PROECTION Spell Kit: SHIELD the Home from Negative Energy


SHIELD the Home Protection Spell Kit for deflection and warding of Negative Energy entering and affecting the household. Includes a beautiful set of handmade witch’s bells, cedar tip herb bundle, herbal protective oil, herbal infused salt, 4 small raw crystals, and instruction card.

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Otherworldly Oracle presents a beautiful, ingredient-packed, FULL protection spell kit to SHIELD your home spiritually from negative energy, psychic attack, and the ICK. Have you noticed some discord in the family lately? A string of bad luck hitting the house? Is there a low-key spiritual intrusion going on in your home? Try our SHIELD the Home Protection Spell Kit for spiritual security of the household, follow the instruction card, and feel the difference in your home’s vibes almost immediately. 

The SHIELD Your Home Protection Spell Kit includes some amazing products:

~ ONE beautiful set of Witch’s Bells handmade by our partner StampItOutLoud13

~ One organic cedar tip smoke-cleanse bundle meant to be safely burned and used to smoke-cleanse your home/space

~ One 2 oz. container of our powerful Shield the Home Herbal Salts (a blend of sea salt, protective oils, and herbs) to be used to draw protective circles on the ground

~ One 2 oz. amber bottle of our Protection Oil to be used for sigil and symbol writing with eye dropper screw top

~ A small sachet with FOUR small raw crystals (approx. 1″ each) to be used as warding devices around the property

~ An instruction card that explains the full protection spell process and how to use this kit effectively to spiritually cleanse, bless, ward, and seal the home for ultimate protection from negative energy. Which can also be added to the witch’s grimoire for future reference.

This is a protection spell that Otherworldly Oracle has used personally for years and believes in to the fullest. It’s time to step up your ritual protection magick! Find the FULL tutorial on this protection spell here.

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Weight 16 oz
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