Compendium of Pagan Gods BOOK: Signed Copy


Grab a signed paperback copy of Kitty Fields’ Compendium of Pagan Gods, Volume 1 in The Otherworldly Oracle Collection. 333 pages of detailed info on how to work with the ancient deities.



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Are you ready to live an Otherworldly abundant and vibrant life? Then it’s time for you to transcend the mundane and commune with the old gods. Hecate, Cernunnos, Brigid, Anansi. Loki, Freya, Inanna, and the Morrigan. They are calling you from beyond the veil. And Kitty Fields from Otherworldly Oracle is here to guide you to their mystical realms. Through the mist, into the ancient forests, up atop the highest mountains, and into the deepest of seas, the gods are waiting for you.

From the popular metaphysical blog comes a full-length and in-depth Compendium of Pagan Gods and Goddesses. You won’t just meet the gods, you will step into their world, the Otherworld, and learn how to create the life of your dreams through unique and personal relationships with deity.

In Volume 1, you will find 300 pages of enchanting, practical articles on:
– How to Find Your God or Goddess
– How to Start a Relationship with a God or Goddess
– Appropriate Offerings for the Gods
– Animal, Anthropomorphic, and Shapeshifting Gods including Raven, Owl, and Wolf Deities
– Gods and Goddesses by Pantheon and Region
– An A-Z Encyclopedia of Individual Gods including Bastet, Brigid, Cernunnos, Isis, Hathor, Ra, Thoth, Inanna, Hecate, Lilith, the Morrigan and many more!

ALSO AVAILABLE by Kitty Fields and Otherworldly Oracle…The Otherworldly Household: A No-nonsense Guide to Enchanting the Witch’s Home. And stay tuned for the upcoming Compendium of Ancestral Magick, Spellbook, and More!!!

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