Hagstone ~ Holeystone from the GULF of Mexico ~ Sea Witch Amulet


    Listing is for ONE Hagstone / Holeystone / Faerie Stone hand collected by Otherworldly Oracle from the Gulf of Mexico. Can be hung or carried as a protective amulet. Also useful to “see” the spirit world and potent in divination. SEE THE FAERIE REALM when you look through the hole!

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    Holeystones, also called hagstones, Odin’s stones, seer stones and faerie stones, are steeped in Celtic and Germanic lore. The hagstone is a stone that has a hole straight through it to the other side that was put there by water erosion over time. The hagstone is a unique and powerful amulet that has been used for centuries as a warding device to keep away evil spirits, bad magic, illness and misfortune. In England, cunningfolk hung hagstones on red string next to their front doors for protection. According to the Celtic goddess Cliodhna, you may peer through the hagstone while you perform divination to “see” more from the reading than you would otherwise. They are also called seer stones for this reason, and legend has it if you look through the hole to the other side, you’ll be able to see the faerie realm and spirit world. 

    Hagstones make great offerings to sea gods and goddesses, are helpful for working with mermaid energy and undines, and serve as beautiful sea witch altar decorations. Kitty uses them in working with deities like Cliodhna and Odin. 

    If you’re unable to collect hagstones yourself, we have a listing here for you for ONE hagstone of various small size (ranging from 1″ to 3″ wide). A length of twine will be provided along with the hagstone for easy hanging, if you choose to use it as a protective amulet. It can be hung in your car, in your home, or even worn as an amulet. 

    The hagstone shipped to you were handcollected by Kitty Fields at Otherworldly Oracle herself from a beautiful beach on the Gulf of Mexico. They contain all the powerful energy of the Atlantic Ocean and calmer energy of the Gulf of Mexico. 

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    Please email us directly at theotherworldlyoracle@gmail.com with any questions or concerns.

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    Weight 8 oz
    Dimensions 3 × 6 × 4 in

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