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Waxing Moon Magic and Rituals for Job Success, Hair Growth and More!

The moon’s phases effect the ocean tides, our emotions, and our magick. The Waxing Moon is particularly powerful. We hear a lot about the Full Moon and its magick, but often overlook the Waxing Moon’s energies. Here we provide the Waxing Moon’s magical properties and associations, as well as Waxing Moon rituals for growth, opportunities, love, and more!

The Magic of a Waxing Moon

What is the Waxing Moon? The Waxing Moon is the moon phase in which the moon appears to be growing. It ends when the moon is Full. It’s approximately 12 days long. This is a time to take advantage of GROWING things in our lives. Expanding on our intentions and dreams. Magical intentions to work on a Waxing Moon include: attracting love and friendship, growing career success, monetary accumulation, and more. When you hear Waxing, think Growth.

Waxing Moon Jar Ritual for Career Success

Harness the unique energy of a Waxing Moon to grow your career success. Start your ritual at the beginning of the Waxing Moon, coming to a complete manifestation on the Full Moon.

What You’ll Need:

  • A glass jar with metal lid
  • 3 Herbs of Your Choice (choose herbs that relate to prosperity and growth)
  • Rice (represents growth and abundance)
  • Piece of paper and pen
  • 12 chime/spell candles (yellow or green)
  • Large bag or pouch

How to Cast Waxing Moon Jar Ritual:

  1. Prepare the space. Cleanse the area and your supplies by smudging or your preferred method.
  2. Turn on ritual music, light some candles, dim the lights and light incense, set the mood.
  3. Begin by dedicating each herb to its assigned purpose. You can do this by whispering to each herb it’s “job”, then placing it in the jar.
  4. Then take your paper and pen and write your intention for growing your career success 3 times. Roll the paper towards you. Blow gently on the paper (your breath is activating your written intention) Place the paper in the jar.
  5. Next pick up the rice and also tell it it’s “job” then pour it over the herbs and paper in the jar, nearly to the top, leaving a little space at the top of the jar.
  6. Last, pick up the jar and pray over it, “by the waxing moon’s might, my career success grows and grows, by Full Moon’s light my manifestation glows. By power of 3 times 3, so mote it be.”
  7. Blow gently into the jar, seal it, then burn a yellow or green chime candle (safely) on top of the jar. A tip is to melt a bit of the wax on the bottom of the candle and then stick the candle to the lid. Allow the wax to drip over the jar lid. (Never leave candles unattended! And keep away from flammable items!)
  8. Continue to burn a chime candle once every night until the Full Moon.
  9. Bag up the remnants and keep it in a place that represents your career (office – desk drawer, home office, etc.)

Waxing Moon Ritual for Hair Growth and Beauty

As the Waxing Moon is a great time to grow things, here’s my Waxing Moon magic ritual for hair growth and beauty. I recommend making the oil on the first night of the Waxing Moon, then straining and using on the Full Moon.

What You’ll Need:

  • Olive or jojoba oil
  • 1 tbsp lavender
  • 1 tbsp rosemary
  • A jar with airtight lid

How to Make Waxing Moon Hair Growth Oil:

  1. Place the dried herbs in the jar. Throughout the creation process envision what you want your hair to look like.
  2. Cover with oil.
  3. Close the jar and shake it.
  4. Label it and let it sit in a cool, dry place for the entire Waxing Moon cycle, remembering to shake it daily.
  5. On the Full Moon, strain out the herbs.
  6. Rub the oil into your scalp and let it sit for at least an hour up to 12 hours. Then wash out, visualizing your hair growing long and beautiful.
  7. Keep the remaining oil to use again on the next Waxing or Full Moon.

More Waxing Moon Magic Ideas:

There are SO many wonderful things you can do on a Waxing Moon:

The Waxing Moon is a great time to cast magic for literally anything you want to attract or have more of in your life! Your magick only knows your creative limits.

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Grow Your POWER Waxing Moon Spell:

First, What You’ll Need:

  • A clear night where you can see the Waxing Moon
  • A Talisman such as a moonstone necklace
  • Green clothing

How to Cast the Spell:

  1. On a clear night where you can clearly see the Waxing Moon, cleanse yourself of all negative energy via smudging or a ritual bath.
  2. Dress yourself in all green clothing from head to toe.
  3. Cleanse your chosen talisman (a moonstone necklace is PERFECT for this ritual but any talisman will work!).
  4. Go outside and lay down in the grass or greenery.
  5. Gaze up at the Moon. Slow your breathing.
  6. Let the world around you fade away. Feel the ground pulsing beneath you and the Moon’s light shining down on you.
  7. At this point, you are ONE with the earth and the moon’s light is GROWING your powers. The Moon’s light is also charging your talisman so that after this ritual, whenever you wear it, your magical powers are amplified.
  8. Close your eyes and visualize yourself as a plant or tree, one with the earth but growing and reaching towards the heavens – towards Mother Moon.
  9. Lay there for as long as you’d like. Then go about your night. Keep your charged talisman in a special bag or box and where when you need extra power. You can repeat this Waxing Moon ritual every Waxing Moon, if you’d like!
Waxing Moon Magic: Rituals for Hair Growth, Job Sucess and More!

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