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Starseed Witchcraft: 9 Cosmic Magick Practices for Starseed Witches

So you’re a starseed and a witch? Ah, so there’s more of us out there! But sometimes it seems witchcraft and “starseed” lightwork and healing don’t blend. Or at least there’s not a lot of information how to practice and acknowledge both aspects of ourselves. SO in this article, we provide our Starseed family who also identify as the Wise Ones or Witches how to mix starseed and witchcraft practices together fluidly.

First, What is a Starseed Witch?

A starseed witch is an individual who considers themselves a starseed AND a witch. So we’ll have to define both to explain. A starseed is an individual whose soul has incarnated on other planets, in other solar systems or other dimensions who is now living a human existence on Earth. A witch is an individual who practices the old ways and perpetuates an ancient wisdom in modern times through herbalism, divination, a deep connection with Mother Nature, intuition and much more. To put it simply witch = wise one. Furthermore, when a starseed soul is also called to practice witchcraft, they are a starseed witch. See? Not too confusing, I hope!

Ways to Practice Starseed Witchcraft

What if you want to incorporate more of your past interstellar incarnations into your current witchcraft practice? Can this be done? OF COURSE. They are infinitely tied together, after all. As above, so below. Generally speaking, you’ll take your cosmic interests and weave them into your witchcraft practice. There’s so many ways to do this but we will cover 7 here.

1. Ancient Cosmic Studies

The first way to practice starseed witchcraft is to STUDY UP on ancient civilizations and their beliefs about the stars and other planets. For example, look up the ancient Egyptians beliefs about Orion, how the pyramids align with it, etc. The Pleiades: research the ancient Norse peoples’ beliefs about stars. Read about the Dogon tribe’s knowledge of Sirius. If any of this information resonates deeply, you may tap into which star system from which you originate.

2. Astrology

Astrology is easy to incorporate into your witchcraft practice and links you directly to your starseed origins too! If you don’t know yet, look up your sun, moon and rising signs. Get your birth chart analyzed. Follow the major astrological events and how they affect the earth. Practice magic on big astrological events such as on eclipses, meteor showers, solar flares, etc. Any practice linking your witchcraft and the stars is integral to starseed witchcraft!

3. Decorate With the Stars

Add cosmic decorations to your sacred space and altar. Altar cloths with stars and galaxies, candle holders with moons and stars, and artwork depicting cosmic goddesses, etc. are a perfect way to incorporate your starseed origins into your spiritual practice by changing the ambiance. WEAR stars, moons, and suns on your clothing and jewelry to match your human exterior with your cosmic interior!

4. Meditation and Astral Projection

I’ve found meditation to be helpful when discovering your starseed origins. It’s also helpful for witches to learn how to visualize and to open your third eye. Try chakra balancing meditations, third eye opening meditations, and there are even guided starseed meditations for free on YouTube. In addition, astral projection is a method of leaving your body to explore other worlds and realms. Want to visit the planet you first incarnated on? Astral projection can take you there and anywhere in the universe.

Crystals are great tools for starseed witches.

5. Crystals

The earth is an ancient living being and her history has been written in stone. Many starseed witches have a deep love of and connection to crystals. This is because crystals carry ancient earth memories and healing energetic vibrations. Recommended crystals for starseed witches include: Lemurian seed crystals, lapis lazuli, quartz, and turquoise. Learn how to meditate with crystals to tap into their ancient secrets AND how to align your chakras.

6. Find Your Starseed Origins

If you haven’t yet, now’s the time to search for your starseed origin planet. Your soul incarnated for the first time somewhere in the Universe…but where? Are you an Orion starseed? Pleiadian? Andromedan? Or do you come from somewhere closer to home like Venus or Mars? There’s SO much to explore when it comes to the types of starseeds, and chances are you may have incarnated in more than one star system. Explore the types of starseeds, their traits, and see if any of these resonate with you. Once you figure out your origins, you can dive into further research and integrate your origins with your witchcraft practice. You’ll also learn what your mission is here on earth WHICH IS CRUCIAL!

7. Divination

As witches, we use different types of divination to communicate with our higher selves, gods and goddesses, ancestors, and angels. But what about using divination to communicate with otherworldly beings? Using a specific deck of cards, runes, or ancient symbols to open a channel of communication with other star-beings will enhance your growth as a starseed witch and connect you to the realms outside of our own here on earth. Always be sure to cleanse your tools and space before and after contact. Pray for protection from your guides before and after. This ensures protection from malevolent entities in the universe (unfortunately they exist!) I recommend THE STARSEED Oracle deck.

8. Man’s Origins & Lost Civilizations

When I awakened as a starseed in 2012, one of the first questions that I asked was about man’s origins. I found myself nodding my head to the ideas of evolution and the big bang, but what about all the parts in between with man’s evolution that we know nearly nothing about? Want to learn about man’s true origins? Start reading and digging and asking questions. This research may take you to lost civilizations and ancient cultures…both of which you can incorporate into your witchcraft practice. How does this relate to starseeds, you might be thinking. Trust me, it does.

9. Reiki and The Violet Flame

If you have the money, get Reiki attuned. Starseed witches can benefit from Reiki for a number of reasons: a. it helps open your chakras, b. it clears negative residues and attachments from your aura, c. it opens you up spiritually to other dimensions and your guides. If anything, learn about the violet flame and how to use it. All is energy and starseed witches know how to harness and use energy to benefit the universe.

10. Look Up!

Take the time to get to know the heavens above. Go outside and look at the stars and the moon. Can you identify any of the stars? Do you see any planets? What phase is the moon in? Do you see any constellations? To further enhance your experience, use a telescope AND download a star-viewing app like Skyview. These apps will show you all of the constellations in the sky right from your phone and help you identify them easily.

10 Cosmic Magickal Practices for Starseed Witches

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