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How to Work with Suburban Spirits (‘Burban Spirits Pt 2)

In the first part of this duology, we explored the metropolis of spirits present right within the suburbs. Just on the other side of the white picket fence and between the ticky tacky houses, is a realm of bustling spirits just waiting to be acknowledged. The thing is, how do we know which spirits are benevolent or malevolent? How do we know which spirits we should approach and work with magically or not? And when we do know, how do we go about engaging safely in suburban spirit work? Here in part 2, we will answer all of those questions and more.

Approaching the Genius Loci in the ‘Burbs

In part 1, we discussed who the Genius Loci are and their role within this world. And how in the suburbs they can still be found. They are present everywhere on earth. But here’s the thing, we also know that the Genius Loci might have been angered with the knocking down of trees, plowing of land, etc. that happens when a Suburb is made.

Determining What Genius Loci is Safe to Approach

So how do we know if the Genius Loci of your local area are safe to approach and work with magically? First, you should decide where you plan to approach them. I would recommend a local park or nature preserve, beach, or somewhere that’s as close to its natural state as possible. Then by going there and just being present. Turn off the music and electronics, turn off your mind, and just let the environment speak to you. If you feel relaxed, at peace, and in tune with Mother Earth, you are likely in a good place with Genius Loci who are also at peace. This is a good sign.

However, if you go somewhere you feel you might meet the Genius Loci and stay awhile. Then feel as if you are uneasy, being watched, anxious, or simply not at peace, this is your sign the Genius Loci there are not willing to work with you at this time. And possibly not ever. Some land spirits are territorial and usually for good reason.

Beginning Your Work with the Suburban Genius Loci

When learning how to work with suburban spirits, the first rule is to always be respectful. With every spirit, you must have manners just like you would with human beings IRL. Perhaps even moreso with the spirit realm, as there are quite a few spirits that get easily offended or will easily run off on you.

Next, consider what you can give to your local land spirits. What can you offer as a token that you’d like to begin a magical working relationship? First, never leave an offering of something that isn’t biodegradable (unless you plan to return and remove it soon after). Also never leave something that might hurt the wildlife or the land (anything small and plastic, chemicals, etc.) Use your logic and common sense here. The Genius Loci are made manifest in the land itself, in the birds, the trees, insects, etc. So think of the wildlife and the land first.

Some great offerings for Genius Loci might include:

  • Biodegradable offerings like eggs, vegetables, etc. – do your research and see what kinds of offerings would be edible to the wildlife in your area and what kind wouldn’t
  • Natural bird feed and feeders, seed, etc.
  • Water poured directly onto a plant or the ground or in a biodegradable or natural receptacle (i.e. at the beach, poured into a seashell)
  • Your TIME and effort to clean up a place where there’s been too much litter and destruction or volunteer to help at a wildlife rescue, clean up nature preserves by removing invasive plants, etc.

The key to building a relationship or connection with your local Genius Loci is to visit often. As if you were getting to know a friend.

Develop a Genius Loci profile to take notes on the different animals, insects, birds, trees, plants, etc. you encounter on your visits. You should seek to know each species by name and perhaps a little about their behaviors, habitat, and what they eat. The deeper of an understanding you have for the land you live on, the deeper your connection with your Suburban spirits of place.

Genius Loci Profile

Your Genius Loci profile should have the following sections:

  • Landscape:
  • Soil:
  • Trees (native):
  • Trees (non-native):
  • Flowers:
  • Herbs:
  • Weather / Climate:
  • Mammals:
  • Reptiles and amphibians:
  • Sealife:
  • Birds:
  • Insects:

How to Work with Suburban Spirits of the Dead

Now we will move onto the more volatile and somewhat more unpredictable spirit in the suburbs – the dead, aka the ghost. It is my opinion and experience that ghosts are everywhere in the suburbs. You don’t have to travel to a cemetery or a haunted place to encounter these types of spirits. Think of it this way – where there are humans and have been for some period of time, there are spirits of deceased humans.

Knowing this, it won’t be difficult for you to approach a ghost or a spirit of the dead nearly anywhere you seek to. However, this is where discernment comes into play. And is absolutely necessary. Would you go up to anyone on the street and strike up a conversation…even if you knew that person could potentially cause you harm? I wouldn’t. I go off of vibes when it comes to which strangers I engage with. Spirits of the dead are no different in my book. In fact, I’m not one to go looking for the dead. I typically have spirits come to me looking for help or looking for mischief. And you might be the same.

If you’re going to work with the dead in your Suburban area, you should have a calling to do this kind of spirit work. Perhaps you are a medium and have been sought out by a spirit to help him or her “move on”. Maybe you need to deliver a message for this individual or simply pray and ask for his guides to help him elevate. On the opposite side, maybe you’ve encountered a spirit that needs to be removed from a specific place or away from a person. You are asked or feel called to banish the spirit. Before attempting this, ask yourself:

  • Do I know what I’m doing?
  • Have I ever banished a spirit before? (And what materials/supplies do I need to effectively banish this spirit?)
  • Is my energy up or am I depleted in energy?
  • Have I called on my guides and guardians to be by my side during this process?
  • Should I be trained by someone before attempting this type of spirit work?

Spirit Work in the Suburban Cemetery

Some witches are naturally drawn to cemeteries and graveyards. If this is you, and you are keeping the term “goth witch” alive…I applaud you. But seriously, graveyard work is also not to be taken lightly. A few tips when going into a cemetery to speak to the dead:

Give an Offering at the Gate

It’s tradition to leave an offering of some kind at the gate before going in and doing any type of spirit work. Something as simple as a stone, crystal, flower, or coin works perfectly. This is for the guardian of the cemetery/graveyard.

Cover Your Head

Cover your head with a hat, hood, or scarf before entering a cemetery to speak to the dead. Your crown chakra is a vulnerable spot for spirits and energies to easily attach.

Don’t Take Anything Without Permission

Never take anything from a cemetery without asking permission from the spirits first. Taking graveyard dirt from a grave is dangerous if you haven’t built a rapport or made some sort of exchange. In addition, rocks, coins, branches, etc. might have a spirit attached and once you remove it from its home it may disturb this spirit. Leave everything where you found it.

Don’t Look Back After You Leave

When learning how to work with suburban spirits at the cemetery, you’ll know not every spirit is benevolent nor do they have your best interest at heart. So protect yourself and don’t ever look back once you’ve left the gates. Not over your shoulder and not in the rear view mirror…lest you see a hitchhiker.

The Witch’s Spirits Including Guides, Guardians, Ancestors, and Familiars

We’ve covered working with the genius loci and ghosts in the Suburbs, but what about other witch’s spirit teams? This is a simple answer IMO, you don’t. Another witch’s spirits are hers or his. Not yours. Now, if you’d like to learn how to work with your own spirit team more closely, we have a plethora of articles on working with each but mainly on ancestor work, familiars, and spirit guides. Ancestor work will look quite a bit like working with the gods but also different in ways.

Your ancestors will be the first to rise to the occasion to protect and guide you. Spirit guides are there to teach lessons. And familiar spirits? They do the witch’s bidding. If you happen to run into another witch’s familiar spirit, you leave it alone. Unless it’s intruding on your space…that’s another story.

Working with Household Spirits and Fae in the Suburbs

I am a believer in household spirits and fae. I wholly believe that every witch has the ability to awaken their home’s spirit and even sometimes attract a household faery or two. Most of us believe the household faeries like brownies and bean-tighes don’t inhabit newer homes in the suburbs. That they are attached to old manor homes and buildings from antiquity. I am here to tell you a secret – many household faeries aren’t attached to homes. They’re attached to people. Families. And sometimes specific magical practitioners.

From a past article on how to attract a brownie:

“The Brownie enjoys a family who is kind and hard-working, and typically takes up residence in a warm nook or cranny like an undisturbed cupboard or high shelf. Attract them to your home with offerings of bread, honey, sweet cream, cakes and ale. Folklore says to never give clothing to a Brownie (or any house elf) as they will take the gift and leave…It is very good luck to have a Brownie living in your house, not just for the fact that they help with chores, but also because they keep bad spirits away and bring abundance to the family.”

And as for the witch’s house spirit in the suburbs, just because a house is new or newer doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a spirit. A consciousness. There are many materials that were used to build your home, and your home was built on the earth…all things that have spirits. In addition, sometimes a home’s spirit may be awakened by a witch who fuels it with her thoughts and energy. She creates a thought form that assumes the home’s spirit. Waking your home’s spirit is as simple as creating a small altar for it. Talking to it regularly. Giving your home a name. And caring for it as you would your ancestors, familiars, etc.

Working with Shadows and the “Others” in the ‘Burbs

If you’ve ever had encounters with shadow people, lower level entities, and the “others” in your suburbs, you might be thinking “why is this even a section here?” I agree with you. Most of these entities are not for the new witchling or the faint of heart. Because most of these other spirits are malevolent in nature, or at the very least, mischievous and selfish.

The “work” to be done with lower level entities consists of banishment, typically. How do we accomplish that? I have a whole banishing ritual that I perform, but it consists of rosemary smoke cleansing first (with windows open). Telling, with raised stern voice, at the spirits to leave the home. That they are not wanted nor were they invited. Then a proper warding and sealing to keep the spirits out is required. Keep in mind, if the witch or person who lives there already has a relationship with their house’s spirit and ancestors, these spirits will pitch in to help remove any unwanted spirits.

In addition to calling on your spirit guardians to keep these beings away, don’t forget things like protective charms and amulets around the house, in your vehicle, and on your person. Stay safe and discern well, my Suburban witches.

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