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Manifestation Magick for the Green Witch: Dreams Come True Plant Spell

Sometimes we need a little help manifesting our dreams in reality. Sometimes the law of attraction just isn’t breaking down the barriers and bringing our intentions to life like we thought it would. So what do we do? Manifestation magick using the subtle, strong energies of mother nature! With this beautiful plant spell, manifesting your dreams for career success, committed love, and more are within reach.

Spell Type: Manifestation Magick for Green Witches

Intention: Manifest Your Dreams Plant Spell
Timing: New Moon and Full Moon


  • A healthy, growing plant (preferably blooming)
  • Some of your hair (take from a comb or brush)
  • Water (and a vessel to hold it)
  • Wine (and a vessel to hold it)
  • Knife or garden shears
  • Small sachet or muslin bag

Plant Manifestation Magick Instructions:

NOTE: This spell is 2 parts. You’ll perform the 1st part on the New Moon, which is preparation, and then on the Full Moon the 2nd part will be completed which is manifestation or the harvest.

1. On the New Moon, gather a bit of your own hair (from a brush will work). Take your hair and a cup of water with you.

2. Go to your garden or nearest forest.

3. Walk in silence. Choose one plant, preferably a blooming plant, that calls to you.

4. Kneel down and place your hair around the trunk/stem of the plant. Say, “as I offer a bit of myself to nourish you, dear _____ (insert name of plant here, i.e. rose, dogwood tree, etc.), I ask that you nourish my intention to ___________________ (Insert your intention here, i.e. manifest my dream job working for _______ field). With each inch you grow, with each seed I sow, my dream manifests and comes true.” (Your hair serves as a personal offering/sacrifice to the spirit of the plant and thus gives it energy to do your manifestation magick.)

5. Cover your hair with dirt, so that it’s not visible to any passersby. Then take your water and water the plant. Say, “this water acts as a conduit of manifestation.”

6. Wait 2 weeks. On the Full Moon, you’ll revisit the plant by the light of the moon. Take a basket or small bag with you. Also bring a cup of water or wine and a knife or garden shears.

7. Harvest a bit of the same plant – be it a flower, seed pod, bark, etc. While you harvest, thank the plant for nourishing your dream and growing it to reality. You are symbolically harvesting/reaping your dreams.

8. Put the plant in your bag, then pour the water/wine onto the ground in gratitude.

9. Go home and in the light of the Full Moon, place a bit of your plant into a small sachet or muslin bag.

10. Charge it in the Full Moon light and carry it on you (or put in appropriate place) until your dream’s manifestation comes to light.

11. Once your dream manifests, bury your spell bag in your garden or yard.

A Warning on Manifestation Magick and Plant Spells

First, just because you do a spell doesn’t mean your dreams will come true in real life. A. they have to be realistic and within reach. and B. you have to put in the work behind them to make them actually manifest. For example, you’ll never got the job of your dreams if you never educate yourself, network, or apply for the job!

Second, always be careful with what plants you work with in nature. Some may be poisonous and some may be endangered. Research the plant before handling it, and always handle unknown plants with gloves. Never consume or use unknown plants topically. Only take a small amount of what you need, not the entire plant.

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