35+ Pagan Things to do in the Spring

Pagan Things to Do in Spring: 30+ ULTIMATE List of Activities

Just admit it. You’re glad Winter is gone and Spring is here. What pagan doesn’t love the Spring? Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, and baby animals are everywhere! Now’s the time to shake off the Winter dust and get outside. Here’s the ULTIMATE list of 30+ pagan things to do in Spring.

Pagan Things to Do in Spring

Spring has sprung and pagans are about to have some fun. Winter’s given way to a burst of life not only in nature but within ourselves. In the Spring, we feel refreshed, revitalized, and ready to create new memories. Ready to grab onto new opportunities, maybe make new friends, start new projects. And celebrate some of our ancestors’ ancient Spring festivals:

1. Celebrate Imbolc

The first stirrings of Spring are marked by Saint Brigid’s Day on February 1st, also known as Imbolc. Celebrate the first coming of Spring and Brigid’s honor with a bonfire and a brisk walk to find the first blooms (i.e. snowdrops, azaleas, etc. depending on your location).

2. Make Brigid’s Crosses

Before, during, or even after Imbolc, craft Brigid’s crosses from reeds or fronds. They’re a traditional representation of Saint Brigid in Ireland. Hang above your door to ward off illness and negative energy in the days ahead.

3. Plant Seeds

It’s time to plant seeds in the garden! Try a mixture of herbs, flowers, and vegetables this Spring. Don’t have room for a full-blown garden? Plant seeds in pots and watch the plants grow. Pagans have had a connection to trees and plants for thousands of years.

4. Start a Fairy Garden

Witches and pagans have been connected to fairies for hundreds of years. This Spring, start a fairy garden with your kids (or by yourself). Set up little houses, furniture, and a place to leave the fairies offerings. Fairies are very active in the Spring. This is one of my favorite pagan things to do in Spring.

Spring Pagan Things to Do: start a fairy garden
Start a fairy garden this Spring!

5. Walks in the Park

If you live in the city or suburbs, Spring is the perfect time to take walks in the park. Get outside, connect with the elements and Mother Earth, and allow your gods and goddesses to speak to you through nature signs. Not to mention, it’s just healthy for you to get outside.

6. Take Historical Field Trips

Do you know all about the land where you live? The indigenous people who lived there before you? Have you visited any of the historical or sacred sites in your area? If not, Spring is a great time to check out those sacred sites and natural landmarks. You can also take a sacred pagan pilgrimage.

7. Create a Genius Loci Profile

This one is SO important. If you haven’t already, create a genius loci profile this Spring. A genius loci profile details the land where you live including its wildlife, plants, trees, landscape, etc. This really gets you in touch with the land spirits/guardians (genius loci) where you live.

8. Find the Flowers

When Spring first arrives, get outside and find the first blooming flowers you can find! This will vary depending on location but might include snowdrops, daffodils, azaleas, etc. Don’t pluck them…let them grow!

Pagan Things to Do: Go wildflower picking!
Go find the first blooming flowers!

9. Plant a Tree

The Celts worshiped trees, and you should too. Plant a tree this Spring to honor Mother Earth and the trees. And study tree magic.

10. Sidewalk Messages

Write nice messages to passersby on the sidewalk with chalk. You can do this with the kids. Smiley faces, trees, suns, etc. Sayings like “smile”, “I love Mother Earth”, “today’s a great day”, etc.

11. Read a Book Outside

Pick up a good book and go outside to read it. Sit in a swing, rocking chair, lay in a hammock, or pull up a seat on the grass. Enjoy breathing the fresh air and hearing nature’s sounds while reading.

12. Cleanse & Redecorate Altar

Spring means spring cleaning! The season has changed, so it’s time to cleanse and refresh your altar. Take down all the Wintry decor, dust your altar off, spray it with sage spray (whatever you do to cleanse your altar), then charge your items and redecorate for Spring. Include things like flowers, eggs, birds, suns, etc. to represent the Spring season.

13. Celebrate Ostara

The Spring sabbat known as Ostara marks the Spring Equinox, or the first official day of Spring. Celebrate with your family by painting and hiding eggs, carrying on the Easter bunny tradition, picking flowers, and making sweet treats.

14. Divination Outside

Let the nature spirits talk to you through divination. Take your oracle and tarot cards, rune set, pendulum, etc. outside for a Spring fortune-telling spin!

15. Horseback Riding

What’s more fun than trying something new and playing with animals? Try going horseback riding. Many farms offer trail riding or horseback riding lessons. You’ll get outdoors and connect with the majestic animal the horse.

Try horseback riding this Spring!

16. Look for Four Leaf Clovers

Four leaf clovers are considered good luck. This Spring, find the luck of the Irish by searching for four leaf clovers in your yard or neighborhood. When you find it, take it home and preserve it in a photo album.

17. Spring Cleaning & Smoke-cleansing

Spring cleaning applies to Pagans, too! Give your house a good cleaning – physically – top to bottom. Wash the curtains and linens, dust, vacuum, and de-clutter. Once you’re done physically cleaning the house, cleanse the air by smoke with sage, rosemary, cedar, palo santo or sweetgrass. Adding wards (or refreshing your current wards) to the property and upping the ante on your protection ritual is appropriate too.

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18. Butterfly Gardening

One of my favorite pagan things to do in Spring is butterfly gardening. The butterfly is one of my familiars and nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing butterflies in my garden. Plant butterfly host plants and nectar plants. You’ll see the butterfly’s full life cycle. Be sure to get the kids involved as they’ll get a science lesson and pagan activity in one!

Start a butterfly garden this Spring!
Start a butterfly garden!

19. Magical Foraging

Another fun pagan thing to do in Spring is magical foraging. This is when you go out in to nature and find magical tools and ingredients. Just be sure to only take what you need and never leave trash behind. Also, be sure you don’t mess with any poisonous plants in the process or disturb the local wildlife.

20. Play in the Rain

Be a kid again and go outside during a rain shower. Jump in the puddles, roll around in the mud, get messy! You’ll be connecting with the elements water and earth.

21. Spring Break Trip

When the kids get a Spring Break, you should take a Spring Break. Plan a trip to a beautiful natural landmark or historical site. This way you get the whole family outside and get some R&R. Go to the beach, mountains, lakes, etc.

22. Farmer’s Market Shopping

With the return of the sun, we’ll start to see some vegetables and fruits harvested in the Spring. Hit up your local farmer’s market and buy some fresh produce to feed the family. Nothing’s better for you than mother nature’s food.

23. Identify Plants and Trees

This goes along with creating a genius loci profile, but can be stand-alone as well. Go for a walk and find one plant or tree that you find interesting. Snap a picture. Then when you’re home look online and try to identify the tree or plant. You’ll always remember it from here on out.

Honor the Green Man
Pagans honor the Green Man in Spring.

24. Honor the Green Man

The Green Man returns to the woods around Beltane (May 1st). Honor him by hanging a Green Man plaque in your garden and leaving natural offerings in the forest.

25. Cloud Divination: One of MY Favorite Pagan Things To Do in Spring

When you were a kid, did you stare up at the clouds? Do that now as an adult or with your kids! Divine messages from the gods and ancestors by reading the shapes and patterns in the Spring clouds.

27. Outside Ritual

Now that the weather is warming up, it’s time to perform a ritual outside. One of the most pagan things to do in the Spring is to do your connecting with the gods and ancestors in your own backyard. Or find a place that doesn’t see a lot of the public so you can have privacy.

28. Throw the Windows Open

I like to welcome Spring by throwing open the windows in my house on a nice breezy day. The Spring breeze itself has cleansing properties and will sweep away the negative energy lying dormant in your house.

29. Greet the Sun

Rise early to greet the sun’s return to the sky. This honors the sun and the gods. Sip your coffee and watch the sunrise OR if you’re feeling extra spunky, greet the sun with a yoga sun salutation or a sowilo runic stadha.

Pagans greet the sun as it rises in the Spring.

30. Fresh Flowers

Go wildflower picking and bring them home. Then place them in vases around the house to honor Mother Earth and the re-awakening of the goddess.

31. Identify Wildlife

Do you know all of the birds, insects, and animals in your location? If not, go for a walk or sit outside and choose a bird, insect, or animal you may not know. Snap a photo and look it up online. Add it to your genius loci profile in your grimoire.

32. Erect a Maypole

Our ancient pagan ancestors celebrated the Spring and the Summer and erected maypoles. Erect one in your yard as decoration and then dance around the maypole with ribbons on Ostara or Beltane!

33. Storm Water

April showers bring May flowers. But before the April showers stop, be sure to put a vase or jar outside to collect a little storm water. Store and use for magical purposes.

34. Light a Candle: Pagan Thing to do in Spring (And Year-Round)

Dedicate a gold, yellow, or orange candle to honoring the sun’s return. Light it on a daily basis. You can do the same with a red candle for the ancestors, a white candle for the god/goddess, etc.

35. Honor the Maiden

If you’re Wiccan or follow the triple-goddess concept, Spring is the time to celebrate the goddess in her Maiden aspect. Honor her by studying maiden goddesses and emulating the aspects of the maiden goddess in your own life.

36. Study the Meaning of Spring

Study the meaning of Spring to ancient peoples. Choose a few of your ancient ancestors and study the history of their survival. How they lived. And what Spring and the sun’s return might have meant to them after a long, hard Winter.

37. Make Love

In pagan times, Spring was the season of new love and fertility. Beltane in May was particularly centered around making love and fertility rites. So be like your ancestors and get it on this Spring.

Spring Pagan Things to Do: It’s What You Make of It

I believe every day is a gift from the gods/universe. Every Spring day should be considered even more so. Anything you do in a mindful way for your family, the earth, yourself, strangers, etc. honors the gods and ancestors. Be thankful for all you have and show your gratitude this Spring. Maybe you’ll come up with a few more pagan things to do in Spring for this list!

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