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Mermaid Origins: Lost Civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis

Where do mermaids come from? Mermaid legends are told all over the world. We hear of mermaids in Ireland, Scotland, England, Israel, India, Greece, Syria, China, and in Africa. How is it that so many different cultures across the world have their own mermaid legends? How is it that cultures far away from one another have similar tales of mermaids? Most people believe mermaids are mythical creatures fit for a kid’s imagination and nothing more. But legends come from somewhere. Truth lies behind every legend, including the legends of mermaids and where they come from. A new age concept tells us mermaid origins come from lost civilizations like Lemuria and Atlantis. Learn more below.

Mermaids & Lost Civilizations: Lemuria and Atlantis

There were once civilizations of beings who were much different than modern humans. The beings that lived before us were human-like; however, they had different DNA. Today we would consider these beings extraterrestrial. One of these prehistoric civilizations, now called a “Lost Land”, was Lemuria (a.k.a. Mu or Motherland). In Lemuria, there were beings with the ability to shapeshift. Some Lemurian shapeshifters could breathe underwater. This was the origin of the mermaid legend. In Lucy Cavendish’s book Lost Lands, she explains their ability to breathe underwater is attributed to a hole that was located in the third eye spot. The water was breathed in and out through this hole. Cavendish has past life memories of being a mermaid in Lemuria, and was connected with the land and sea around her.

Yet another question is where did these mermaid beings come from BEFORE they lived in Atlantis and Lemuria? Some believe they were originally from another planet, specifically from the Orion constellation. Starseeds believe the planet Mintaka was covered in diamond-like waters and they say this is where whales and dolphins come from originally. Learn more about Mintaka here.

The Fall of Atlantis

Many people have past life memories of Lemuria – memories of swimming underwater with dolphins and whales. Some say they could walk right onto land and breathe the air too. So what happened to the mermaids and shifters from the lost civilizations? When Lemuria began to collapse, mermaids migrated to Atlantis with extraterrestrials and other shapeshifters. Unfortunately, there were darker beings that tried to mutate the Lemurian mermaid DNA leading to the destruction of Atlantis. Some of the mermaids escaped the fall of Atlantis, while many perished in the catastrophe along with the other beings. If they escaped, where did they go? What happened to the mermaids and mermen?

Mermaid Origins: Migration out of the Lost Civilizations

Legends of mermaids permeate cultures all over the world, from Asia to Africa. From Europe to North America and beyond. Is it possible that evolution could have gone a separate way when we were developing from mere fish as some theories suggest? Could these fish have evolved into mermaids and mermen who still live in the oceans today? Why are there so many legends and sightings if mermaids don’t actually exist?

If Lemuria and Atlantis could’ve existed, who’s to say mermaids and shapeshifters didn’t reside in these ancient cities along with human beings? This story of ancient times could be true. If the mermaids and shapeshifters left Lemuria and Atlantis and spread out across the world, this would explain the hundreds of mermaid legends all over the globe. What do you think? Could mermaids and mermen be real? What about the stories of Lemuria and Atlantis?

Mermaids in Greece

After the fall of Atlantis, the Lemurian and Atlantean refugees started new lives and built new civilizations. One of those civilizations became Greece. This is how the mermaid legends were passed down through time. One of the Greek mermaid legends tells of the siren. The Sirens were mermaids who lured sailors to their deaths using just their voices; however, in Homer’s Odyssey, sirens were depicted as bird-women. This indicates the ability to shapeshift, similar to the Lemurian mermaids. In other Greek legend, Alexander the Great’s sister turned into a mermaid following her untimely death. Mermaids and mermen appear in other tales from ancient Greece, and also in other ancient civilizations like Sumeria and Babylon.

Mermaids might have once been genius loci.

Mermaid Origins: The Ancient Celts and Mermaids

The ancient Celts also had legends of mermaid origins. There were stories of merrows, selkies, finfolk, and ben-varry. These creatures could breathe underwater but also on land. Depending on the region, mermaids and mermen could be helpful or downright dangerous. Mermaid sightings have been documented in Europe dating back centuries. My favorite mermaid sighting story was of a man who found two mermaid children dying on a cliff by the sea. He took the surviving mermaid home and nursed it back to health. The mermaid child never talked but would eat shellfish and stayed in a tub in the man’s home. The man believed the mer-children had washed to shore during a sea storm a few nights prior to. The man was a good soul and returned the mermaid back to its home in the sea. This story was published in a local newspaper in the 1800’s.


A different mermaid story is the story of the selkie. The selkie is thought to be a shapeshifter – one who can change from a seal to a man or woman when on land. This legend is often compared to the swan maiden and the frog prince. Men and women would fall hopelessly in love with selkies because they were gorgeous in their human form. There are even tales of men marrying selkie women, only to have their hearts broken when the selkie woman leaves and returns to the sea, never to be seen again. One legend says a woman can cry seven tears into the sea to call up a selkie man for love. Some say the story of the selkie was created by lonely sailors on long voyages away from home. They would see a seal and be mistaken for a lovely woman perched on a rock or seashore.

What Do You Think?

Read more information on the lost civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria in Edgar Cayce’s work. Find it in his books or clips of his audio on YouTube for free. Much of Cayce’s prophecies, as told in the early nineteen hundreds, have come true or have come close to truth in modern times. One of these predictions was the discovery of the Bimini Road in the Caribbean…Cayce claimed this was part of the lost civilization of Atlantis.

If we subscribe to the idea of Atlantis and Lemuria, then we might also believe mermaids and shapeshifters and aliens once occupied this planet. It seems far fetched, but how do we know what earth was like ten thousand years ago? What do you think? Do they exist and are mermaid origins linked to Lemuria or Atlantis? The problem nowadays is you never know whether a mermaid photo or video is real or fake. We have modern technology to thank for this.

Mermaid Origins: Where Do Mermaids Come From?

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  1. Erin

    May 16, 2022 at 2:47 pm

    I have webbed toes, i am naturally a great swimmer, I swim with my legs mostly together and that’s not a habit, and I am obsessed with the sea, and Ireland. I also have some strange talents that have to do with mermaid-like things

  2. Choco

    June 30, 2021 at 3:02 am

    I absolutely adore mermaids and am quite fascinated with Atlantis, Lemuria, and the Bermuda triangle. as a little girl I used to believe i could breathe under water and my mother says our family is built for swimming maybe just maybe I have a little bit of mermaid in me after all 🙂

  3. Estea

    June 6, 2021 at 2:26 pm

    What misses this article is what happens right now; dead sea animals like whales drift upon shore and they all have the same cause of death; inside the brain. This points to the cause of use of sonar weapons and tells us that something is lurking in the sea to find/kill , mermaids? This was a documentary I saw on youtube which uses this nowadays situations to build the story about mermaids

  4. lisa

    June 24, 2019 at 4:39 am

    I have a very strange spina bifida in my spine right at the bottom… It does not protrude or cause me pain in any way. I have amazing balance and unusual strength to do weighted squalts for my size and height 4-8 100 pds I have painted mermaids for a long time,

    1. Carol

      April 16, 2019 at 3:00 am

      I think we shapeshifted into human form. At present, only in dreamtime are we able to be of the water. We have a mission.

    2. Tom Wheeler

      June 8, 2019 at 11:33 pm

      You are very close. Perhaps I can give some hints, eh? Merfolk are not half-fish, half human. Fish have vertical tale fins, therefore merfolk are half human and half dolphin. Dolphins have existed for six million years longer than humans and have a brain similar in size. They must use it or the brain would have atrophied based on evolutionary theory. The third eye is actually the blowhole and, yes, they use it to breath underwater. Scientists such as Dr Horace Dobbs speculate that dolphins send holographic sound images to one another and have a more advance “language”, based on acoustics, than humans. He is close also. Not only is there communication more advanced, but their intelligence is also far advanced. When babies are formed in the womb between 1 month and ten weeks and grow from the size of a single grain of rice to a kidney bean, hospital and university scans show that their faces start with eyes on the sides of their head (like fish), jaw and palate like gills (which is seen in the human curve above the lip – philtrum) and nostrils (like blowholes) at the top of the head, which eventually come together to form the human face. It is not an accident that amniotic fluid is 40% the salt content of sea water. You see, we didn’t develop in the deep sea, we developed in the areas where natural and sea water met at the mouths of rivers where the salinity matched the womb. Dolphins are the true Atlanteans and merfolk. And us? Well, we came from the seas, not from the trees. Go stand by the ocean and tell me if you don’t feel the spiritual connection as evidence of this truth.

      1. IVANA

        November 16, 2019 at 10:01 pm

        Everything you said about dolphins sounds about right but humans are mixed with monkey and reptilian cells that’s why we have hair but we also have scales and you see them on our hands, we actually have a ‘reptilian brain’ and a fetus has a tail at first stages of developing … I believe that whoever made us was a scientist named Enki from atlanta who experimented with various animals to get the ‘perfect human’ he mixed his own peoples cells with all different creatures this is where stories of mermaids, half horse half man come in. He wanted to make us smart enough to do work but not too smart that we dont over throw the false gods

        1. IVANA

          November 16, 2019 at 10:03 pm

          Not too smart that we over throw the false gods*** is what I meant

  5. Oliver Clay

    March 23, 2019 at 10:17 am

    One evolved mind to another. Beautiful. Thanks Nichole

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  7. Nichole

    November 23, 2018 at 9:51 pm

    I have to say…
    With much love and respect; given from your type·words, “If we subscribe to the idea of Atlantis and Lemuria, then we might also believe mermaids and shapeshifters and aliens once occupied this planet. It seems far fetched”.
    Far fetched? Ha! I don’t understand why it is so difficult to imagine DNA-differed entities being a part of our realm(s)? On a bold enough emphasis, I find it ignorant to think we are the only ones. We have yet to discover creatures within our waters. Yet when a creature with a fish like fun and humanoid facial features comes up, it’s usually taking as a joke, swept under the rug, or believed by few. I respect all in their beliefs. I only wish to share my thoughts and maybe ONE! One skeptical person who may read this, will have evolved their mind towards a broader awareness in knowing we reside in a realm of multiple wonders & to SEE … Then my share will have been more worth sharing… 😉

    1. admin

      November 24, 2018 at 2:12 pm

      Thank you, Nichole.

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