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My FULL Personal Magical Divination Ritual for Members Only

We all have our own way of doing things, particularly when it comes to magick and ritual. It’s taken me many years to solidify my way of setting up sacred space and performing ritual – be it honorary ritual for the ancestors/gods, casting magick, or practicing divination. In this article, I am giving members only my FULL personal magical divination ritual that I use whenever I practice divination for others. I also use it if practicing a large or more complex reading for myself.

My Personal Divination Ritual

Understand that if you decide to use my ritual, you can always adapt it to fit your needs and preferences. I am very much aware that most witches and most people are not attuned to the Reiki energy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate your own way of setting up sacred space in substitution for the parts of ritual where I use Reiki. Again, make it your own but feel free to use any part of it. I do ask that you keep it to yourself and other CLOSE members of the craft to retain its sacredness.

Setting Up Sacred Space

Before setting up sacred space, I make sure I have everything I’ll need for the divination ritual on my table or in the middle of my space. Things I usually have ready include: incense stick (2) and burner, lighter/matches, offering bowl w/ offering, candles for light, selenite wand and clear quartz point (to speak to my guides and for clarity in divination), pen and notebook/grimoire, and a means of divination (oracle cards or rune stones).

  1. To set up sacred space, the first thing I do is turn on some ritual music. Typically I play Celtic flutes, shamanic drumming, or Wardruna to set the mood.
  2. Next, I light my rosemary smudge bundle and smudge the space I’ll be using in ritual. I move in a counter-clockwise (widdershins) circle and repeat “Negative energy must go away. Only positive energy can stay.” If I don’t have a smudge bundle or can’t use smoke, I sometimes use a smudge spray as a quick means of cleansing the space and again walk in a counter-clockwise fashion while spraying and chanting.
  3. To further set up sacred space, instead of casting a circle in the typical Wiccan way, I use Reiki to charge and protect the space. There are certain symbols you are given when you are attuned, of which I typically use one of these symbols which is a power symbol.
  4. I move in a clockwise fashion to set up sacred space, I then draw my power Reiki symbol in the air in the 4 corners/directions. You can substitute with a protective/power rune or symbol that resonates with you.
Setting up a reading
During a divination ritual – notice the candles and selenite (always a part of my rituals).

Divination Ritual

  1. After setting up sacred space, I light dragons blood incense to kick my ritual into high gear (gives it a boost).
  2. Next, I pray to my ancestors and invite them to my sacred space, along with any god or goddess I’m working with at that time. I ask for their protection and guidance, etc. I also light the 2nd stick of incense as an offering to them and state that out loud along with telling them the offering in the bowl is for them, as well.
  3. I light my candles to set the mood and bring in the fiery energy that seems to fuel my magick.
  4. I take an extra moment to close my eyes, breathe, relax, and sink into that other state of mind. Typically the combination of the incense, candlelight, and music really transports me to an alpha state.
  5. Next, I use my clear quartz point and/or selenite wand to energetically cleanse my oracle cards or rune stones (whichever I’m using).
  6. Depending on who I’m reading for, I then focus on that person’s face and their question/concern in my mind. This is when I really try to visualize the person and grasp their energetic imprint.
  7. I shuffle the cards or mix the rune stones.
  8. I pray to allow the universe and the person’s guides and ancestors to give me the message that is needed for the person I’m divining for.
  9. Then I proceed with the reading, writing down any pertinent notes (I typically do readings by myself and then give the message later).

Ending the Ritual

After my divination is complete, either for others and/or for myself, I wait for the incense to burn down completely before opening the sacred space. Sometimes it’s already burned down at this point, sometimes not. I just let it go out. Then I thank my ancestors/guides/gods and say out loud, “this sacred space is now open.” I thank my ancestors and gods for their presence and guidance. Then blow out the candles. Sometimes I let them continue burning and set them on my altar. It depends on my mood. Following the ritual, I typically ground the energy with a little food, drink, and/or a grounding technique.


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    In all my years of reading tarot or Oracle cards it never dawned on me to ritualise it, sadly that includes setting up sacred space. Don’t get me wrong, there are certain things I do do before a reading but nothing as clear as what you have laid out. Thank you for sharing, I have a few changes I want to make. as what

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