Moon Water Magic: Uses, Timing and How to Make Your Own

Moon Water Magic: How to Make Moon Water (Recipes Inside)

One of the simplest and most gratifying magical things to make is moon water. This holy water takes on the energies of the moon phases and has many amazing uses. We’ve discussed how to make moon water before in our Magical Waters article, but this time we’ll take a deeper dive and teach you different ways to make it and the different magic properties.

Why the Moon is SO Powerful

Our ancestors lived by the seasons, by the earth, by the sky and sea. They saw the sun rise, then the moon rise. They gazed up at the heavens and wondered where the shiny orb in the sky came from. And then about who put the giant glowing rock up there. They probably even noticed how the tides changed with the waxing and waning of the moon. In fact, many of our ancestors lived their lives by the moon phases and followed the lunar cycles – thirteen makes a full year. They might have also noticed how women’s menstraul cycles aligned with the lunar cycles. Hence, this is why the word men-struation exists…men meaning moon.

After the Abrahamic religions rose to power, much of the old ways were lost. But the wise ones, the pagans in hiding, the shamans, the witches still kept some of our sacred moon traditions alive. And today, we are seeing a resurgence of moon worship and modern generations working rituals on different moon phases. When you align yourself with the moon, you’ll notice an increase in your intuition and personal power. Making moon water is just one way of connection.

Moon Water Magic Properties

Depending on the moon’s phase in which you make your moon water will give it different magical properties. Here’s the magic properties listed by lunar phase:

  • New Moon Water: made under a New Moon will take on the New Moon properties of new opportunities, cleansing, renewal and rebirth, etc.
  • Waxing Moon Water: made under a Waxing Moon gives it qualities of growth, expansion, drawing things to oneself like love, friendship, career success, etc.
  • Full Moon Water: typically the most potent form is made under the Full Moon. Full Moon helps all of your intentions manifest including: love, success, prosperity, empowerment, etc. It’s also great to use for divination, cleansing and consecrating, amplifying power of rituals, etc.
  • Full Moon Lunar Eclipse: yes you can make moonwater on a Blood Moon and Lunar Eclipse. Just be aware of how the moonwater reacts with your own personal energy and how it adds to your rituals and spells.
  • Waning Moon Water: made under a Waning Moon will have the following qualities: banishing, releasing, diminishing things from your life like bad habits, toxic relationships, exorcising ghosts and spirits, reversals, etc.

How to Make Moon Water: Easy Recipe

Your batch can be as simple or as elaborate as you’d like. Here’s our simplest recipe:

What You’ll Need:

  • Water (preferably spring or filtered water if nothing else – but use what you have!)
  • A glass or silver vessel (this can be a silver bowl, a glass cup, a glass jar, etc.)
  • Choose your moon phase to make the moon water!

How to Make Your Moon Water:

  1. Gather your ingredients.
  2. Pour your water into the vessel of your choice (a jar or bottle with an airtight lid is best)
  3. Place outside where the moon’s beams will hit it.
  4. Leave out overnight, remove in the morning before the sun hits it.
  5. Store and use as you’d like.
Healing Full Moon Water
Healing Waters

How to Make with Herbs, Salts, and Crystals

Another way to make this magical water is to add ingredients to it depending on your intentions and how you’ll use it. For example, certain herbs can be added to the water, as well as salt and crystals. Fresh herbs, in my opinion, are best but again use what you have! Here’s our (more elaborate) Healing Full Moon Water recipe:

What You’ll Need:

How to Make It:

  1. Gather your ingredients.
  2. Add your sprigs of rosemary to the vessel.
  3. Add your tablespoon or two of Himalayan pink salt.
  4. Pour your water into the vessel.
  5. Leave outside where the Full Moon’s beams will hit it.
  6. Remove the water from outside in the morning before the sun’s rays hit it.
  7. You can remove the rosemary sprigs or leave them in for as long as you’d like!
  8. Store and use to your preferences.

Storing Moon Water

Should you use your moon water immediately upon making it? You can, but you can also store it and wait to use it. I’ve found the best way of storage is either refrigration for up to a few weeks OR freezing it and using it as you need. You can even pour the moon water into an ice cube tray and pop a moon water cube out each time you need one! I love this method. In addition, I’ve seen people add a little alcohol to the mix, which preserves it for a while, then use it as a spray around the house, etc.

Make it Your Own!

We’ve given you some ideas, but you should always make your recipe your own. You can add other kinds of salt, dried herbs and spices, AND crystals. Be sure the crystals don’t dissolve in water (i.e. selenite will dissolve) OR give off toxic chemicals (i.e. labradorite). Some examples of crystals that you can add: citrine, clear and rose quartz. Experiment with different fresh herbs like rue, culinary sage, mint, lemon balm, basil, etc. Also, by using various kinds of water will give you an idea as to the differences in magical potency and results. I.E. ocean water, spring water, waterfall water, creek, river, etc.

Moon Water Magic Uses

You made your first batch of moon water, but now what? What can you do with it? There are SO many ways to use this magical water, including:

  • Add a cup to the bath to cleanse, heal, etc.
  • Put it in a spray bottle and spritz your altar and house
  • Use it to wipe down your magical tools to cleanse and charge at the same time
  • Use as an offering to your goddess by putting it in a bowl on the altar
  • Wash your windowsills and doorframe to bring in blessings
  • Pour over your head and wash your hair in moon water to awaken psychic abilities
  • Add a cup/cube to the laundry to enchant your clothing
  • Wash your floors with moon water
  • Yes, you can drink moon water, but I recommend either boiling it to remove impurities OR refrigerating it first. Also keep in mind, if you have the moon water open to the elements, dirt and bugs might enter the water and then it won’t be great to drink.

MORE Magical Moon Timing: Eclipses, Etc.

In addition to charging your water under a specific moon phase, use major astrological events too. For example, moon water charged under a blue moon is especially unique and potent because a blue moon only happens once in awhile! Lunar eclipses and Blood Moons are great to make moon water, as are nights with meteor showers. You can also time it with specific month’s full moons. For instance, make it on a Full Wolf Moon will hold special qualities of that month and animal, etc. Or making it under your lunar return (when the moon moves into your sign, i.e. Full Moon in Sagittarius, Waxing Moon in Gemini, etc.)

Moon Water Magic: How to Make Your Own!

8 thoughts on “Moon Water Magic: How to Make Moon Water (Recipes Inside)

  1. Thank you! I too make waters under the celestial events with moons and even charge oils and herbs that I want to have the added strength.

  2. Because tere will be a full moon tonight, I am super excited. Except I’m a witchling in the broom closet. So I’m encouraging my parents to make our favorite meals and getting ready to make moon water, do a spell or two and use the moon’s magick for it. I’m keeping all of my tools out of sunlight so it does not cancel it out. I will put all of my tools and crystals out on my windowsill where nobody will notice and gathering ingredients like rosemary, lavender, basil, etc. I have many oak trees in my yard, (lucky me) so I might instead put my tools in the side yard at the foot of my outside altar for Curnonnos and ask him to charge them during the full moon. I might gather fresh ingredients at dusk instead of the ones I harvested a few days ago. I plan on putting my tools in a bowl of saltwater in my closet too until night.
    Bright Blessings,

  3. While I am never one to claim I know everything, nor do I even know most things, I am sure of my craft as a Lunar Witch and Divine connection to Moon and her Deities.
    With that being said, your advice that Moon water can be made into some kind of super moon water under an eclipse moon, is not only irresponsible and incorrect, it can lead to wholly harmful, if not catastrophic, results.
    An eclipse is the time to Edit out any of the cosmic lunar energies that are not serving you, not drink them in!
    For example, the strawberry moon on June 5 of this past year, that was a crazy energy and I can’t imagine the poor soul that ingested Moon water or attempted healing with crystals that had baked under it.
    I suggest you take more responsibility as an information source and whoever it is that wrote this crap, do whatever he or she needs to correct themselves and reach the same amount of readers with a retraction, as they did with the original post. Then, this person needs to put down their pen and stick to reading the advice columns in gossip rags and leave all things celestial to those that hold magick sacred.

    1. Kate – I suggest you take your ridiculous rules and go elsewhere. Go ahead and start your own blog and teach your ludicrous, stringent ways. I’ve been practicing since the late 90s, when we didn’t have crazy people like you telling us online that eclipse energy is wrong to use in magick. Made moon water and performed ritual that weren’t just effective, they were powerful. Goodbye.

  4. This was super helpful for a baby witch like me. I love the way the articles on this site are written because they explain the thing, how to make the thing, ideas on what to do with the thing and then say make it your own or do what feels right. Love it. Thank you so much!

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