Since the beginning of human life, we have been drawn to, fascinated by, and frightened of the sea. The ocean is vast and is still a mystery to us. All life began in the water, in our mother’s wombs and in the earth’s oceans. Perhaps this is why we are so drawn to it as sea witches. The depths of the ocean and what lives down there is unsure. But one thing is for sure – you don’t have to be a mermaid to harness the infinite power of the sea in your magical practice. Here we offer you 6 powerful spells for mermaids including a spell to become a mermaid (shapeshifting), love, and beauty charms with watery ingredients and settings.

First, Why the Mermaid?

Mermaids aren’t a new concept. Not even within the past few centuries. The belief in merfolk dates to prehistoric times. There are even cave paintings depicting half-human half-fish beings from tens of thousands of years ago! Some speculate whether the belief in the mermaid points to our evolutionary oceanic beginnings. If we began life in the ocean, perhaps there are half-human half-fish beings out there somewhere that simply evolved in a different way.

Mermaids, sirens, selkies, and other merfolk have captured our imagination for centuries. The modern obsession with The Little Mermaid barely scratches the surface. Our fascination with mermaids isn’t just limited to one or two cultures. It is a comparative myth and one that truly permeates human culture worldwide. From the merrows of Ireland to the mermaid goddess Yemaya of Africa, from Atargatis of the Middle East to the selkie of the British Isles.

Mermaids may look different by region, but they all have things in common – they are considered half-human (or human-like) and have a mystical air about them. Some are dangerous, while others are heroes. Some mermaids and mermen are depicted as beautiful, seductive creatures while others are terrifying like the pale, ghastly ningen of Japanese myth.

The Ocean and the Magic of the Water Element

The reason mermaids are so powerful is because they are one with the ocean. They radiate watery energy and represent the magic of the water element. As evidenced by the Undine of Wiccan elemental tradition. The Ocean is quite literally how life began on this planet and represents the Mother’s womb. It is the Great Mother’s womb. All life that resides in the ocean is that much closer to the Mother Goddess’ energy. And spirits that arise from the watery depths like mermaids and selkies are simply a spiritual manifestation of the water element.

A warning! Just as the ocean can be kind and cruel, so can mermaids and other “mythical” sea creatures. Just like human beings who are not all love and light, neither are spirits and elementals like mermaids. There are plenty of tales (pun intended) that talk of mermaids saving drowning sailors. Bringing them to land and giving them a second chance at life. But there are also tales of mermaids sinking ships and then dragging the sailors down to the bottom of the ocean. And keeping them trapped there for an eternity. Sure, all of this could be fairy tales or it could be symbolic.

Just be aware that mermaids aren’t always benevolent. They are mysterious and unpredictable. And their temperament might change from one moment to the next. Learn about the types of mermaids worldwide here.

Spells for Mermaids: Shapeshifting, Love, Beauty, and More

Mermaids are one with the ocean and therefore when invoked may grant intentions aimed at: love, beauty, intuition, psychic abilities, dreams, emotions, shadow work, peace, purification, storms, healing and more. That being said, here are 6 spells for mermaids or, maybe better said, spells that invoke the energy of mermaids.

1. A shapeshifting spell to become a mermaid

When it comes to shapeshifting, understand that we don’t physically shapeshift like lycanthropes in the movies. Shapeshifting is achieved through dreams and/or through shamanic journeying or astral travel. If you’re lucky or blessed, you might have lucid dreams in which you can change your shape into that of a mermaid. But if not, here’s a spell to become a mermaid during trance/meditation:

What You’ll Need:

  • Drumming music (look up shamanic drumming on your music app)
  • A quiet, relaxing space
  • A piece of coral, seashell, pearl, or something that connects you to the ocean

What to do:

  1. Turn on the drumming sounds and get comfortable while holding your sea talisman.
  2. Close your eyes and imagine you are walking along a shoreline. See the waves, hear the ocean, hear the seabirds, feel the sand under your feet.
  3. Continue walking until you feel comfortable enough to sit down on the sand and stick your feet into the lapping water. Familiarize yourself with this moment and with your environment. At this time, ask your guides to protect and guide you on this journey into the sea. And to bring you back safe and sound.
  4. Now enter the water and hold your talisman up to your third eye chakra. It will become your “eye” in the water and will give you the ability to see in the ocean and find your way back to the place where you began your journey.
  5. Breathe and continue to listen to the ocean around you. Submerge yourself entirely in the sea, knowing that you are becoming a mermaid and will be able to breathe underwater with no problems.
  6. See your feet fuse together and become a mermaid’s tale. See the scales take shape over your toes/fins and up your legs all the way to your hips. You are also breathing in the water pure and free.
  7. At this time, you are able to explore the ocean as you see fit. You may meet other mermaids, encounter wildlife, and/or see other spirits and events take place down there.
  8. Remain calm and know that your guides are there with you. Once you’re ready to return, tap your talisman on your third eye and it will guide you back to the shore where you entered the ocean.
  9. Before emerging from the water, your fin will fall way and your feet will be intact as before.
  10. Emerge and thank your guides, the mermaids, and the ocean for this amazing journey into the watery realm.
  11. Once you’ve opened your eyes and returned to reality, take a minute to ground and center. Eat a piece of bread if you still feel a bit out of sorts.

2. A Mermaid Spell Bottle to Draw Love into Your Life

If you’ve been looking for love in all the wrong places, perhaps it’s time to ask the Universe and Mother Ocean to send you the right soul. Maybe it’s time to invoke the mermaid’s seductive lure to draw love into your life.

What You’ll Need:

  • Small bottle or jar
  • Sand
  • 2 seashells
  • A pinch of jasmine flowers
  • A small piece of paper and pen

What to do:

  1. Create ritual space by cleansing your items and self. A purifying bath is appropriate and welcome to begin any mermaid spell.
  2. Focus on what you want in a partner. And what would be best in a partner to help balance YOU out as a person. Not just a lover but also a friend and companion. Write that down in a few sentences on your piece of paper. Then fold the paper towards you.
  3. Drop the paper into the bottle.
  4. Sprinkle your sand, add your seashells, and jasmine flowers to the bottle.
  5. Now cork or seal the bottle, shake it gently focusing on your intention, and say, “by the love of the ocean, by the Mother’s womb, I draw the right and best love toward me not near or far but soon.” Then say, “so be it”.
  6. Place the bottle on your nightstand or somewhere you’ll see it every day. Continue to gently shake it and state your intentions until your love comes into your life.
  7. Once your spell has manifested, take the bottle to your local body of water and dump the contents into the water. Keep the bottle itself for reuse.
The simplest sea magic there is.

3. Purification Ocean Ritual to Cleanse the Aura and Heal Yourself

The power of the ocean, and an ability every mermaid “swims in”, is purification. Neverending cycles of purification. Water is the universal purifier. And for a being that emerges from it, is just a part of life. Tap into those abilities by visiting the ocean and purifying yourself. This is as simple as dipping into the ocean and focusing on purifying your body, mind, and spirit while doing so.

There’s an old ritual of going into the ocean while the sun rises and letting the first 9 waves wash over your head. This cleanses away the funk attached to one’s aura and allows the Mother Ocean to replace it with healing, positive energy.

4. A Seashell Mermaid Spell to Conceive

One thing I personally know about the ocean and about mermaid energy is that it is quite fertile. If you are looking for a fertility spell that will aid in conception, I highly recommend invoking the aid of the mermaid and Mother Ocean. This is as simple as going to the ocean, gathering 6 seashells, and placing those seashells in purposeful places.

One place I would focus on is the bedroom. You can place the seashells under your mattress, on your nightstand, or under the bed. Creating a necklace or string with your fertile seashells also works wonderfully and can be hung from a bedpost or bedroom door. Hold a seashell in your hand and ask the mermaids to bless your union with fertility and love from the sea.

5. Mermaid Mirror Scrying for Prophecy

Mirrors are inextricably linked to the water element since our first mirror was indeed the reflection on the surface of the water. Because of this, mermaids are also linked to mirrors. In fact, I’ve been writing in a journal called The Mermaid’s Mirror Journal (by Lucy Cavendish) for the past few years and it has made a significant impact on my spirituality. Mirrors show us our reflection but they also act as portals…into seeing the future.

What You’ll Need:

  • A mirror (can be small or medium sized. You can even acquire one from a second hand shop)
  • Water in a large bowl or vessel
  • A pinch of sea salt
  • A candle and matches/lighter

What to do:

  1. First, add your sea salt to the water.
  2. Bathe your mirror with your hands by pulling and pouring water over it. Do this 9 times, visualizing the ocean opening a window into the future for you through this mirror.
  3. On the next Full Moon, take your mirror outside, and by candlelight peer into the mirror and into the future.
  4. You may see images in the mirror or you might hear things or see things with your mind’s eye. Be open to any and all messages.
  5. When you are done receiving images of the future, thank the mermaid’s mirror and cover it with an opaque cloth and put it away.
Romans and Celts believed and used magic mirrors

6. Spells for Mermaids: Hair Growth Full Moon Ritual

What are mermaids known for besides their voices? Their beauty, of course. And all that HAIR. If you’re having trouble growing out your hair or simply want to grow it longer, consider this spell for mermaids: a hair growth ritual.

What You’ll Need:

  • Hair Growth Oil made from olive oil and infused with rosemary
  • Ocean wave sounds / music (can be listened to on YouTube, Spotify, etc.)

What to do:

  1. Close your eyes and turn on the ocean sounds or any kind of music that reminds you of the ocean.
  2. Begin working your hair growth oil into your locks, starting at the crown of your head and moving out towards the roots.
  3. You may hum or sing, allowing the music of the ocean to naturally flow through your voice. Let the energy of the mermaid wash over you, travel through your hands, into your head and through your hair.
  4. Visualize your hair growing and flowing like the ocean.
  5. Continue to perform this mermaid ritual once a month for 3 lunar cycles until you notice your hair growing (it may be by length OR in new folicles by thickness).

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