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ULTIMATE Protection Spell: SHIELD Your Home from Negativity

Tired of the same negative energy being dragged through the door? I got you, witch. And I feel your pain. But let me tell you a little secret, when I keep my protective magic at its most potent, I see and feel less of the energetic yuckies than I did before. In this post, I plan to share with you my exact protection spell for my house that I use whenever I feel the need to boost my protective spiritual barriers. Let’s go.

What You’ll Need for this Protection Spell

This spell acts as a magical “shield” around your home and property. So, before beginning, put that visual in your mind. That you’re casting a protective barrier around your home against negative energy, the evil eye, and the like.

The first thing you’ll have to do is gather your spell supplies.

  • Cedar smoke cleanse bundle and fire proof receptacle like a shell or bowl
  • Protection oil – you can make your own or buy it but it should be an oil that’s infused with protective herbs like rosemary, rue, cinnamon, etc. – just about a tablespoon
  • Salt and/or protective powder – a handful should do
  • 4 raw crystals – small size
  • Witch’s bells
  • (Or you can purchase the full kit for ease of use in our shop)

When to Cast the Protection Spell

Honestly, you don’t have to wait for the moon to be full or waxing or until the next lunar fart in order to cast a protection spell. If you feel you need to boost your barriers, you can literally do this any time. Of course, sometimes you might find it is more powerful when cast on a Full Moon or on a specific day of the week, i.e. Thursday (Thor’s Day) or Wednesday (Wodan’s Day) would be appropriate for protection spells. Some witches even like to cast spells down to the planetary hour. But for this protection spell, just know you can cast at any time you feel the need.

Full Tutorial: SHIELD Your Home Protection Spell

1. Smoke Cleanse Your Space and Yourself

The first step in the protection spell process is to purify your home and space. Almost every ritual begins with a good cleansing. I typically use a smoke cleansing bundle like rosemary or cedar to banish any negative vibes. Remember to open your windows to let the negative energy escape your home.

Start at the front door and work around your entire house in a circular pattern, returning to the front door to end the cleansing process. Get the corners, closets, and other nooks and crannies in your home if the negativity has been particularly pervasive. Always use a firesafe dish to catch your ashes and keep in mind you may set a fire alarm off if you get too close or if your alarms are extra sensitive.

Cedar smudge bundle for sale

Don’t forget, it’s important to cleanse yourself as well as your home. I stand outside, then allow the cedar smoke to wash over me, so to speak. I start at the top of my head, moving in circles down my body, taking care to also get the soles of my feet. I will do this a few times if I feel like I need to. If your family members/roommates allow you to cleanse them, do so at this time or whenever you can.

2. Warding Your Property and Home

A ward, as explained by Allorah in her warding post here, is a magical object that is used to scare off or deter negative energy and spirit intruders. It not only deters negative energy but will also let you know when there is a threat. It acts as a sort of spiritual alarm system. How does one ward their property from negativity? There are many ways, but the simplest is this:

Acquire 4 objects you feel hold protective power, such as 4 raw crystals, rune slices, amulets, hagstones, statues, etc. I’ve used hagstones in the past, as well as stones that I’ve marked with a sharpie. Powerful crystals for this purpose include black tourmaline, obsidian, tiger’s eye, and even rose quartz. Empower each of these items with protective power by holding them between your hands and asking your guides/gods/etc. to pour their protection into each warding item. Last, bury them in the ground at the four corners of your property.

Now, sometimes people ask me, “what do I do if I have an apartment or rent a room?” Modify this ritual a bit by simply placing your wards in the corners of your room or apartment. If you want to hide them, you can set them under furniture, in potted plants, etc. Get creative. Do what you have to do. Another question about warding I get is, “what if I don’t have a square/rectangular property?” In this case, modify again. If your property is sort of oblong or oval, find 4 points and place the wards there. Try to cover your North, East, South, and West points in whatever way you can.

3. Seal Your Thresholds with Oil and Salt

The next step in this protection spell is sealing your thresholds with oil and salt. I’ll explain how I do it. I take a bit of my homemade protection oil and put it in a small bowl or container. Then I use my finger or a paint brush to mark each door and window with a protection rune or symbol. All the while chanting, “only positive energy is allowed to cross the thresholds of my home. Only that which is beneficial to my family is allowed to stay.” You can make up your own chant or incantation if you feel this one doesn’t work well for you. You can also make your own protection oil with a jar, some oil (olive or whatever you have on hand), and a few protective herbs.

In addition, my herb infused protective salt is sprinkled across my doorframes (outside is fine, if you prefer to keep the salt/herbs away from children and pets) from left to right to signify locking out any negativity. I also make sure to get my garage door and if you have a chimney/fireplace this is also a vulnerable threshold. Again, if you’re worried about pets getting into the salt and herbs, you can forego this step and simply mark your chimney with the oil symbol.

4. Hang Your Witch’s Bells and Amulets

The last step in the SHIELD your home protection spell is to hang amulets of your choice and your set of witch’s bells. Amulets and witch’s bells both act as ongoing wards, as well. And they act to deflect negative energy before it hits you or your family members. I hang my witch’s bells on the front door of my home and even over top of mirrors that I feel might be spiritual portals. These bells work wonders to keep negative spirits at bay and the vibrations high in any space. You could even hang them from your rearview mirror in your car!

You can learn how to make your own witch’s bells here, OR buy them. We have all of the items shown here in this article for sale in our SHIELD Your Home Protection Spell Kit. Including a beautiful set of witch’s bells lovingly made by Melissa at StampItOutLoud13 on Etsy. You can click the link below to check out our kit:

PROECTION Spell Kit: SHIELD the Home from Negative Energy


SHIELD the Home Protection Spell Kit for deflection and warding of Negative Energy entering and affecting the household. Includes a beautiful set of handmade witch’s bells, cedar tip herb bundle, herbal protective oil, herbal infused salt, 4 small raw crystals, and instruction card.

Will you have to cast this spell again?

The truth is this – no protection spell lasts forever. Spells work off of energy and energy shifts, is depleted, and regenerated again over time. However, I will say this – the most I’ve ever had to cast a protection spell like this was once every 3 months or so when I lived in a place with a high amount of chaotic energy. So it depends on where you live and the people you live with.

In addition, if you’ve developed a strong relationship with your house’s spirit and your ancestral guides, you’ll need to do protection spells even less. The protection will ultimately come from calling on your spirit team over casting an elaborate spell such as this every time negative energy comes around.

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  1. This was so helpful! I have done a few things to protect & ward but I feel this will help me give it that extra oompf!

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