THE STARSEED Oracle Deck: An Otherworldly Review

If you know me, you know the Otherworldly Oracle is a huge fan of Oracle cards. I recently purchased a just-released deck called The Starseed Oracle by Rebecca Campbell and artist Danielle Noel. This is my honest, otherworldly review for those interested in potentially investing in this oracle deck. By a starseed for starseeds. Enjoy, Star Family!

First, What is a Starseed?

Before I get into my review and the details of The Starseed Oracle deck, let’s define the term starseed. A starseed is an individual who might have lived other lives on other planets, in other solar systems, or in other dimensions. If you’ve ever felt a calling to be among the stars, you might be a starseed. But if you’re not sure, we list 20 starseed characteristics here. That being said, if you’re a starseed, you’re going to LOVE this Oracle Deck. No doubt in my soul!

The Guidebook and “Earth Pulsing” Card

THE STARSEED Oracle Deck: A 53-Card Deck and Guidebook

The first thing I noticed when I opened the Starseed Oracle deck was the box. It’s not like your typical oracle boxes with a rectangular-top that slides on and off the bottom. The shape is different: the bottom half resembles a pyramid. Ib the guidebook the author Rebecca Campbell explains how to use the bottom half of the box as a “display piece” for readings! I’ve never seen an oracle deck’s box created as a means of technology in this way before! In addition, the pastel and gold color theme is serene and uplifting. Aesthetics aside, it’s the high vibrations pulsating from the Starseed Oracle deck that make this deck worthy of my ultimate praise.

FAVORITE Starseed Oracle Cards AND My Otherworldly Dreams

It’s honestly too hard for me to pick a single favorite from this deck. The thing is – a few of the cards took me by complete surprise and spoke to me at a deep cellular level. I’ve had vivid dreams of which are reflected in the artwork of two particular cards: The Seas of Mintaka and Star Family.

The Seas of Mintaka Dreams

I’d never heard of the Seas of Mintaka until discovering this card, and when I did – BOOM. It hit me. I’d dreamed of this place. I’d SWAM through the seas of mintaka. Might this dream actually have been a memory from a past incarnation on another planet? When I researched the Seas of Mintaka, I discovered it was a planet in the Orion constellation. Mostly made of crystal-clear water, Orion starseeds refer to it as the “lost paradise”.

The Star Family Rebirth

The Star Family card is an exact replica of a dream I had right before the 2012 cosmic shift. In the dream, I left my body and shot into space through a light tunnel. It felt surreal and yet completely real…it was like I was being born in reverse. Then I floated among the stars in complete peace and wholeness. This card reflects that memory. Amidst a massive spiritual awakening for me in 2012, I realized I had lived other lives on other planets and dimensions. These cards are pure reflections of that consciousness and of so many other starseeds’ incarnations.

See how you can use the box in your readings!?

Should You Buy The Starseed Oracle Deck?

If you’re a starseed or simply feel drawn to working with cosmic energies, The Starseed Oracle Deck by Rebecca Campbell and Danielle Noel is the right deck for you. I don’t just say this about any oracle deck, and trust me…I’ve had at least a dozen decks. This oracle deck’s energy is palpable. And it’s ALWAYS positive and uplifting.

Ancient Cosmic Elements in the Starseed Oracle

As you get to know the deck, you’ll notice various ancient cosmic elements throughout: Egyptian deities, Divine Feminine vibrations, and lost civilizations like Mu and Atlantis. Even some elements you might’ve never heard of like Hidarian energy and a world called Hiraeth. In years past, I’ve always felt drawn to ancient Egypt and lost lands like Atlantis. Deep inside there’s a pull to learn more about those places…I feel that I’ve incarnated multiple times in ancient Egypt and Atlantis. This oracle deck speaks to Starseeds at a heart and soul level. It explores our karmic Akashic records in a way that speaks to the individual personally.

My Only Dislike…

The only downside to this oracle deck is there aren’t as many “starseed type” cards as I’d hoped. But the author explains this is because we as starseeds are living a human life on planet earth and it’s more advantageous to focus on this particular incarnation than on past or other incarnations. At the same time, you’ll see some starseed origins mentioned i.e. Orion, Pleidian, Hidarian, and more.

The more I use THE Starseed Oracle, the more I discover about the Universe and about myself. In short, I HIGHLY recommend this deck. I don’t have enough good things to say about it!

The Starseed Oracle Deck Review
Star Family, Star Keepers, and Lost Lands


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