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Modern Family Zodiac Signs: A Zodiac Guide To Family Dynamics

In these uncertain times with war in the world, inflation rising, and so much uncertainty, many of us are looking to astrology and spirituality for answers. Many of us have felt a strain on familial relationships or have even lost family members due to unforeseen events including the recent COVID pandemic. Seeking answers from Astrology after the plunge into the age of uncertainty may be what you are looking for, in terms of navigating your family dynamics. Read on to discover how the stars and modern family zodiac signs affect your family and the world around you.

How the Stars Influence Family Dynamics

You may find yourself constantly nit-picked by your overbearing father or missing the company of your aloof sister. Perhaps you’ve had two parents of the same sign. Or parents whose signs were the complete opposites. For me, I grew up with three Libra parents (two biological and one step), which sometimes made my childhood a little difficult. Other times, it made it fun. What signs are your parents and siblings?

Have you ever wondered how Astrology plays a role in the behaviors of your family members? An astrological factor that contributes to family dynamics is the 4 Elements that each member of your family belongs to. Let’s explore your family’s signs by element first.

What are the traits of Modern Family Zodiac Signs by Element? Let’s find out! 

Earth – Capricorn, Virgo, And Taurus

These are the members of your family who are modest, down-to-earth, and pragmatic. They are also hard workers and detail-oriented. Need a solution to manage your finances better? An Earth sign would be the best person to go to! The stability of routines and security they provide make them reliable family members! 

Capricorn – You will be able to recognize the Capricorn in your family by their incredible planning and attention to detail. If you have a father or mother who works well with other people and has no problems managing the work-from-home life, chances are you have a Capricorn on your hands! You might experience outbursts and temper tantrums when things get too overwhelming for a Capricorn, but know that they will calm down given space and time. This also seems to apply with those with a Capricorn moon sign.

Virgo – This is the most patient Zodiac of the Earth element. This is the sister who you can count on to help their little sibling with Math homework, or teach them something new. If there is one thing that a Virgo requires, it is a deep understanding of their values and who they are as a person. Misunderstandings amongst family members can cause a Virgo to lash out against their better judgement. Virgo is detail oriented, but sometimes to the extreme and needs to be reminded that having fun is an essential part of life too.

Taurus – The nurturing member of your family, who is often the glue keeping you all together. Taurus is an Earth sign that is excellent with children and can establish the right routines for the entire household to follow. A Taurus’ routine is an integral part of their living, so any disruptions to the same might result in irritability. If you find them getting anxious, consider giving them a crystal that can help them gain significant relief. They also do well with breathing exercises and a healthy diet.

Family Water Signs – Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio 

Water takes different forms – ranging from the vast expanses and force of an ocean to the gentle trickling of a stream. This element’s modern family zodiac signs are highly intuitive and emotional, who rely on their instincts to take them through life. Don’t try telling a lie to a Water sign, they are quick to realize something is amiss! Intuition and personal connection are big to these guys.

CancerThis is the introverted member of your family that will require patience and time. Given both, you can gently peel back the layers of these individuals and witness how incredibly sensitive and nurturing they are. Owing to their sensitive nature, they might be quick to take offense if caught in a conflict between other family members. Remember to watch your tongue when conversing with a Cancer, they might get hurt but will do their best to not show it. Cancers love being at home and sometimes need encouragement to get out of their comfort zone.

PiscesAnother sensitive and charming sign, Pisces individuals are often empaths. If you find yourself down in the dumps, you will not have to communicate the same to the Pisces in your family. They will sense your emotions almost immediately and will comfort you in their caring way. If you ever find a Pisces in a bad mood, give them time to come to terms with their emotions. Ask the intuitive Pisces in the family about the meaning of Angel Number 911, they will guide you on the divine energies of this number. 

ScorpioThis is the member of the family that you know you should never get into an argument with. Ruled by Mars, the Planet of Masculinity, and the God of War, many will find themselves intimated in the presence of an irate Scorpio. These are not individuals who will forget any wrongdoings done to them and have no problem exacting revenge. Be careful when dealing with a Scorpio. At the same time, the Scorpio family member is passionately loving and affectionate.

Fire – Leo, Aries, Sagittarius 

Dynamic, passionate, confident, and exuberant, those belonging to the element of Fire are known to be the life of the party. Extroverts who do not have any problems mingling with different kinds of crowds are the individuals who get along with every member of the family! 

Leo – This is the member of your family who takes pride in their achievements and capabilities. They have excellent self-control and can work well under pressure. But their pride might get in the way and insult or offend other people in the house. The result of this can be conflicts and drama, the cause being Leo’s pride. Try taking things with a pinch of salt when conversing with a Leo, to diffuse tension if you sense the same brewing. Pay them compliments but (as a parent) don’t allow their vanity to rule the household.

Aries – Another sign that you do not want to anger, Aries is the member of your family who gets irate over the smallest of things. This is the sign that is most prone to mood swings and violent outbursts of emotions. Some of these raging emotions may even manifest as temper tantrums in younger members of the element. You can work to calm them down by giving them a time-out and space to cool down and process their emotions. On the positive side, Aries is a funny, animated individual and has no problem making the entire family laugh.

Sagittarius – Sagittarius is among the most positive of the Fire element, but is known for the insensitivity towards the feelings of others. Do you have a member of the family with a sharp and blunt tongue? Yes, what you have on your hands is a smart and quick-witted Sagittarius. They may cause conflicts with their blunt words, but reminding them to be mindful of others’ emotions can be a helpful way to live with this sign. Sagittarius will take you on a journey with their adventurous ways and positive outlook on life.

Air – Libra, Aquarius, Gemini

Those belonging to the element of Air are logical, inquisitive, and always on the lookout for exploration and movement. Therefore, finding themselves confined to their home might cause them to feel suffocated. As opposed to the element of Water, Air depends heavily on logic and intellect while navigating life. Communication is a big theme too.

LibraA charming and polite sign, Libra is not likely ever going to explode in a fit of rage. They enjoy keeping their cool and continuing with their lives, being polite and calm in every interaction. Consider offering the Libra of your family an indulgent Full Moon bath that can help them feel cared for on days they are down. Now, if that Libra is on the cusp of Virgo, you might see those fits of rage more often.

Aquarius Do you have a member of the family who is smart and diplomatic? Conflicts just seem to settle with their words and behavior? That’s an Aquarius right there! Stimulating and engaging conversations are like ice cream on a warm day to an Aquarius! If you find yourself bored staring at your screen, pin down this member of your family and open a discussion on the paranormal. You will be occupied for hours! Yet Aquarius can be a bit flighty and must be gently reminded of responsibilities from time to time (another tip for parents of these signs).

GeminiAnother diplomatic air sign, Gemini often like to be right and have no problems expressing their opinions to others. However, when they do lose their cool, Gemini can argue for hours on end. If you ever find yourself in a room with a simmering Gemini, take some time to pay attention to what they have to say. Simply hearing them out can be enough to diffuse any potential for conflict. But also look out for signs of manipulation, as Gemini tends to be the sign that’s best with the snake-like tongue. If they are trying to use the powers of manipulation on you, acknowledge it (to yourself) and ignore it completely. Don’t feed into it.

What Activities Can These Modern Family Zodiac Signs Engage in to Settle under One Roof? 

To bond with your family more during these difficult times, take a look at which element they belong to. Once recognized, move on to devise engaging activities that bring the family together and stimulates each sign in the room.

For instance, a movie night followed by a discussion of the plot and characters engages Water and Air signs. Rope in a Taurus to help you out with dinner, or a Libra to discuss your situation at work. Consider asking each member their preferred bonding activity, and combine it into “family hours” spread out across the weekend. 

Use this Zodiac guide to bond with your family. And you will have a unit that is stable and secure through these turbulent times! Learn more about astrology by reading our recommended books.

Meet Rachel Torgerson, Our Guest Blogger:

Rachel Torgerson is a Tarot reader, dream-worker, shamanic healer, and the author of With roots in Christian mysticism, she blends elements of the divine feminine, dream interpretation, and sacred imagery into her spiritual practice and healing work. For many years, she has shared the magic of manifestation with thousands of clients by tapping into the transformational energy of color and Tarot to promote self-empowerment and problem-solving through retreats, lectures, workshops, and one-on-one services.

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