Lyran Starseeds: Markings, Gods, Origins and Modern Starry Practices

Lyran Starseeds: Origins, Starseed Markings & Modern Starry Practices

Lyra is a small star constellation viewable in the Summer months in the Northern Hemisphere. The stars of Lyra form a harp’s shape, or a lyre which gives the constellation it’s name. Lyra was recorded as early as the 2nd century BC by the astronomer Ptolemy. But it’s impact on our planet started long before time was invented. Modern mystics, magical practitioners, and witches are drawn to Lyra. And some believe their souls originate in the Lyran realm. If you’re drawn to Lyra and/or you’re a Lyran starseed, we will share more about Lyran starseed markings, our ancient star origins, associated gods, and how to incorporate these beliefs into your modern spiritual practice.

Lyra, Vega and Our Ancient Star Origins

In the new age community, there’s belief that man’s origins go far beyond the scientific or religious explanations. That perhaps humans arise from a mixture of evolution and creation, of sorts. That the ancient races from the Lyra constellation may actually be our earliest ancestors who seeded us on this planet. I find this interesting, because according to astronomy, the stars in the Lyra constellation are younger than our Sun. However, remember not every star race is on the physical plane but may be in other dimensions and other planes of existence.

Vega is the brightest star in the Lyra constellation, which is why it’s also called Alpha Lyrae. This is where life in Lyra probably originated. Vega was the gateway to that galaxy from another: in Old Norse the word “Vega” meant “to move” or “to transport”. This is why I feel Vega was the doorway the Avians came through to populate Lyra. There are two main types of Lyran starseeds and star ancestors that we know of: the Felines (cat-people) and the Avians (bird-people).

Avian Star Ancestors

The Avians are some of the oldest beings in our Universe and there’s speculation they come from another Universe entirely. They look like bird-humanoids, and interestingly the star Vega’s name in Arabic means “Falling Eagle“. In addition, the stars Mu Lyrae and Eta Lyrae are referred to as Alathfar, which means “the Talons of the Swooping Eagle” confirming our beliefs in Avians populating the Lyra constellation. They were present in the lost civilization of Atlantis and spread throughout the world after its fall. Thoth, the Ibis-headed god of Ancient Egypt may be an Avian star being and an ancestor to Lyran starseeds.

Feline Star Ancestors

Many Lyran starseeds relate closely to the Feline race of Lyran star ancestors. I believe there are more Feline Lyran starseeds than Avian. But both have incarnated on our planet and both are reachable through journeying and meditation. The Feline star ancestors had a hand in humans’ origins including in the ancient civilization of Atlantis. When Atlantis fell, the Felines moved to Ancient Egypt along with Avian and Sirian star beings. There were others, but these are the star races I’ve identified so far. You might know the Feline star races through the Ancient Egyptian cat goddesses Bastet and Sekhmet. They are also linked to the lion-sphinxes so prominent in Ancient Egyptian history and mythology.

Lyran Starseed Markings and Traits

Lyra Constellation forms the shape of a lyre. And I believe if you’re a Lyran starseed of either kind, you will have a similar marking on your body somewhere. It might be a pattern of moles or a birthmark. It might even be in the lines on your palms. Check yourself thoroughly, as Lyran starseed markings may be anywhere on your body. These markings remind us of our true origins in the stars. In addition, Lyran starseed markings show up on birth charts. Look for Lyra and the stars of Lyra in your birth chart, OR have someone who analyzes birth charts do it for you! Be aware, you will have a lot of the fire and air element in your birth chart too. The Lyrans gave fire to the earth.

Lyran starseed traits vary by type, meaning you’ll have different qualities if you’re of the Feline race or Avian. Though some will be the same, as both are from Lyra.

Avian Lyran Starseed Traits:

  • you feel you’re very old in spirit (thousands of years+)
  • you’re attracted to space
  • feeling like you are from somewhere else entirely (another planet or universe)
  • an affinity for the air element
  • dreams and visions of flying
  • involuntarily astral projecting
  • having a birdlike appearance: beak-like nose, thin face, long fingers, etc.
  • attracted to the color blue
  • bright blue aura
  • birds gravitate towards you
  • bird deities call to you: Thoth, Isis, Horus, etc.

Feline Lyran Starseed Traits:

  • cat-like appearance: almond shapes eyes and cat-like nose
  • hard-working, you don’t mind physical labor
  • enjoy fitness and healthy lifestyle
  • you need more sleep than the average person (9+ hours)
  • taking great pleasure in physical joys: intimacy, food, travel, etc.
  • you are a big proponent of personal hygiene, sometimes taking 2 or 3 showers a day
  • have a cat-like curiosity
  • feeling like you don’t belong to this planet, yet you are grounded
  • cat deities call to you: Bastet, Sekhmet, Freya, etc.
  • the ability to go into a relaxed state easily
  • the ability to go into a deep trance easily
  • a common Lyran starseed marking: you may have a lot of the fire element in your birth chart

These are abbreviated lists. For a full list of Lyran starseed traits PLUS the other types of starseeds and their traits, click here.

Lyran Gods and Star Beings

The Feline star beings who aided in the creation of man can be seen all over Ancient Egypt. The Lion Sphinx, though we’ve lost the original god’s name, is one of the Felines from Lyra. In addition, the popular cat goddesses Bast (Bastet) and Sekhmet. I’d venture to say other gods in the ancient world associated with cats or that take on a cat or lion form may also be of Lyran origins.

Thoth says, “the wisdom of the Universe can be placed on a single feather”. And wouldn’t you know it, Thoth the ibis-headed god of wisdom, writing, math, and medicine is indeed Avian in origin. I began working with Thoth back in 2012, when I first had a starseed awakening. I had NO clue back then that many of the Egyptian and ancient gods were originally from other star systems and realms. It all makes sense now!

Modern Lyran Starseed Practices

You recently discovered you are a Lyran starseed. You have the Lyran starseed markings and traits. And the Lyran gods are calling. But what now? How do you incorporate this knowledge into your spiritual practice? We suggest 6 ways below.

1. Journeying and Meditation

NASA isn’t launching most of us into space in our lifetimes. Nor can NASA travel all the way to Vega in the Lyra constellation. Discover more about Lyra through spiritual journeying and meditation. If you decide to go on a spiritual journey to the Lyra constellation, ensure you have an anchor on this planet and guides to take you there and back. Try guided meditations on YouTube. Be sure to set an alarm to bring yourself back. And record everything you experience, the beings you meet, etc.

2. Work With Lyran Gods

Thoth and Bastet are just a few of the ancient gods from Lyra. Consider working with them in your spiritual practice. This means building altars, providing offerings, invocation, prayer, etc. Thoth is particularly helpful if you enjoy writing and/or mathematics. He is also helpful in sacred geometry and will tell you the secrets of the Universe. Bastet is a grounding energy. She enjoys a good party, relaxation, and will help you explore your past lives on earth.

3. Art and Music

The Lyra constellation is in the shape of a harp, right? It should be obvious that Lyran starseeds and beings have an affinity for music. Do you play an instrument? Time to dust it off and play. If you prefer to sing or dance, let it rip! By connecting with the music, you’re nurturing your inner Lyran starseed. If you’re a proficient musician, channel your creativity and spirituality into your music and inspire others.

4. Dreaming and Astral Travel

It’s said the Avians dreamed up ways to travel to other universes. They traveled to other realms in their minds first, then manifested new realities. As a Lyran starseed, you might already have vivid dreams, lucid dreams, and/or naturally astral travel in your dreams. Now is the time to keep a dream journal, practice voluntary astral projection, etc. You might even meet your star ancestors in your dreams or travel to Lyra.

5. Self Care

While you might feel like you don’t want to be on this planet, remember – you came here for a reason. To experience life as a human on Planet Earth. Feline Lyrans are often grounded on this planet and enjoy physical pleasures in life. Take that into consideration: enjoy good food, traveling to new places, physical intimacy, etc. BUT also make healthy choices and care for your emotional and mental bodies, too. Enjoy your time on Earth now.

6. Finding Your Purpose

Starseeds came to Earth for a divine purpose. Do you know yours? Ask your guides and ancestors to reveal your purpose to you through divination, meditation, or visionary journeys. You may already know your purpose…it is always about helping others in one way or another. But you will have to determine HOW you are going to help this planet heal and ascend. Are you a teacher? A healer? Leader? Nurturer? Inventor? Giver?

Lyran Starseeds: Origins, Traits, Gods and Modern Practices

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  1. “Can’t stop the spirits when they need you
    Mop tops are happy when they feed you
    J. Butterfly is in the treetop
    Birds that blow the meaning into bebop.” – Anthony Kiedis “Can’t Stop” (2002)

  2. I’ve seen many things during my life, but I’ll tell you about one when I was 11 or 12 years old. I was walking down the street with two of my friends and the street was very crowded and from a distance I saw someone with a black hooded coat and I couldn’t see the face. They were walking toward me, but I as she got close to me she lifted her head and she looked like a cat. You can imagine I was shocked to see this ,she immediately met her eyes with mine, and then lowered her head and kept walking and I asked my friends did you all see that ? they said no what did you see and I just told them never mind but has always stayed with me and I wondered what it was that I saw but I just read this article and it said something about having a birthmark in a line that look like moles, on your hand and that’s what I have. It goes up my wrist all the way up to my thumb ,thank you for giving me some understanding

    1. Very strange I just ran upon this article and read your comment I recently had an encounter in North Georgia where I seen what I feel was a lyran shapeshifter no joke..while camping at wildcat campground in dawsonville Georgia I wish I would have reacted different but once I realized what I was seeing we locked eyes and I don’t know how to describe it was kind of like mystical but this thing was like at least 9 ft tall or 8 ft I was in my tent it was quite fascinating actually!!!

  3. Just wanted to add that all starseeds have markings (not just Lyran) that can be found in your birth chart, especially by people who can read them.

  4. After this 3rd Density moment I will be reincarnating on another 3rd Density planet. I will be returning to my ancestors the LYRANS. Being service to others without expecting anything in return. That will brighten you up. Just hope the next 3rd density
    planet .doesn’t have any $$$$ on it. because that will be annoying. But now I can put that in perspective to provide a lot easier because of this experience.

    1. Hey there! I’m in the middle of my awakening, I believe, and I could really really use some guidance…?
      “Starseed Sister” Angie

  5. Idk. Why as i was reading this i started to tear up. And was full out crying by the end . i. Want to learn more about my purpose and ancestry . im not all witchy but spirituality has been awoken in my life recently. Since i can remember as a child i. And even now i have vivid dreams everytime i sleep and i have dream i guess realms i visif like a memories idk regular dream places that are like a mixture of my hometown mixed with my current area of living places ive been and places ive never been. My name is Daniel ive been seeing alot of eagles lately and finding alot of unusual things. Idk my purpose and to add onto the dream thing ive never had what i consider a nightmare until just last year when i visited what i think might be the underworld? Its unclear bcus at the end of if i was standing in a best buy telling my parents i want a redo . i need help making sense of my path in life cus currently im also a drug addict. But this year i think is my time to become more than just a junkie.

    1. Yes I’ve woken recently after hell. I’ve found fasting, nature time, meditation with light codes have really helped. Best of luck

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