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Sloth Spirit Animal: Sloth’s Symbolism, Folklore and Messages

Connecting with an animal spirit guide like the sloth is an enlightening process. Understanding your spirit guide uncovers hidden inner wisdom. You don’t have to seek out your animal spirit guide. It will find you. Even the sloth has ways of getting your attention. Through the media, in the wild (at the Zoo), or through symbols and passing conversations. The sloth spirit animal has a message for you. Are you ready to listen?

Sloth Spirit Animal: Biology Basics and Indigenous Folklore

Live sloths live in the tropical jungles of Central and South America. There are two kinds of sloths: two-toed and three-toed. Strangely, these two are far apart from each other on the evolutionary scale. The sloth’s name is one of the seven deadly sins – sloth aka laziness, because of how slow the sloth moves. Despite its derogatory name, sloths are loved and have a rich history in their native lands.

The Legendary Giant Sloth

Indigenous people have hunted sloths for hundreds of years. Today, these creatures are endangered and hunting is restricted. It’s difficult to find folktales of sloths; however, there’s mention of ancient giant sloths among the indigenous South American people. The people say the mapinguary is a giant sloth that lives in the Brazilian rainforest. It’s larger than a human and stinks severely. These legends coincide with the now-extinct giant ground sloths. Some villagers claim to have seen the mapinguary near caves in the rain forest.

The Sloth’s Instincts

The sloth is a featured character in South American children’s stories. One tells of a sly sloth who outwits five forest animals, escaping untimely death. Don’t be fooled, the sloth uses its natural instinct to escape predatory situations. Therefore, despite its endearing, sweet nature, it is smart and capable. The sloth has become popular in modern culture and is featured in stories, artwork, even on pajamas!

The sloth spirit animal teaches us strength.

Sloth Spirit Animal’s Messages

So you’ve determined your spirit animal is the sloth. You’ve seen sloths in movies, in a book, and you’ve heard people talking sloths in a passing conversation. Maybe you’ve even seen a sloth up close in a zoo or wildlife preserve. Whatever its method of contacting you, the sloth spirit animal has special lessons to teach you. So, what are those lessons?

1. Cooperation

The sloth spirit animal’s first lesson is cooperation. Its fur is home to thousands of organisms that don’t normally reside on animal hides—algae, moths, beetles, roaches, and more. They are engaged in a symbiotic relationship – they live together cooperatively. These organisms DON’T feed on the sloth like parasites. The sloth spirit animal teaches the lesson of cooperation and team-work. Perhaps you’ve been a loner or separated yourself from your family or group. Now is the time to cooperate and band together with others for success.

2. Sloth Spirit Animal Teaches Us Energy Conservation

Energy conservation is the second lesson. The sloth moves at slow speeds. And it’s not because they’re lazy, as their name implies, but because this is the way they conserve their energy. Don’t be fooled. Sloths move at incredibly fast speeds if threatened by a predator. Use your energy wisely. Prioritize your daily duties. Take time out of your day to care for yourself and nurture your body and mind. If you don’t take time to rest, this can result in health problems.

3. And Strength

Sloth spirit animal’s last lesson is strength. The sloth hangs upside down for days at a time WHILE holding their young. Thus the sloth brings us messages of strength and endurance. Strength comes in many forms—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. You’re in a tough situation, but the sloth spirit animal will show you how to hang upside down (deal with the situation with humor) and power through it!

Sloth Spirit Guide and Symbolism


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