ve heard that word thrown around quite a bit and don’t know what it means. Well, when people say they are starseeds it essentially means they came from the stars. Maybe not their bodies, but their souls. This concept is interwoven with reincarnation. To be a starseed is to have a soul that’s incarnated in other dimensions, in other star systems, or other universes all together. Today, starseeds are awakening to their starry origins. Today, Sirian starseeds are learning more about their past lives in the Sirius Binary Star system and how this knowledge helps them in this current incarnation.

Sirius Origins & Our Divine Connection to the Stars

Since prehistoric times, we have looked up into the sky and wondered. How did we get here? What are those sparkly, bright things in the pitch black abyss? And since ancient times, the Sirius stars have inspired our ancestors to write its stories, track its rotation around our earth, and even embrace it as part of origin mythos. But why has Sirius drawn our attention for thousands of years? Some say we (human beings) originated elsewhere. In a different galaxy, possibly even in a different dimension. Some believe there are Sirian Starseeds on this planet – souls who incarnated in Sirius before incarnating on earth. And you could be one of them.

Sirius in Mythology: Goddesses, Tribal Myths and More

Sirius, also known as Alpha Canis Majoris, has always been important to the planet. And ancient peoples have kept their eyes on it for thousands of years. I’d venture to say many ancient cultures had their own version of Sirius myths and deities associated. Here we address two specifically: ancient Egyptian and that of the Dogon tribe of West Africa.

Sirius/Sopdet, Isis and the New Year

Just as Orion was important to the Ancient Egyptians, so too was Sirius. The Ancient Egyptians looked to the heavens for messages from the gods and as a path to the afterlife. The star Sirius held particularly strong meaning for the Egyptians – its rise marked the flooding of the Nile. And in turn also marked the new year. The Egyptians were dependent on the life-giving Nile waters to fertilize the land and therefore give them plenty of crops for food.

In addition, they believed Sirius was a goddess personified…the goddess Sopdet. She was credited with the Nile’s flooding and therefore fertility of the land. Essentially, she was an extremely important deity. Because if the Nile didn’t flood, the land would be infertile and cause potential famine to the ancient Egyptian people.

When depicted in heiroglyphics, Sopdet typically wore a headdress made of stars OR as a female cow with a plant between her horns. The plant likely represents her bestowment of fertility over the crops. Interestingly, she was sometimes depicted as a large hound OR as a woman riding a large dog. Hence Sirius’ other name “Dog Star”. The New Year to the Egyptians was called The Coming of Sopdet. And in Ancient Roman times, she became Isis-Sopdet.

Sirius and the Dogon Tribe

The Dogon people are an indigenous nation living in parts of West Africa. Since ancient times, they’ve counted Sirius as part of their sacred creation mythos. Interestingly, they claim to have come from Sirius thousands of years ago. Even more intriguing is the fact the Dogon Tribe knew about Sirius being a binary star system (two stars in rotation together), before scientists even discovered it was! And there’s no possible way the Dogon Tribe had access to high-tech telescopes in the eighteen hundreds and before. Sirius B (the second star) was actually confirmed by scientists in 1862. The Dogon knew about it long before that.

Types of Otherworldly Souls from Sirius

Similar to the Orion constellation, the binary system of Sirius actually has a few starry races of souls. Some Sirians descend from the Lyrans, some of the oldest souls in our universe. The Sirians had a hand in building some of the world’s higher-tech ancient civilizations including ancient Egypt and the Mayan civilizations. Some believe the earth’s whales and dolphins may come from Sirius, as they are strongly linked to Sirian Starseeds.

According to Christopher Penczak in his work on Ascension Magick: “The Great White Brotherhood is said to be an extension of the Sirian hierarchy, led by Lord and Lady Sirius, ascended beings much like our Solar Logos.” If you are indeed a Sirian starseed, you may be able to reach out and connect to the Great White Brotherhood easily.

Sirian Starseed Traits and Markings

Sirian Starseed markings and traits will vary by starry race and by the individual soul. But here we’ll provide a list of common signs and markings of souls that incarnated in Sirius:

  • drawn to lost civilizations and ancient cultures, particularly Egyptian and Mayan
  • drawn to Sirius A and B
  • have a love for canines: dogs, wolves, etc. (since Sirius has been called the Dog Star)
  • “salt of the earth” type people: grounded, spiritual individuals that also embrace the ways of the earth
  • highly intellectual
  • love to build: Sirians often hold jobs in architecture or construction
  • even-keeled, hard to anger
  • don’t express their emotions well; have a hard time with communication in relationships; may seen “closed-off”
  • intense day-dreamers
  • interest in magic, metaphysics, witchcraft and alternative healing
  • may have Lyran starseed traits, particularly cat-like or lion-like traits
  • love science fiction books and movies
  • maintain a few close friends instead of many casual friends and acquaintances
  • feel they have a mission to save the planet or to defend animal rights
  • sacral and throat chakra alignment
  • enjoy tattoos and piercings and expressing themselves artistically through clothing and accessories
  • may feel a deep connection to the water element, the ocean, and oceanic beings like whales, dolphins, etc.
  • may have a fascination with mermaids since childhood
  • have a relationship with one or more ascended masters
  • task-oriented
  • if not a love for dogs, may have a love for cats
  • great sense of humor and silliness
  • may have cat-like, dog-like or mermaid-like physical characteristics
  • may have a birthmark like 2 dots next to one another OR two moles conjoined (without being skin cancer! get that checked, folks)

Gods and Guides for Sirian Starseeds

If you’re looking to connect with your Sirian star origins, consider spiritually working with gods and guides associated with the dog star. We’ve already discussed Sopdet and Isis from the Egyptian pantheon. In addition, you may like to research the Great White Brotherhood and meditate on their guidance. Some believe the gods Osiris and Hathor are also linked to Sirius by name. In the Northern European countries, Sirius is called Lokabrenna which means “Loki’s Torch”. I promise you, working with Loki is totally worth his tricky games and antics. If interested in Mesopotamian deities, Tishtrya the god of rainfall was linked to Sirius in Zoroastrian religion.

Most Sirians are inexplicably drawn to the Sirius Binary Star System

Modern Sirian Starry Practices:

Everyone has a soul. And everyone should be caring for that soul. Especially if you consider yourself a Sirian starseed. But how does a Sirian starseed honor our starry origins, past incarnations, and our current lives? Through whatever makes your soul sing! But if you need some ideas, here are some modern Sirian starseed practices to consider:

1. Meditation

Meditation is so good for you – mind, body and soul. And more so if you’re a Sirian starseed. Our minds are always on. They don’t typically take a break. We are big thinkers and over-thinkers, and sometimes it’s necessary for us to re-focus and even give our brains a break. To allow our minds to turn off and rest for a bit. Meditation helps us focus and cleanse our minds of the garble from the day. Maybe you’re thinking sleep does this, but most starseeds are also big dreamers. So meditation is just as important.

2. Dreamwork

Learning how to connect with your dreams, dream symbols and cycles as a Sirian starseed is an invaluable skill. If you’re a Sirian starseed descendant from Lyra, dreams come naturally to you. You might even remember astral traveling and lucid dreaming since you were a small child. Dreams of flying, floating and even having sleep paralysis are signs of this. We recommend keeping a dream journal, analyzing your dream patterns, and learning how to transcend and speak to your star guides through your dreams.

3. Water and Fire Elements

All things water element are healing and helpful to the Sirian starseed. This means dreams (already mentioned), intuitive exercises, embracing emotions, love in its many forms, purification rituals and much more. Even working with animal spirit guides from the water is helpful: the whale and dolphin, specifically. These animals may have lived lives in the Sirius star system. Working with the fire element is also helpful as it connects us with our inner passions and gets our creative juices flowing.

4. Dog Spirit Guide

Working with the wolf and dog spirit guides during your Sirian star connection process is beneficial in many ways. Obviously the dog is an integral symbol of Sirius, but it is also a psychopomp…guiding lost souls to the afterlife. And, as we have lived other lives on Sirius, we may have come in contact with the dog psychopomp before this life. Invoke the dog’s energy while meditating and ask for its protection in all endeavors.

5. Chakra Alignments

It’s important for anyone to keep their chakras balanced and aligned. It’s EXTREMELY important for Sirian starseeds. When our chakras are blocked or out of whack, we can’t function at our best. We experience a disconnect from the universe, from others and from ourselves. And sometimes we even experience illness. Engage in chakra balancing practices including chakra meditations, eating high vibrational foods, and seeing a Reiki healer regularly.

6. Build Something Amazing

Whether you work with your hands or not isn’t in question here. But, as a Sirian, you have a divine natural ability to build things. Consider what it is that YOU can build in this world of beauty and divine light. Are you going to invent a new piece of technology? A medication that saves lives? Maybe you’ll build a birdhouse to house rare birds in the Winter. Or write a book that helps people in their spiritual enlightenment process. Build something amazing.

7. Divination for Sirians

Divination is helpful for Sirians to reconnect with their starry origins, as well as with their star ancestors and guides. We recommend oracle and tarot cards that have starseed or ascension themes like the Starseed Oracle or the Sirian Starseed Tarot Deck. Cleanse your cards after purchase, and ask your guides and ancestors to bless your deck. Dedicate this deck specifically to communicating with your starry ancestors and spirit guide team. This serves as a direct channel of contact between you and your guides.

A Blessing for All Sirian Starseeds

May your light shine in the darkness. May you attract other starry souls as bright as your own and orbit in the wake of divinity and joy. The gods and guides grant you the ability to build a new planet earth full of love, creativity, and illumination.

SIRIAN Starseeds Qualities, Traits and More

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  1. I really want to know what planet I come from exactly. I know im a sirian Starseed and I have a develped a cosmic meditation ritual that allows me to take up an avatar that exists within this timeline so I can traverse the universe on the back of a mintakan whale. I have been looking for records of my past lives through searching the library of porthologos and other cosmic vaults of knowledge and all I can find are some vague writings about cu-sith and the lyran wars… anybody knkw why this might be?

    1. What comes to mind is the secrecy of Sirius and those that have strong ties to the stars system. Our path to understanding is a VERY long one. It is many years of soul searching and story hunting. You will find what you seek in due time.

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