Types of Starseeds: Starseed Traits and Characteristics Which Are You?

Types of Starseeds: Which Star System Do You Come From?

Does your soul hail from another planet or star system? If so, you’re a starseed. But did you know there are different types of starseeds depending on origins? Here we attempt to define the types of starseeds and provide common physical and spiritual characteristics of each.

Many Types of Starseeds

As you read through each type of starseed and its common traits, keep in mind these traits vary by person. It’s likely you’ve even lived in more than one of these star systems and have picked up traits from a few of those lives. Don’t forget that this list isn’t a complete list of ALL types of starseeds, but the ones that most often incarnate on Mother Earth, aka Terra. If a specific type resonates with you, it’s likely this is what type you are! Write down which traits you have and which starseed types resonate. This will help you figure out which type of starseed you are.

1. Orion Starseeds

Orion starseeds come from the Orion constellation. There are numerous beings from the Orion constellation that migrated there from other star systems. So if you’re an Orion starseed, you’ve probably incarnated in other star systems before Orion. However, Orion might be the incarnation you’ve had more recently before your earthly one. There are different planets/stars in the Orion constellation you might’ve lived on.

Mintaka was a paradise planet, covered by sparkly, diamond-like waters. Some believe whales and dolphins come from the seas of Mintaka originally. Mintaka is no longer in existence. Below we cover Mintakan starseed traits AND Orion starseed traits (which would be anyone from elsewhere in the Orion constellation).

Mintakan Signs and Traits:

  • strongly drawn to the water element, you love all things about the ocean, beach, and bodies of water
  • intense connection with whales and dolphins
  • dreams of swimming or living near lakes and oceans so sparkly they look filled with diamonds
  • strong desire to “ascend” spiritually and help others too
  • you’re a compassionate person and get pleasure from helping others
  • high levels of sensitivity to other beings: potentially empathic

Orion Starseed Traits:

  • scientific beings – you’ll be interested and intrigued in all things science, chemistry, astronomy, genetics, etc.
  • very intelligent and mostly driven by mentality
  • mental but not emotional beings: here to learn how to love and experience emotions
  • great sense of humor, can be the life of the party
  • optimistic
  • opinionated individuals who don’t sway on their perspective easily
  • “jack of all trades”: they have knowledge about a lot of different topics
  • are self-controlled
  • may come off as cold emotionally (often unintentionally)
  • interest in ancient cultures and societies
  • able to work with different forms of technology effortlessly
  • entrepreneurs: want to lead and inspire others
  • task-oriented: see things through and are very much involved in the details and the process
  • often incarnate as earth signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
  • their main passion: knowledge
  • hold logic above all else
  • some Orion starseeds have bright, sky-blue or ice blue eyes that draw you in (though there are many Orion starseeds with all eye colors)

You can read more about Orion Starseeds here: their origins, connection to mythology, traits and practices.

Orion Nebula

2. Another Common Type of Starseed: Arcturian

Arcturians are a type of starseed from the star Arcturus, a red giant located in the Bootes constellation. Arcturians are other-dimensional, advanced star beings that incarnate on earth frequently. The star beings are able to be contacted through channeling and divination. Some believe when we die, we pass through the Arcturian realm during the process of return. Thoth, the Egyptian god of wisdom, has a home in Arcturus.

Arcturian Starseed Traits:

  • Great public speakers
  • leaders in their communities and workplaces
  • Highly passionate about technology
  • Don’t fear death
  • sometimes come off as arrogant or having a big ego
  • Great at mathematics
  • have an interest in metaphysics, particularly sacred geometry
  • often incarnate with darker skin (but again Arcuturian starseeds vary in appearance)
  • planners: they like to develop a plan for almost everything and stick to the plan
  • compassionate but seem to guard their feelings
  • may show anger as their form of emotion when they are hurt or upset
  • confident individuals with a drive for success
  • telepathic abilities: can read people’s thoughts easily or transfer their own message to others telepathically
  • have a mission to set up a new society where technology and spirituality meld cohesively
  • choose careers in the fields of technology, architecture, invention, science, math, statistics, advancing medicine
  • highly intelligent and motivated
  • feel like the black sheep of the family
  • enjoy attention and appreciation
  • not in tune with their emotions and therefore this is one of their lessons here on earth
  • sensory processing issues: highly sensitive to lights, sounds, textures, smells
  • lower body temperature (not due to other health causes)
  • lower blood pressure (again not due to any foreseeable illness)

3. Pleiadian Starseeds

Pleiadians are a type of starseed from the Pleiades star system. The Pleiades consists of many stars but in particular seven bright stars. Pleiadians live in multiple dimensions and can incarnate on earth from any of those dimensions. They are very familiar with our planet and come here to help elevate humanity. Their traits include:

  • Gentle in nature and meek mannerisms
  • Soft spoken and polite
  • Humanitarians
  • Empathic: feel and take on others’ energies, can transmute when they are in alignment
  • Often tall and slender with blonde hair and blue eyes (though this varies by individual, remember!)
  • May have Norse or Northern European ancestry/DNA
  • All about the LOVE and want to spread love to the world
  • high cheekbones
  • long limbs
  • strong jawlines
  • drawn to outer space, science fiction, astrology, stars
  • interested in healing and metaphysics
  • family-oriented
  • people-pleasers: sometimes to a fault because this allows them to be taken advantage of
  • sensitive individuals – wear their hearts on their sleeves
  • feel different than everyone else when growing up
  • feel they have a big mission on earth
  • understand polarity: male/female, yin/yang, sun/moon, above/below and are balanced themselves
  • may struggle with food sensitivities, sensory issues and anxiety when not in alignment
The Pleiades

4. Draconian Starseed Traits

Draconian starseeds are from the Draco constellation. Draco means dragon, therefore many Draconian starseeds are linked to dragons and reptiles of various kinds. The Reptilian race, Lifgarians, grays and other draconians come from Draco. There are some Draconians who are selfish and some say “evil”, while others are here to help wake humanity and raise consciousness. You’ll see debates going both ways when it comes to Reptilians and Grays, particularly. But YOU know your heart better than anyone online!

Here’s the general Draconian starseed traits:

  • drawn to science, math, and technology
  • leaders in their fields and communities
  • don’t take kindly to authority higher than themselves
  • when they’re not in alignment, can be money-hungry and manipulative
  • when in alignment and from a higher dimension, want to unite people and work towards a common goal
  • talented at leading, building, and coordinating efforts
  • always finish what they start
  • attracted to reptiles, amphibians and dragons
  • may have lizard-like physical characteristics: thin, long faces, thin bodies, lizard-like eyes and facial features
  • lower body temperature
  • drawn to the sun and warmth (prefer warmer climates)
  • adept at fitting in, like a “chameleon”
  • find jobs in politics, community leaders, military, architecture, construction

Gray Starseed Traits (the Grays):

  • you’ve been misunderstood your whole life
  • a large head with a disproportionately smaller body
  • you don’t have much (or any) hair on your body
  • an intense interest in human genetics and DNA (maybe you even have a career in this field)
  • lower body temperature
  • an interest or occupation in healing and/or medicine
  • you may have a photographic memory
  • extremely awakened spiritually
  • dark brown (almost black) eyes
  • you’re drawn to the Dracos constellation
  • an interest in or fascinaton with dragons
  • you have problems showing your emotions to others and being vulnerable
  • you work best with a well-organized team

Reptilian Starseed Traits:

  • lower body temperature
  • you find yourself being cold more often than not – you crave warm weather and the sun (without having a thyroid or medical disorder)
  • drawn to reptiles and amphibians – lizards, turtles, snakes, etc.
  • you’ve had visions and dreams of the Ouroboros symbol
  • adept at fitting in, like a chameleon
  • you’re a natural leader and work well leading a team, organization, or government
  • you don’t feel right being at the bottom of the hierarchy
  • inventing and creating new ways to accomplish old tasks is your thing!
  • you’ve been misunderstood your entire life
  • people often tell you you are “cold” or void of emotions

5. Sirian Starseeds

We’ve been fascinated by the Dog Star Sirius since the beginning of time. Ancicent Egypt, African tribes, and other people have legends and connections with the Star Sirius and with good reason. It’s the brightest star in the night sky and is also called Alpha Canis Majoris. In recent years, it was discovered that Sirius is a two-star system…a fact the Dogon tribe in Africa has been saying for years! Read more about the Dogon’s connection to Sirius here.

Here are the Sirian Starseed Traits:

  • drawn to lost civilizations and ancient cultures
  • drawn to the star system Sirius
  • have a love for canines: dogs, wolves, etc.
  • “salt of the earth” type people: spiritual individuals that also embrace the ways of the earth
  • even-keeled, very hard to anger
  • don’t express their emotions well; have a hard time with communication in relationships; may seen “closed-off”
  • intense day-dreamers
  • interest in magic, metaphysics, witchcraft and alternative healing
  • may have Lyran starseed traits, particularly cat-like or lion-like traits
  • love science fiction books and movies
  • maintain a few close friends instead of many casual friends and acquaintances
  • creative individuals: love the arts, crafts, writing, etc.
  • feel they have a mission to save the planet or to defend animal rights
  • sacral and throat chakra alignment
  • enjoy tattoos and piercings and expressing themselves artistically through clothing and accessories
  • may feel a deep connection to the water element, the ocean, and oceanic beings like whales, dolphins, etc.
  • may have a fascination with mermaids since childhood
  • have a relationship with one or more ascended masters
  • task-oriented
  • if not a love for dogs, may have a love for cats
  • great sense of humor and silliness
  • may have cat-like, dog-like or mermaid-like physical characteristics
Learn the types of starseeds here and their traits including Sirian starseeds.

6. Lyran Starseeds

Lyrans are a type of starseed from the Lyra constellation. There are a few stars in the Lyra constellation, but the main planet of origin is Vega. It’s said the first humans originate from Lyra. Two races of ancient beings called Felines and Avians also come from Lyra and helped establish much of the ancient world on Earth including Atlantis and ancient Egypt. The Lyrans who aren’t incarnated on our planet are typically found in the higher dimensions – in the sixth dimension and up.

Lyran Feline Starseed Traits:

  • a catlike appearance: catlike eyes (upturned almond shaped eyes and catlike nose)
  • enjoy physical labor and are hard workers
  • take great pleasure in good and exotic food, beverage, sexuality, etc.
  • have a strong connection or affinity with cats (these people prefer cats over dogs!)
  • athletic in nature – enjoy exercise
  • have the ability to shift consciousness easily
  • need more sleep than the typical human being (9+ hours)
  • grounded individuals yet also risk takers
  • feel drawn to the lost civilization of Atlantis
  • dreams of drowning and big waves
  • drawn to the Sphinx in Egypt
  • are musically talented: play an instrument, sing (well) and/or dance
  • artistic in nature
  • have an aversion to the water element
  • enjoy social environments but prefer to observe rather than be the “life of the party”
  • fiercely independent
  • have goals but get distracted easily (start projects with a ferocity then end up abandoning them if they get bored)
  • Love to travel and explore – have a catlike curiosity
  • drawn to or called by cat deities like Bastet and Sekhmet
  • often incarnate into fire zodiac signs, particularly Leo and Sagittarius

Lyran Avian Starseed Traits:

  • feeling like you’ve been incarnating since the dawn of time (feeling like an extremely old soul)
  • dreams and visions of flying to different planes of existence or to other planets
  • a birdlike appearance: you may have a thin face with pointed/beaklike nose, etc.
  • feeling a tingling, heavy or pulling sensation between your shoulder bones (where a pair of wings would be)
  • artistic: you may play an instrument, sing, dance, write, paint, craft, etc.
  • have a bright blue aura
  • drawn to royal blue and other shades of blue
  • being a true visionary: creativity at it’s maximum and then producing your ideas in reality
  • positive, uplifting personality
  • must feel freedom in their spiritual path and show others the same kind of respect
  • have a deep connection with birds – birds seem to follow or gravitate towards you
  • you see things from a high level but can also see the most minute of details clearly
  • speaking your mind and owning your truth may be a challenge or your greatest asset
  • you spiritually work with bird deities, specifically Thoth and Isis
  • have an affinity for the air element

7. Venusian Starseeds

Is it possible that other planets in our solar system once supported life? Absolutely. And still could in other dimensions and planes of existence. This includes Venus, which brings us to our Venusian starseeds. Venusians live in the fourth dimension and they are also called the Hathors. Hathor is an ancient Egyptian cow-goddess of love and motherhood. It’s said she’s from Venus and seeded Venusians on Earth to teach love and compassion.

Venusian (Hathor) Starseed Traits:

  • Venusian starseeds are often very tall and slender
  • sensual and passionate individuals – may have a hard time committing to one mate
  • nurturing and compassionate
  • highly spiritual beings: sometimes to a fault and need to be reminded or taught how to ground themselves (high up in their head chakras)
  • feel very connected to the universe, higher self, and guides
  • interest in outer space and ancient civilizations
  • can be labeled as “flighty”
  • huge interest in metaphysics and bringing the “new age” in
  • drawn to ancient Egypt and, namely, the goddess Hathor as well as Venus and Aphrodite
  • often attractive individuals with coveted facial features (women are very feminine and men are masculine and model-like)
  • interested in alternative healing modes, particularly using sound and ritual
Venus and Earth

8. Martian Starseeds

There are stories that Martians came to earth hundreds of thousands of years ago to take part in our evolution. Others believe life existed in this dimension on Mars many years ago because of the discovery of water on the red planet. There isn’t a lot known about Martian starseeds, but some claim they had origins on the planet. Some Martian starseed traits include:

  • being drawn to the planet Mars (finding a desire to travel there or interested in the colonization of Mars)
  • have a desire to advance the human race
  • strong connection to water and fire elements
  • have memories and dreams of being on the surface of Mars

9. Andromedan Starseeds

Andromedan starseeds are from the Andromeda galaxy outside of our own. Though it’s said their galaxy is spiritually linked to ours. There are fewer Andromedan starseeds on earth than others…they are a rare breed! Andromedans are the guardians of the seventh dimension. Here are some of the Andromedan starseed traits:

  • easy to talk to and great communicators
  • meek or mild in nature and mannerisms
  • laid-back personality
  • have a light aura and are often thought of as “pure” or light beings
  • act or look child-like
  • quiet or tend to “stay in the background” to observe others
  • love their freedom
  • have a strong desire to travel and explore (i.e. many go backpacking or give up their jobs to follow their dreams of exploring the world)
  • often can’t stay in monogamous relationships, have a “commitment problem”
  • emotionally guarded and avoid conflict as much as possible
  • tall, thin and some bald easily in their earthly bodies
  • often find jobs in the arts and spiritual practices: artists, musicians, teachers, spiritual leaders, tarot readers, writers, etc.
  • carefree lifestyle
Types of starseeds like the Andromedans have their own unique traits.
Andromeda Galaxy

10. Polarian Starseeds

Polarian starseeds come from the “North Star” Polaris. I’ve also read books in which Polarians were the “first” spiritual beings on this planet from a higher dimension. At that time, they were giants in height. Here are the Polarian starseed traits:

  • highly spiritual individuals
  • drawn to the North Star Polaris and other dimensions
  • yearn to know more about human origins and the ascension process
  • empathic abilities
  • most are very tall in height
  • androgynous or nonbinary
  • feel as if you’ve been on earth for millions of years
  • feel natural catastrophes like earthquakes within their bodies and souls
  • in-tune with the earth’s energies and feel shifts in seasons, etc.
  • mediators: they keep two sides from fighting and often unite others
  • may have memories or dreams of the lost civilization of Lemuria
  • love being monogamous and make great husbands and wives (value partnership and teamwork)
  • seem to be “lucky” in finances and can gain wealth easily (but this is because they’re hard workers and team players)
  • interested in metaphysics and spiritual enlightenment
  • feel they have an important purpose on earth but sometimes don’t know what that is
  • prefer stability and shy away from sudden changes
Alpha Centaurus

11. Hadarian Starseeds

Hadarian starseeds come from Beta Centauri. They were all about the love, unconditional love, and are on earth to spread more of it. Story goes that the Hadarians were invaded by a tyrannical race of beings and left their planet to escape enslavement. Many came here but it’s difficult for them to remember what happened because of the trauma they endured.

Hadarian (Beta Centaurian) Starseed Traits:

  • all about LOVE, unconditional love
  • because of their loving nature, sometimes taken advantage of by others because of their pure way of loving others
  • these are the individuals who want nothing more in life than to have strong relationships with others: romantic, friendships, etc.
  • may come across as “hippies”, preaching free love
  • feel happier and more fulfilled when in a relationship (even if it’s a toxic one, unfortunately)
  • here to learn how to love others AND themselves along with the power of free will
  • empathic abilities: can feel the emotions of other beings including animals and plants
  • shy or introverted until they get to know you
  • goals are not aligned with money or financial success – they want to help others
  • find jobs in the corporate world where they become a part of the team, counselors, philanthropists, humanitarians

12. Alpha Centaurians

Alpha centaurians come from the alpha centauri star system, which is the closest star and planetary system to ours. Science has confirmed there is a habitable planet in Alpha Centauri…which is exciting! Though it’s probably different from Earth. The Alpha Centaurians are an advanced civilization and have seeded some of their souls here on our planet to aid in our development.

Alpha Centaurian Starseed Type:

  • your favorite color is purple/violet
  • you have a career or are seeking a career in the scientific field
  • since you were a child, people have said you were “scary smart”
  • you’ve enjoyed building and inventing things related to biology and chemistry since a young age
  • centaurs (the mythical half-man half-horse) have always fascinated you
  • you’re drawn to the Centaurus constellation
  • knowledge and wisdom are your top priority in life
  • you feel people around you aren’t at your level of intelligence (but you aren’t necessarily egotistical or boastful about it)
  • you don’t like being in crowds, you prefer being alone in a quiet space
  • people tell you you’re “complicated”, particularly in romantic relationships
  • you might be judgmental of others and isolate yourself because of it
  • you’re mostly a quiet individual and a daydreamer
  • independent and confident
Alpha Centaurus

13. Agarthan (Inner Earth) Beings

Ever heard the Hollow Earth theory? If you haven’t, there’s a theory that the earth is actually hollow. And that there’s another civilization inside called the Agarthans. In 1947, a man named Admiral Byrd claimed he’d flown over the North Pole and was taken into the Agarthan city and met people there. Now Agarthans are incarnating on the earth’s surface to help us.

  • environmentally driven: may get into activism or a job helping the environment
  • may have memories or dreams of going into the earth or residing in the earth
  • memories of Atlantis and being drowned in a flood or retreating into the earth
  • some believe Agarthans are the same as the faery folk who lived underground according to our ancestors
  • may be tall and thin
  • pointed ears or “elf-like” qualities
  • in-tune with the earth’s cycles, seasons, can feel natural catastrophes coming and their effects

14. Anunnaki Starseeds

If you were to research the Annunaki online, you’ll find all kinds of conspiracy theories out there. Some people believe the Annunaki are demons, evil aliens that are controlling the masses, etc. etc. Here’s what we believe about the Annunaki: they are a branch off of the Sirian civilization and were part of human creation in the beginning. Because of their part in the establishment of earth, specifically in ancient Sumer, they are often thought to be Sumerian gods. Moreover, they lived on a planet called Nibiru and sources claim they’re the same as the grays or reptilians. However, they are not. The Annunaki starseeds are a new realm of incarnating beings of whom we are just beginning to learn about.

You might be Anunnaki if you have these Annunaki Starseed Traits:

  • drawn to the ancient civilizations, specifically Sumer, Babylon, Akkadia and Assyria
  • feel as if your soul is ancient, older than humanity
  • you have a strong need for ritual in your life, both mundane and spiritual
  • you’re drawn to shows like Ancient Aliens, specifically when focused on the Annunaki
  • you have a longing to return to the skies
  • a large head and particularly large almond-shaped eyes
  • you favor the air element over the others
  • you’re drawn to or work with ancient Sumerian, Babylonian, Akkadian and Assyrian gods like Enlil, Enki or Inanna Ishtar
  • you have ancestry from the middle east
  • you’ve had dreams of flying or are able to astral project into space easily
  • the feeling of wings on your back – a tingling or heavy sensation between your shoulder blades

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So, Which Starseed Are You? Can You Come From Multiple Constellations and Stars?

Did any of these starseed types resonate? Did you find which starseed type you are? Maybe you felt a few resonated, which makes perfect sense. Because most starseeds have incarnated on more than one planet and star system! Keep in mind, this list doesn’t include every single starseed type, as the universe is inconceivably large. Finally, I encourage you to read more about the starseed types that resonated, and also read about the stars and planets themselves.

You can check out Allorah’s article on how to look for signs in your natal chart here. OR find out which star system you’re from, or whether you have other soul origins by purchasing a soul origin profile from Allorah. I’ve had one done and it blew my mind! She looks at other realms or origins including: angels, elementals, wise ones and light children.

Which Starseed Type Are You? 12 Different Starseed Traits and Characteristics.

More Information for Starseeds:

78 thoughts on “Types of Starseeds: Which Star System Do You Come From?

  1. Sirian mostly , definitely a blue ray. but have other characteristics . Love cats and the ocean and will volunteer for the hard jobs . Mildly empathetic. And lier’s profoundly disappoint me.

  2. I am a handarian, but have affiliations with blue avian. Lyrans and just about all star systems. Ancient soul here to create a new earth and share unconditional love

  3. To be honest, it just felt like I tried all of these lives. I just took what I learned from all of them and made my own pillar. If anything, my real origin started off with something on the darker, vampiric side that has long been dead. That’s fine, I don’t want to go back the way I came anyway. In the end, I don’t really fit in any boxes here — and I wouldn’t want to.

    1. Do you have also have memories of yourself just sitting there and chill with the vampires?
      It maybe sounds stupid but I can´t figure out where it comes from

      1. To be honest with you, No! But I do feel like I have recently had a download about this very topic. The concepts of vampires and zombies, really freak me out. Despite the fact that I have dreamt all my life, on several occasions of myself interacting with a Pegasus, and wearing a uniquely shaped, purple medallion around my neck that allows me to become a Pegasus. But again vampires/zombies scare he daylight out of me. But recently felt that, the concept is one in the same. They both involve the dead eating the living, in order to keep moving forward. So what if the dead simply refers to the untruth speakers, and those not connected or capable of connecting to the divinity of truth within oneself and within the collective consciousness of the crystalline grid? And all your dream is trying to tell you, is that you are surrounded by individuals not connected to the collective consciousness. So in essence the living dead. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  4. Has anyone heard anything about starseeds originating from anywhere in Omega Centauri? And no, I don’t mean Alpha or Beta Centauri — I do mean Omega Centauri. It’s an extremely old star cluster.
    It feels like home to me. But I have yet to hear any other mentions about it

  5. I know I’m a starseed. I’ve also incarnated as an angel in the past before (learned from Alllorah Rayne’s site). Definitely Orion, Alpha Centaurian. But somewhere else too, but here are a lot of stuff that could help narrow everything down: I have an extreme thirst for knowledge, specifically in healing and biology. I have an extremely close affinity for canines, snakes, and birds, (I know as much as an expert) but also I love the air and water element, but my shadow element is fire. I long to live in the skies, but also the earth. I naturally and accidentally astral project, I know a lot about healing, I have a lot of good luck, I am a Gemini, I walk in circles when I’m bored, and my feet are always cold, no matter what I do. They don’t feel cooled to me, but whenever someone touches them they feel like ice cubes. I love the rain and long to live up north in Alaska and Canada. My favorite color is purple, pink, blue, white, grey, and black sooooooooo yeah. My spirit guardian animal is the vulture. I have a witch ancestor who has contacted me in dreams, divine blood, and fairy blood or Queen Mebd. I have an intense interest in ancient Egypt.

    I am a green, white, and black satanist witch.


    1. I also have blue eyes with flecks of gold in them. They look like an ocean during a storm with sunlight coming through breaks in the clouds sort of. I only know half of my ancestry, but from that half it is solely from Europe.

      1. Two eye colors in each eye is a sign of Fae DNA. Your connection to Mabdh also indicates you are Fae.

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    1. I Am , A star being. I am a collection of energy moving in purpose. Thank you for this information, its more clear!

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    1. Yeo what if you feel connected to all 12 starseeds like I am griot bitches lol OG seeds thanks for clarification oracle…

      Guess we all just guardians of the universe lezzz do it starteibe you my people love you alll hi hi hi hi 👋 oo

  8. I believe I was mostly recently a Orion Starseed. I am a Taurus with blue eyes, and have many of the traits listed

    1. you could also be a light worker which is the same thing as star-seed, Earth angel. all 3 are same things just different levels of awareness. light workers are usually more then just 1 thing and come from many different places!

  9. Hello David!
    Refreshing to read this! And it is correct! We have been on many planets, ‘incarnating’ in a way of: When you’re in Rome, do as the Romans do! Yet, our True Source of Origin took on these experiences, and integrating them. Since it took Home It’s Own Incarnations, I recently found out that it can be confusing, when one is born into a family with different Starseeds. Because our Original Soul Source took on different Planet Experiences, It Knows in Knowingness and it understands in conceptual Love.
    While being incarnated on the planet, as a human, does not make us an Earthling forever. Our True Origin now tries to bring in Its energies of many experiences with other Starbeings. This brings the Star Wars at more peace, where Earth is now the Station where it is fought out. Super, that about your downloads! David also means: The Heart. Home is where the Heart Is. There where we came from, before mutating ourselves. bye bye!

  10. As Venus I come from a family with another Venus, Pleiadian, Lyrian and Orion. Our family represented the star wars that were fought and settled in this family by the breakup. As a Venusian I had the role of mediator. It is difficult to transfer Being Love into Conceptual Love. The Teacher in me carried the concept of Love to “teach” it as such. Something knew that if I only radiated my Light, jealousy would arise. Especially with my Pleiadian Sister…. In the end, the Teacher, The-Acher, became the one who was in pain. Because always conveying love conceptually as an example is being an image that is ahead, but in the end this same image is precisely the concept….

    In other words: Because of the resistance of others, as an “example” you end up in conceptual love. You then try to give yourself hands and feet, but the concept is a reminder of Love, an Akashic Record. And, Venusians sometimes wanted to put too much Venus on Earth through beauty and the like. I am beginning to feel that I may receive my Self Love. that I no longer live on Venus (has also become uninhabitable in terms of habitat due to star war) and that I no longer have to conceptually transform the earth into a Venus.

    Now that Venus as Sister Soul will soon in December 2020, energetically collapse with her twin sister the Earth, Venusians will be able to experience their Venus on Earth, within themselves. And from there radiate to the world, without a secret agenda wanting to change others or themselves.

    thank you for this wonderful article, thanks to this I found out yesterday where or where I come from as a Soul. For this I kept running away and for a while thought that I was from Sirius. Not so. I also discovered that if certain family members in your cells / DNA or fields of experience left a strong impression on you, then sometimes you adapt so that you place your own soul experiences in the Planetary Source of Origin of that person. Then your experiences will not come “Home”.

    The I AM is for each of us the Womb, the Home of the original Home. Painful experiences, especially with family members, can unconsciously “force” you to solve it for them. You want to bring them Home, but because they don’t always belong to your true Home, you cannot place their love or lack thereof …

    Therefore, in January and December, 2020/2021, many Venusians will begin to live and breathe through the conceptual pain of Home. They may then discover that Love is to release the other. And with Venus connection to Earth, each will go through their own love or lack thereof from their own Home. This goes for every Soul of any kind of Source Origin.

  11. I’ve always thought of myself as a star seed. Never feeling totally human, sometimes I don’t even feel like I am alive. Sort of like an auto polite mode in the most undepressing way possible lol I actually quite enjoy it. I resonate most with Orion and lyran. Although .. I do have lots of questions. I get visions sometimes kind of like daydreams of a reptilian species, I’m not the most educated in this so I hope I don’t sound ignorant but is a reptilian species a type of star seed? I’ve heard they’re bad, but sometimes I get visions of one holding out his hand to me . I once had a hardcore daydream of me standing in a circle of a bunch of different species. A reptilian.. an old women I think a shaman.. and others . Are they my past lives? Or spirit guides?

    1. There are positive and also negative reptilians, the ones that rule our planet at the moment are unfortunately part of the reptilians who decided to be “negative”, while the others are still positively oriented. Good Dracos and good reptilians are very very smart, caring, advanced and so much more, you should look into them!

    2. Hi Zoe, I hope you see this. Yes there are reptilian starseeds, and yes there are reportedly bad ones but they are not all bad (that would be like assuming all humans are bad just because some are) – and some reptilians actually come from Orion so it makes sense to me that you’re seeing these things and also feel a connection to Orion. And as for past lives, spirit guides etc… maybe it’s all of the above 😉 I’ve been in your shoes and I know how confusing it can be, but trust your gut when it comes to these things. Your body and soul already know more than your mind (or the internet) ever could about your origins. Good luck. 💙

      1. I would like to learn more. I had always had Orion and the seven sister in my sights since childhood,. I thought it was Orion pulling me in but I resonate almost 100 % pliaedes. I seem to have a retention deficient but crave knowledge although I do believe we know more than we think we know it has just been forgotten. I also have a notion my children are indigos

  12. I have got news for you kittens; you are all mutts. Every single one of you, and that includes those that some of you snub their noses toward, labeling as human. My news for you is that no one is “human” and everyone, including earthly starseeds, are human. This is the big inside joke of it all; how many of the strands are going to believe they are actually here to “help” people “learn” something, and how many understand they are the ones being tested. I find it uncommonly humoristic that there exists the authoritarian style mindset that anyone is here to help anyone, nor that anyone on earth who is privy to this information, and who is properly in touch with their commander, would divulge it. And by extension, I encourage you all to identify as exactly what the council views you as; and that is human. It is preferable to pass your test sooner rather than later. Yes?

    1. Humoristic isn’t the word you’re looking for. You are VERY pompous. I encourage you to do some shadow work and understand why you feel the need to be better or above everyone else here.

    2. I can’t speak of your path, Nine, but this isn’t how I feel at all. Yes, we’re all human in our current incarnation, but we’ve lived other places and we’re just trying to figure out where we ‘belong’, where we’ve come from. To make sense of our lives Now. My whole life I’ve felt this Call. I’m here on a mission. I didn’t know what that was until many year later. I’m here to be myself, spread love, and raise the vibration of the planet. To help ALL ascend into the higher dimensions. I feel we’re pretty much all here to help as well as to Learn. I mean, that’s life, right? Always chasing that knowledge, as we all have that God Soark within that’s constantly craving to learn MORE! Aren’t we all being ‘tested’ isn’t that why we came? I don’t know how you get your info, but mine comes as a sense of Clear Knowing. It just Happens! I used to believe it was a secret too. But I know think I was just scared. I don’t feel that way anymore so I feel talking about things is the only way we learn from others experiences. In my life experience it seems a Lot of things have been ‘shoved under the rug’ as things we DON’T TALK ABOUT, I feel this isn’t the way. So I talk openly about why I’m here and my mission. But if you think things should be kept quiet, then you do you, man. 😊 You can identify as a human if you’d like. If that is how strongly you feel about this incarnation. But I AM a dragon, angel, Starseed and ultimately God as we are all ONE. Perhaps a test is why you’re here, but I don’t feel that is my path. Have a wonderful day!

    3. I think Nine’s point is that we are all humans. While most here are trying to find belonging in the past by looking at their star seed origins, we ignore or become unaware, or less aware of the now. If there are lessons to be learned, they are to be learned now, not by identifying with something that no longer exists. While I think these things are interesting, and perhaps even true, they could be, and probably are keeping ourselves from being what we came here to be, if we came here to be anything at all. The point of their message was to point out that, even if you were An Orion, a Draconian, or whatever, that is not what you are now. Pluse, I don’t know about you all, but I’d rather try and see myself as universal. If spiritual texts and mystics are right, and I’m willing to bet that they are, then we are not just from some group, but are actually universal. The sooner you can see this the better off you’re going to be. While I think that the way Nine put it was extreme, I think they did that to wake us out of these identities because every once in a while, if not more, we need to be shaken awake. But, of course, I could be wrong.

  13. Im a blue indigo star seed but it doesn’t mention much about them. I did resonate with all of the Pleiadian Star Seed traits 🙂

  14. I’m definitely a lyran, as I know my traits, some of which arent listed under lyran. I was once an alpha draconian too. I was also a pleiadian. Now I’m human with a life lesson of the golden rule. I know my akashic download.

    1. Hello David!
      Refreshing to read this! And it is correct! We have been on many planets, ‘incarnating’ in a way of: When you’re in Rome, do as the Romans do! Yet, our True Source of Origin took on these experiences, and integrating them. Since it took Home It’s Own Incarnations, I recently found out that it can be confusing, when one is born into a family with different Starseeds. Because our Original Soul Source took on different Planet Experiences, It Knows in Knowingness and it understands in conceptual Love.
      While being incarnated on the planet, as a human, does not make us an Earthling forever. Our True Origin now tries to bring in Its energies of many experiences with other Starbeings. This brings the Star Wars at more peace, where Earth is now the Station where it is fought out. Super, that about your downloads! David also means: The Heart. Home is where the Heart Is. There where we came from, before mutating ourselves. bye bye!

  15. I can relate to a few of the starseed types. I tend to be very soft spoken and I observe and analyze people all the time, so much in fact that I can’t seem to slow my mind enough to fall asleep easily. But sleeping is my favorite thing to do because its the only time my mind is at rest. I am all about helping others and I am a firm believer that it is possible to attain unconditional love. I love the mountains and trees and rocks and minerals. I practice witchcraft and Shamanism.. I consider myself to be an Alchemist and healer, herbs and crystals are my tools of choice. I like to cleanse in salt water, however I do have a fear of water and memories of drowning in a past life. I am very much a jack of all trades and spend a lot of time creating all types of things, from drawing to painting , woodworking, jewelry making and other such crafty stuff. I also do tattoo work. I am very drawn to transmutation and evolution . I have the gift of hearing peoples thoughts and I practice many areas of metaphysics. Tarot, scrying, crystals. herbs etc. Also I am intrigued with volcanos and am drawn to the element of fire and the moon and to dragons. I am always cold too. I like heat. Everyone says I am very bright like a beacon, I am a bringer of light. I walk within the darkness so I can guide people and light their way. And I have seen myself doing magik with light between my hands, bending and manipulating it. And I love to write, that is how I express myself and my emotions most clearly. I also love to teach. I am very free-spirited and kind of a rebel at heart. Veru sensitive and empathic as well. Kind of a lost soul in ways. Horrible procrastinator often. And firmly believe that in order for me to be balanced I need to find my soul mate or twin flame. True love will conquer all.
    What type does that make me?? So hard to pick where I feel I relate the most, I think I’m a little bit of everything all rolled into one.

    1. Wow, you explanation sounds so much like myself. You find the words better than I do though. I will also note we have a similar username my email being lovely.Lisa29
      Thank you for your words.

  16. This was INCREDIBLY enlightening, but do you have any information on Leonid starseeds? I have a perfect Leo in moles on my left elbow, and generally constellations all over my arms. And I strongly relate to the Sirius Starseeds.

  17. Hoping for some clarification. I am highly intuitive and empathic. Clairvoyant at times. It used to freak me out but now I’m starting to think it’s my gift. I’m curious if I am one of these star seeds. I have dreams of saving people from “end of the world” type dreams. I guess I’m just trying to make more sense out of my experiences. I feel like I relate to the pliedian. Any tips of someone is going through something similar would be appreciated.

    1. Hi Mikayla ,
      I had experienced dreams out of this world and when I had a pastlife regression hypnosis , I was in the battlefield of the end of earth. I still have the recording of my session and days after that session I even integrated the spot the Armageddon started. Do trust your dreams as they are your soul’s memories. Much love to you starseed.

    2. Write down your dreams. Over the years, you will find the answers you seek as time draws out your reality with you.

    1. Usually yes , but in different family roles. ie;- Mother,Father ,Sons or Daughters, also Grandparents, Change on each incarnation. Depending on your agreeing contract, to live & learn, different, trials and goals, attributing to your lessons, when acheived ,you receive your blessings.

  18. Hi,
    I have a question. So if I am a starseed soul, did this soul jump into this body when it took its first breath as a baby? Is the soul attached to one body for its entire lifetime? How did these souls get put into human bodies and why?
    Kindof feels important to know.

    1. Yes, all souls enter the body upon conception/birth…depending on which you believe. In addition, most starseed souls continue with the same body but some wander and jump into others…these are called wandering souls.

    2. Hey! Star seeds were sent from their planet/star down to earth to assist humans. We chose to be in our body, we were there before birth. The soul will be attached to one body to complete its mission on earth.

    3. This is because maybe your planet was destroyed in a war ,or you just had a strong desire to experience a new environment in your past life , or you have a very important mission to accomplish on this earth or it can just be to balance your deeds that you did in your past life

    4. Would encourage you to look into Human Design. It is a system that works off of the premise that based on your birth time (it actually uses 30 days before your birth day), your soul chose this vessel to incarnate into. Human design is intended to give you the “user manual” to this vessel to more efficiently reach your potential and life purpose. It’s a fascinating practice.

  19. Yea still trying to fully understand which starseed I belong to. But I’ll be real honest. A label doesn’t neccesarily define my experiences. I am gona continue to do research. I understand completely my purpose in my spiritual journey. I must apply it to boring life today on earth.

    1. I am so glad you related this for me to see as I have just discovered that I am a Starseed. It made me feel uncomfortable to label and categorize. I feel that I do not belong to one particular origin. I am eager to find out what to do with my new awakening. It promised to be an amazing experience of discovery. Gratitude!

  20. I relate to three different starseed types. Pleiadian, Andromedian and Hadarian starseeds. I am striving to align myself with my higher self and have strongest connection with stars, universe, warm areas, and have often dreams about outside worlds, water, connection to the dead spirits mostly lost souls and these tend to scare me a lot. I am sensitive to light, smell, sound. I used to have dreams flying, observing earth. My connection to stars is getting stronger everyday. I sit and watch stars and wait for something extraordinary to happen. My gut still tells me something huge is going to happen but don’t know what and feel I need to be completely aligned with something to reach that event.

  21. Could relate with few but still don’t know I’m which one just know one thing believe in love n compassion very spiritual n love to help others

  22. I actually resonated with the Hadarian traits very strongly, even though I haven’t heard of them before. I also feel like I resonate with the andromedan traits to some extent, as well as (mostly physically) the draconian traits, especially low body temp and low blood pressure. Great article 💖

  23. Great work! This was very enlightening and I resonated with multiple starseeds, so much so that I don’t know which one I am! Is there an exercise you can recommend to find out which one I am?

    1. I relate to several Starseed types. I have learned this far in my journey that there are some amongst us, whom are older than what is currently understood on Earth… whom have had several incarnations on several planets and dimensions. I have galactic history on Vega, Mintaka, several other Orion and Pleiades stars; Arcturus and Sirius. Then there is also Lemuria. We learn as we go, and the deeper we travel within, the more we learn about ourselves. Keep an open mind… there might be more to you than just a single star! 🙏💜

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