Aphrodite Love Bath Ritual with Angel Water

Aphrodite Love Bath Ritual with ANGEL WATER for Romance

Everyone wants to be loved and to have someone else to love in return. Most of us even crave that intimate, fiery, passionate love that comes usually once in a lifetime. If you find yourself longing for that partner who will make your knees shake and your head feel woozy, we recommend trying a little magic to draw love to you. This Aphrodite love bath ritual, be warned, will most definitely draw love to you. But it will be a powerfully romantic, lustful energy. So, if you’re not looking for a sexual intimacy, this might not be the ritual for you.

First, Write Down What You Want in a Lover…

The first important thing when it comes to love rituals and spells is your intention. The rule is simple – be clear on what you want. Or on the type of person you want to draw towards you. I recommend writing this down on a piece of paper or even in a journal. Define what you want as far as personality, looks, morals, occupation, etc. in a lover.

It’s also extremely important that you draw someone who is also clear on what they want in a relationship. For instance, you don’t want to draw a lover to you that only wants a one night stand, when conversely you were looking for a long-term commitment. So write this down.

In addition, you always want to define a time period or “deadline” so that you’re not waiting five years but instead five days. Etc.

Here’s what a clear intention for the Aphrodite love bath ritual might look like:

My lover will be a man around my age who is financially stable, funny, kind and caring. He will live closeby, be free of other romantic relationships, and will be looking for a long term relationship with a woman like me. We will match energy, get along well, and have lots in common. I will meet this man within the next week and it will be clear upon meeting him that we have a romantic chemistry.

Preparing ingredients for the Angel Water
Preparing to make the Angel Water

Next, Gather Ingredients for Angel Water for the Aphrodite Love Bath Ritual

Here’s why this ritual works and works FAST. The secret is the infusion known as Angel Water, also called Water of Venus and Myrtle Water. I actually discovered this recipe in Judika Illes’ Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells, in the magical formulary in the back (I am doing a FULL run-through of the formulary, of which I will be making and testing each recipe. You can follow that journey and learn along with me in my FB Group and on my IG page!)

Here is the power in the ingredients in Angel Water and why they’ve been used for centuries:


Myrtle is a type of tree in the Mediterranean and one that’s been part of magical formulas for thousands of years. Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, is said to have been born from the ocean, emerging from the water covered in Myrtle leaves.

According to the PresentTree, Myrtle trees were “planted in Aphrodite’s temples and she is often depicted with a Myrtle crown or wreath.” The flowers of the Myrtle tree have been part of European bridal customs for centuries, as well and are considered an aphrodisiac.

Myrtle leaves are the most powerful ingredient in this Aphrodite love bath ritual
Myrtle leaves

Rose Petals

Most of us know that the Rose is inherently linked to love and romance. Many of us have even received bouquets of red roses from lovers and admirers. Rose has an aphrodisiac quality to it, as most of us know by simply smelling one. One of the most sensual flowers, rose adds lovey-dovey energy to Angel Water and to any love bath ritual.

Added the rose petals and neroli to the Water of Venus
Rose petals and neroli being added to the Angel Water.

Orange Blossom (Neroli)

Orange blossoms are linked to love and have long been used in spells and rituals to draw passion into one’s life. Ironically, in the Victorian language of flowers, the orange blossom represented chastity and purity. I suspect this was religious influence since orange blossoms are also a known aphrodisiac and induce lust. You can use either orange blossoms OR neroli, which is orange blossom essential oil for the same effect.

Third, Make the Angel Water, aka Water of Venus

When I first learned of Angel Water, I had no idea it was actually a recipe tied to the Greek goddess of love – Aphrodite. Later it would come to be linked to her Roman equivalent – Venus. This is why another name for it is Water of Venus. Aphrodite and Venus are known for being goddesses of love and inducing powerful states of romance, passion, and lust.

Making Angel Water is as easy as infusing the herbs into your bath. Or you can make a bath tea/infusion like this.

What You’ll Need:

  • Myrtle leaves – 1/3 cup (I chose organic Myrtle that I found online since we don’t have Myrtle trees where I live)
  • Rose petals – 1/4 cup (also organic, rose petals I had on-hand)
  • Neroli oil – 3 drops of essential oil (any more and it will overpower the scent/aroma of the Myrtle and rose)
  • Moon Water – 2-4 cups

How to Make Angel Water

Last warning! This stuff is powerful! Immediately upon brewing it on my stove, my husband emerged from his office and got lovey dovey on me. I hadn’t even bathed in it or sprayed it on yet!

  1. Set your moon water on the stove on simmer.
  2. Bring to a simmer and add your myrtle leaves, while focusing on the lover you want and clearly defined.
  3. Next add your rose petals.
  4. Then last, 3 drops of Neroli essential oil.
  5. Stir three times clockwise and say, “Aphrodite. Queen of love. Grant me my desired lover, rain love down on me from above. Bless this Angel Water.”
  6. Remove from heat. Let the Angel Water cool and strain out the herbs.
  7. Bottle and use immediately or refrigerate and use within 7 days.
  8. Set aside a small amount to give to Venus / Aphrodite as an offering in exchange for her blessing.
  9. You can also use this as a spray on, but again it should be refrigerated.
Angel Water - a recipe from Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells.

Finally, Perform the Aphrodite Love Bath Ritual

Last, it’s time to actually perform the Aphrodite love bath ritual. This is a powerful spell to draw your lover to you. I recommend performing on a Full Moon or on a Friday.

First, test a bit of the Angel Water on your skin to make sure there are no allergies. But all you do is bathe in your Angel Water. I recommend pouring a cup into the bath water and soaking for at least 15 minutes. Drip dry (don’t use a towel) and go about your day. Love will come to you quickly.

If you saved extra Angel Water, you can add it to a small spray bottle and spritz yourself like a perfume before going to work or out on the town. This is a potent aphrodisiac, so be warned! You will draw the lover you wished for. But you may draw others to you, as well. So be discerning.

NOTE: Please be careful if you have any allergies to Myrtle trees, obviously don’t bathe in it! The same goes for orange blossoms and rose petals.

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